Goodbye May | 2017

WOW. We’re now (I’m posting this in June, so…) HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR. AHH. Can you believe it? No, neither can I. This is the first year I’ve actually noticed, haha, and it’s just flown by. Let’s get on to the wrap up, shall we?


Lovely Life

May was Lyme Disease Awareness month. And my family and I all did the Kill Lyme Pie Challenge. So we all got pied. 😛 I’ll do a post sharing all that soon, but until then, check out my Youtube page and see the videos!  MY YOUTUBE

Tippy turned a month old. She is soo big already! Tippy has a lil’ neck, and long ol’ legs, so when she eats…. it’s so funny. 😛

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MY BROTHER RYAN FLEW OVER IN NASCAR! I’m soo proud of him! Check out this post to see the epicness.

We saved a little bird. We named him Albert. Albert fell out of his nest and was trying to learn how to fly. We fed Albert some worms, until the head of the worm wiggled away. We let Albert go because red robins take about 10 days to actually learn how to fly.

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Shh! Albert’s sleeping.

I DROVE MY TRUCK!  Yes! Dad, Rog, and Kody got it running! And we all took a turn driving it on our dirt road. 😀 Soo, I’ve driven a stick shift. It’s awesome!

FINISHED SCHOOL. It’s summer break, baby! ;D

We’re selling our house. That was a huge chunk of this month: We’re selling out house and so that means, cleaning, showing, and all that. We’re praying God’s will be done.



Ma and Dad weren’t home…. making cookies…. oven won’t shut because the pans are too long…. INGENUITY!

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Listened to:

Talking To Myself, Linkin Park

Anathema, by Twenty One Pilots

We Are The Kids, by WALK THE MOON

Run, by AWOLnation



Bookish Worm



*Stares at screen* *blinks*

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Oops. OK, so I only read 3 books. Ha! Honestly, I was super busy finishing school and writing, I didn’t have time.



 World of Writing

I wrote over 15,000 words this month, give or take, because I really didn’t count. I wrote in Seek, and my goal is to have the second draft of Seek done by mid June. That way, I can have some time to get another project for July camp NaNo.

Seek is going well, and I am sooo close to being finished! I’m freaking out, haha!

I am planning on doing July Camp, but… I really don’t have a solid idea of what book I’ll be writing. But I’m not freaking out- my goal is to finish Seek right now. God will show me what to write in July. 🙂

As for Seek, here’s a snippet I’ll leave y’all with.


Sure enough, Eli was taking a tub of Asher’s rocky road ice cream from the small freezer. I stared at him, eyes wide in horror and surprise. Eli was frozen as frigid as the ice cream, hand mid-way from the ice box. He stared back at me, guilty looking.

   “What are you….” I couldn’t help it. A cackle left my lips. I covered my mouth, grinning, looking behind me to make sure Asher hadn’t somehow creeped in on Eli stealing his ice cream. No, Asher’s door was still shut.

“Shh! Don’t tell Asher.” Eli whispered, narrowing his eyes. He quickly took the tub from the freezer, then tilted his head at me.

   “If you want me to keep ya secret, ya gotta pay a price.” I tiptoed into the kitchenette after him, licking my lips. Eli’s eyes went wide, and his arm shot up, holding the ice cream high above his head. Out of my reach.


“Don’t make me call him in here!” I whispered, grinning mischievously.  Eli gave a wild look, then glared down at me. I crossed my arms defiantly.

“You wouldn’t.”
“Hand over the ice cream.”

Eli stepped back and I jumped at the tub of goodness, but Eli held me back with his free hand. I gasped, offended.

“Do not-”

“We share,” Eli insisted, and I finally nodded. Eli took another plastic spoon from the counter and handed it to me. We sat at the kitchenette table, eating spoonfuls of ice cream in the dark. It was all yummy fun and silence, until the living room light flickered on.

“What in the-” Asher exclaimed, but he stopped short. He looked at Eli and I, then at the spoons of ice cream that hovered in our hands. We froze still- and then Eli and I both shoved the mouthfuls quickly in our mouth at once.



My Nook



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Fantastic Folks

He Is My Hope, Sara Swanson did a post about having Lyme disease, but still having hope. It was beautiful, and it really touched my Mama when I shared it.

Kate Willis did a post and it was soo sweet and helped me. 🙂

Collin did a post about not doing the whole religion thing, but a RELATIONSHIP with God, and it was on point.



May was a very crazy month. Very hectic, crammed, and tiring. But you know what? A lot of good happened, too. God was always with us. Always. No matter how tired or aching we got- we remembered God is with us, and He is our refuge. We can’t get lost when our eyes are on HIM. Life is a journey- that’s what we’re doing right now. Life is rough right now, but it’ll be OK. God will lead us. We have to pray and have faith.


When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them. – Isaiah 41:17

God is our Refuge, our Savior. He loves us- and so He will never forsake us. Life can get rough, but God is SO MUCH BIGGER than our troubles- and He sees every one of them. Because He loves us, and will guide us. ♥ This month showed me a lot.

God bless you.




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