Our Perfect Rain Stormy Star


On April 30th, 2017, our curly mare Ulu surprised us all with her newborn baby! I was going to do Ma’s tinctures, when Dad tore back into the house yelling ‘We have a baby!’. What?! We all rush out and find Ulu and her little foal; Ulu had already done the hard work. Since it was a windy day (and it rained/stormed later on), we rubbed the baby down some, and the baby was on her legs before long! Very wobbly, long legs. ย The baby is a big girl, with a star on her forehead, like her Daddy (Rain), and has his tipped ears. She has the stripes on her legs, and the dun stripe on her back. We do believe she is a curly! Her mane and tail are curlier, and her coat is a bit wavy. We think she may be an appy, too… She is beautiful! This baby is our FIRST foal!

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Big happy family.

It didn’t take us long to get Ulu and her baby into the shed and panels, so they could rest up. Roger and Dad helped the baby find Ulu’s milk so she could nurse; the silly girl was sucking at Ulu’s chest! Haha!

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Nudge! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Ma, Dad, and the new Daddy, Rain!ย 

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Showing the baby where the milk is.

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Two of the BEST Dads ever! I need to get Roger in this pic too..ย 

The baby’s first day went well! She nursed (it’s a good thing baby horses don’t have teeth! Ouch…), and Ulu ate, too. It’s hard work to have a big ol’ baby! When it rained (it was pouring….), Rain and Lily stayed close to the shelter, and the baby was just a wagging her curly tail, not bothered at all!

Today, we went out to see the baby again. We fed Uley (Uley is Ulu’s nickname), and then watched, because Ulu was pushing the baby away. This was odd, since Ulu had taken to her well, and was being a good Ma. For some reason, she wouldn’t let the baby nurse. It took us helping the baby back under, but now, Ulu is letting her nurse. We think Ulu was just a bit sore.

The baby did not get named on the first day… we thought and thought, but could not find a name that fit! Today, we all landed on a name for this lass. Her full name is Rain Stormy Star. She was born on a windy, stormy day, and she has a star on her head, and their shed has a star on it! And the baby’s nickname is Tippy! It definitely fits her.

We are all SO grateful and excited! Yahweh was with them both, they are both healthy and happy! The curly bunch are a big happy family now… and so are we! Step By Step Sanctuary is very joyous! God is so faithful and good. Tippy is our first baby horse and we are in love!

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God bless you all! Life has been quite busy- I finished Camp NaNo, and my family and I have been SUPER busy putting our house up for sale. Yahweh has blessed us so… Tippy is a SWEET GIFT! ๐Ÿ˜€



Do you love Tippy already? Isn’t she the sweetest thing?!


10 thoughts on “Our Perfect Rain Stormy Star

    • Yes!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Babies are SO amazing… isn’t it incredible how they’re just so… perfect? ๐Ÿ˜€
      Aww, I love chicks! I wish we could get some this year… but we’re moving and all.


  1. SHE IS SO CUTE! I wish I could come visit. Darn those thousands of miles, right!? And Rain Stormy Star is a great name for her … and Tippy is an adorable nickname! Love those pictures!

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