Camp Nano Week 4: A Refuge


WEEK FOUR. IT BEGAN. AND IT ENDED. Well, ha, it actually ended…. a week ago. But nonetheless! I don’t mind this being pretty late, because, hey, it’s here now! 😛

Well, let’s recap, shall we? Also, this goes all the way to the 30th. 🙂 So, week four and plus. Ha.

Day Twenty Two | 5,328

I WROTE 5,000 in a DAY AGAIN! 😀 Whoohoo! I wanted to reach 70,000 today, but doubted I’d make it… and I DID! My novel is past 70,000 words. Wow! Anyway, it was a super rainy day, so there wasn’t anything else to do but write. 😉

Day Twenty Three | 0

Hah. Well then. I went from 5k in one day, to 0. Oh well!

Day Twenty Four | 1,000+

I knew I did write this day, but I forgot to put my count in. *head desk*

Day Twenty Five | 3,228

Yay, I came out of my slump. ;P Writing is going well, had a slump for a few days because of not knowing what to write, and life being busy. 🙂

Day Twenty Six | 5,199

WHOA! I DID 5,000! Yippee. 🙂

Image may contain: dog and indoor


Day Twenty Seven | 1,650

Whew! Tired. School, and we cleaned the whole house for a realtor. However, realtor is postponed for Sunday. I hope I can get writing done on Sunday anyway, but we’ll see. 🙂 Praying for the house sale and all that….

Day Twenty Eight | 1,296

Week four is OVER. Wow! 😀 I cashed in my word count today, so I WON CAMP NANO! I reached over 80,000 words this week. 🙂 Wowza…. I’m excited! Seek is going fantastic: and it’s going! It is not finished yet. I do have the rest of it plotted and it is all ready to go! Praise God. 😀


Day Twenty Nine | 0

No words. *sigh* It was a sort of crazy day. Oh well!

 Day Thirty | 0

ULU HAD HER BABY!!! AHH!! It is a girl, and she is SO SWEET. I am doing another post very soon (as soon as the weather let’s me! It’s storming all day…) about her and today! God is so good. ♥♥

I  also won Camp NaNo! I finished with 83,000 words, with a goal of 70,000.

DSCN9770 (8)

Sleepy baby!


Eli stood under the garage’s cover from the cold rain, water dripping from his hair and coat. The streetlight cast shadows against his rough face. Elijah studied his brother’s face almost desperately, as if he could see past Aaron’s cold, brutal exterior, into his very soul.


The vineyard was strong, beautiful, even in the dead of fall. With no lush leaves, the dark bark, vines, and limbs reached and twirled around themselves. The vineyard was strong. It was quiet, peaceful. I could feel the heart and soul behind the vineyard, and the tranquility that rested here. The heart that had tilled and labored these vines reached as deeply as the grapevine’s roots.

  It was a beautiful little piece of heaven. I smiled brightly, as Eli led me to the vines, weaving me through a row.

 “My Dad’s dream is to have a grape vineyard.” I said softly, watching as the wind blew gently, moving the tangles of vines ever so faintly. Eli held my elbow, and his eyes twinkled.

 “It was a dream that my Grandpa got to see happen. He worked hard on this little vineyard. He said it was his own piece of heaven.” Eli smiled, eyes gazing at the rows of vines.

 A piece of heaven.



“I was tired of the game, Elijah. I didn’t do much. But the mask just became… who I was.” More tears escaped her wavering eyes. “I hated it. When she left, I had to deal with that.” Angel finished in a whisper, and I wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“No, it didn’t. It never did.” I said softly, firmly. Angel stared at me, chin quavering. “You were always you, sweetheart. You just were putting up a defense. It wasn’t your fault you had to do that.”

Angel sucked in a breath, wiping her eyes.

“I was young. My choice of defense was not a good one.” She murmured, shrugging.

“You still fought.” I lifted her chin, smiling. “And you’re still fighting now. You never lost who you were.”
“I’m using the mask again. I’m using it with Michelle.” Angel said quietly.

“This will be over soon, sweetheart.” I said, and I lifted her hand up, enclosing her grip into both of my hands.


Yay, week four went great! 😀 I celebrated with cool whip, haha.


Look at the purdy stats. 😛 I won, and my cabin reached 100%, too! I had the best cabin ever. Obviously. They all rocked! 🙂

   SO, I did not finish Seek, but it is SOOO close to being done! Like, WOWZERS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?! I have the rest of it all planned out and am dying to write it…. and cry, and laugh, and just kinda explode. Ya know?

   Thank the LORD for a great camp NaNo month, my family and friends, my cabinmates, and my story. 🙂 And my dogs and horses. 😉

God bless!


HOW DID CAMP GO FOR YOU!? Did you have fun? Did you reach your goal? Tell me all things! If you didn’t do NaNo, how was April?

6 thoughts on “Camp Nano Week 4: A Refuge

  1. Sounds great! I can’t wait for the regular nano in November!! You should post a synopsis of Seek. I keep reading these exerts, and I’m like, “I must know what is happening! Need more!” lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so proud of you!!! That was an insane amount of words. HOW!? But really, that’s a lot of words for such a busy month!

    And yes, our cabin was so amazing! I kind of want to write a blog post dedicated to their amazingness … 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Grace!
      Camp NaNo is basically an online ‘retreat’ for a whole month (the camp sessions are April and July), where you set a writing goal for yourself. It can be a word goal, a page goal, etc. You try to reach it during that month. Also, you have the option of joining a cabin- a group of fellow writers. 🙂


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