Camp NaNo, Week 3: Rain On High Places


Whew! Week 3 went good. And I’m gonna get right to it. 😉

Day Fifteen | 0

A wonderful day! We all went shopping! I got a lot of cute outfits. 😀 And colorful shorts! And then we came home, except Ma had an episode of pain, from sort of overdoing the shopping trip…. and I had an allergic reaction (or something like that. ick). So. No words written.

DSCN0590 (2)

Ma, Dad, and me.

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and drink

shopping with my family- WITH STYLE! 😛

Also, I did this at Walmart, too. My sister said: “Shopping with Angela is always an adventure! Look what she did on one of those crazy pillows!!”

No automatic alt text available.


Day Sixteen | 2,484

Busy day! I wrote outside, in the warm sun, which quickly turned to cloudy. It was lovely! Before I wrote, I was tired, so Kody and I did ‘book research’, for our book The Illusive Six. We shot our BB pistols and rifle. We are very good shots, if I do say so myself. ‘We would survive in the wild west!’

Day Seventeen | 0

Sabbath, so I didn’t write any on Seek.

Day Eighteen | 3,360

Yay! I got a decent amount in, and was pretty surprised.

Day Nineteen | 50

I didn’t really keep track and did not write much at all. So, I’m being generous. Oops.

Day Twenty | 2,646

I reached my goal of 2,500, so… ;D Not bad!



Day Twenty One | 3,077

Past my goal! Not too bad. 🙂 I reached 200 pages, and am freaking out! What?!

Also, Ulu, our Curly Lakota mare, is expecting to have a baby soon! The guys (Dad, Roger, and Kody) built her a shelter. 🙂 It’s amazing.


Ulu, and Rain. Rain is the handsome daddy, and Ulu is the pretty mama. 🙂 We’re praying for a healthy delivery and baby!



 Oh, wait, y’all want snippets? Hm… OK. Let me see… 😉


“Yeah.” I pulled my wallet out, and slipped a small photo out. I handed it to Angel, smiling still. Angel took it like it was a piece of thin glass. She stared at it, awe coming in her eyes.

“They’re a beautiful couple.” She whispered. I nodded.

“You… “ Angel couldn’t help but grin. “You look like your Grandpa.”
Her words meant a great deal to me, and I smiled at her, studying the picture again. The photo was one of my Grandpa and Grandma standing in front of the river. Grandpa wore a pair of overalls and his red cap, and had his arm around Grandma, who wore shorts and a flower print shirt. Sitting at their feet, was Aaron, Asher, and I.  We wore clothes stained with dirt and smudge, but had big, wild grins on our faces. The fish had biting good that trip. My Mom had taken the photo; the fish had been the only good thing from the trip. My parent’s had had a fight with my grandparents. We had been younger that summer; in the photo, I was 9 years old. I smirked a little.

“I forgot Asher had such big ears.” I joked.
“So do you!” Angel jabbed, covering her mouth in delight. “That’s you?”
“And Asher… “ Angel’s eyes fell on Aaron. “He’s your brother.”

“Yeah.” I said quietly. Angel’s lips pulled in a smile, studying the whole picture.

“You were all precious.” She said sincerely. Angel handed the photo back, and I hid it back inside my wallet.
“Thanks.” We had been something. “What about you? Do you have any pictures of your family?” I smiled.

“I have old ones in my purse.” Angel stood. “I’ll be right back.”



I stood up sharply, stepping in front of the man.

The man took a step back in surprise, his dumb smile fading into a look of anger.
“Man, what do you think you’re doing?” The man snapped. He sounded only a little drunk. It didn’t matter to me.

“Back off.” I shut him up. The man stepped closer and shoved me roughly. I didn’t move, but grabbed the man, punching him squarely in the face. He cussed loudly. Angel jumped up behind me, and Asher was right beside me.

“Ho, bubba!” Asher warned, eyebrows raised, jaw set. Asher liked seeing the man fall down from my punch, found it amusing.

“Get up.” I challenged the man roughly. He did just that, angry, blood dripping from his small nose.

He cursed me and the lunged for me. I wasn’t going to step aside, because Angel was behind me. Instead, I faced the man head on. He grabbed me and struck at my head. I sucker punched him in the gut, then jabbed his nose. He gave another yelp, like a little girl.

Another man strode over, cocky and arrogant like.
“Don’t touch him again!” He threatened. I assumed the guy was this man’s friend or something. So, I punched him too. The man’s friend stumbled backward, then swung for me. I dodged him, catching his arm.




“I might have to.” I said. “If you think a PB sandwich is home cooking.”

“It’s good enough for me,” Asher licked his fingers, satisfied. “And anything is better than Eli’s cooking.”
I raised my eyebrows, curious. I grinned. “What, he’s bad?”
“Bad doesn’t begin to describe it. Eli is and awful cook.” Asher informed me. Eli rolled his eyes, shifting his hands on the steering wheel.

“I am not that bad, alright-” He protested.

“The man burns water.” Asher raised his voice. “Who burns water?”
“You can’t burn water-” Eli insisted.


I laughed, raising sightly. “What can you cook, Eli?”

“I can make popcorn.” Eli said, grinning a cheeky little grin. “On a stove top. Beat that, Asher.” He challenged. Asher crossed his arms.

“Microwaved popcorn is just as good, man.”
“Is not.” Eli and I said in unison. Asher threw his hands up.
“Is too!”
“Alright, is that all you can cook?” I asked Eli. He shrugged.




So, yep! Week 3 went well. 🙂 Alrighty, folks! God bless!


How is Camp NaNo going for YOU?! Talk to me, folks! Spill your writer-y insides. ;D


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