Memorial Day 2017 | RYAN FLEW IN NASCAR!

Happy Memorial day, America!

Firstly, I am SUPER excited and VERY PROUD to say that my older brother, Ryan, flew a helicopter in the NASCAR Charlotte 600! AHH! It was EPIC!

He is the pilot of the third helicopter. 😀 Isn’t that amazing?! These guys rocked it out of the tracks, they did amazing!

If you can’t see the video here , here’s a photo.

Image may contain: outdoor

I am very proud of my big bro. He’s epic. It was so cool! Wish we could have been there. Way to go, bub. ♥♥

May God bless our soldiers, our veterans, and every single person who protects, defends, and loves our country. America is what it looks like to love and defend to the bitter end; and it goes to show that good things only last when you fight for them.

Thank you to the ones, big and small, old and young, who have passed on or are still here kicking: thank you for serving. Words cannot express much, how much sacrifice, pain, and grief that goes on when you fight for a nation. The same goes for the ones left behind.

Freedom by Angela R. Watts:

Freedom by Angela R. Watts

God is with us all. Today, and all the days past. May the souls of those who loved and fought till the end, may they rest with Jesus. And for the ones still here, may God bless you all. He does not leave us- even when the war gets bloody. That is when we must face God completely, with our all.

God is with us. As a nation, it can be hard to see ‘what are we fighting for?’; but there is good left. There is Light left in this country, and it’s people. We can’t give up. If the men and women behind us never did- we must keep going. We are the next generation. We have to fight. We have to love. We have to shine our lights. Like the ones before us did. Thanks to them, we still have something to fight for. Thanks to God.

God bless America. May we stand united. Amen.




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