NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week Three


Week three is OVER. But the battle isn’t over yet.

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And no, I’m not dramatic… 


Day Fifteen: 1,900

After a week of being sick, it feels good being back in gear and writing steadily, without feeling like a sick zombie. 😛

Day Sixteen: 1,000

Busy day but I wrote the thousand and reached 35k.

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*laughs* And that GIF… I have a character named Fonsie… ahahaaa.

Day Seventeen: 1,150

Another good day of writing and the usual chaos of a daily life. 🙂


Day Eighteen: 3,150

First 3k day in what seemed like forever, so whoohoo! Also, this week my novel reached the middle climax… so after this, things just get mega crazy. o-0 And I’m trying to keep up with every little detail/subplot like a crazy woman…


Just kidding, I’m more like this:

fave blog post

Ya know, besides the ‘brilliant’ part… and the ‘plan’ part… 

Day Nineteen: 3,000

My dear characters… I apologize, sweeties… but it just gets worse so. Ha. Not very sorry. 

Also, my mom and sister Tory started a business – selling jewelry with Paparazzi. It is EPIC and so fun! If you love jewelry that looks amazing and isn’t cheap quality, come check them out because EVERYTHING (except kid jewelry, which is cheaper) is only five dollars. Like WHAT. Here’s their Facebook link! So yep – along with writing, I’ve been helping them set up and sell like mad. 🙂


Day Twenty: 3,212

I cranked my words in through the busy day, and then that left 1k for after karate class. I survived karate class, by the way… I legit did an epic ‘home base’ slide in one of the exercises. Long story.

I’m also gonna share this song/music video because guys. It is so gosh dang amazing. Check it:


Day Twenty One: 2,170

We cooked some Thanksgiving food, and my grandparents are here! Yay! I didn’t have much written today, and I wanted to do at least 2k, so I stayed up writing like a mad hatter till the very last second… and reached 2,000. And actually did over a hundred words over but hey, I was in a mode and in a crazy scene so…

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Jump is currently at 47,000+ words and I’m so close to 50,000… but Jump’s gonna be bigger than that. The first draft was around 90k, but I have no certain estimation how long draft two will be. But a LOT has changed. A ton.


snippets are so hard. gah. almost everything I’m writing has a spoiler somewhere…


   Class lined up and bowed out, and once Isaac was dressed, he came back downstairs with Henry and the other guys. The guys usually chatted about football, or hunting in the fall months, but lately all anyone talked about was the crimes. And now, Fonsie. But Isaac tried to block it all out. Besides, Rene’ listened to all of that: as if it’d make a difference and help anything. Isaac caught Rebecca’s attention and chatted for a few minutes lightly. She smiled brightly, and Isaac felt his stomach flutter a bit, like it always did when he saw her. At least Rebecca wasn’t depressed. She didn’t shut off and talk about things she couldn’t fix. She was sweet, Isaac decided. More than sweet.




  Vee smiled at Rene’, tossing some boxes of crackers into the cupboard. “So. Friends over, huh?”

  “Yep. We had pizza.” Rene’ replied nonchalantly. Oh, no… don’t tease…

  “So, who’s cutest?” Vee chuckled, tossing a plastic bag at the trash can. Rene’ groaned.

  “It’s not like that.” she sighed. Teddy began to whimper from his carseat that was set on the floor and Rene’ bent to lift him out. He squirmed and she held him close, rocking.

  “Sure it’s not.” Vee smirked. “I think Sam likes you.”
 “Shut up, Vee,” Rene’ grinned sheepishly. “Seriously. It’s not. And besides, why would you like that?! I thought siblings were supposed to come at others with bats.” she joked.

 “Not if they’re nice and handsome,” Vee swatted at Rene’s arm. “And anyway, if they do act up, I’ll hit them with my car.”

 Rene’ made a face. “Please… don’t. I can’t bail you outta jail.”

 Vee laughed and took Teddy to nurse him. “Alright then. But just…”

 “I know, I know. We’re friends. We’ll be careful. Not stupid.” Rene’ smirked and finished the groceries quickly.




No. That wasn’t a person scream. Liddy shivered, eyes widening in pure fear. What was it then? Liddy told herself not to run into her room again – after all, she was a big girl. Big girls didn’t run away from scary noises. She had to find answers. If Fonsie was out in the woods, and if he was hurt… but that scream, that wasn’t Fons…

  Liddy stared at the edge of the forest as if expecting some great big hungry monster to appear.

 And something did appear.


Scripture Of the Month

In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion. – Psalms 71:1



Yes, ignore the fact this says day 22. Like I said, I had 2k written before 12 AM/the 22nd, but updated late. 😉

And there we have week three! God has been so good this month… I’m learning a lot… and have more to learn. This book is a build up of tension, pain, and struggle… lack of faith and faith being tested to the limit… like my life… but in the end, not to spoil it: GOD WINS. He wins! My life, like my book, is in His hands. How can I be afraid? Even during times of trial and pain, may we always rejoice. No matter how hard it is, God is GOOD.

God bless,



How is your NaNo going?




2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week Three

  1. YOU ARE DOING SO MUCH ANGELA AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! That is a lot of words, girl. #SlayingNaNo, right? 😀

    I have 41,300. About. So yep, I’m super behind for my personal goal … okay, only 3K behind … but I write slow. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get an extra 1K. But … for my actual goal, I’m a bit ahead, so … I’m actually pretty happy. It’s a win-win situation. Kinda. 😛


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