Introducing My Novel JUMP

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Hello y’all! I have a surprise post! But before we get started, I have exciting news: I have a Goodreads author account! Whoohoo! Currently, I have my novel Seek on there so you can add it to your shelves! I’ll be doing occasional updates as I edit Seek for publishing. 🙂 I’d really appreciate if you follow me on GR so we can share the craziness together. Now, on to the post…

I shall be formally introducing Jump, my WIP novel! Is this novel new? No. Should I have had this post up before NaNoWriMo in 2017? Heh, probably. I wrote the first draft for Jump in Camp NaNo July in 2017 and then began draft two in November for NaNo -which I won at 60,000+ words! However, Jump isn’t finished. Nope. It almost is, and I’m assuming it may end up at about 80-90k… we shall see!


  What is your novel about? 

The town was silent. Too silent. Old and weary.

Helengold needed Yahweh.

The demons ran rampant. Murders and crimes are hidden in the shadows and shoved under the rug as the townsfolk remained strangely silent. ‘Odd’ sightings stirred a few folks but such people are silenced…

  What could a few kids do to stop the madness that shows itself from the shadows – quite literally? Nothing. The question is: what can God do? And that answer is everything.

So that’s the rough synopsis… thingie.

Basically, Jump is about a town which is old and quiet, not much happens, but then crimes begin to occur and odd sightings are witnessed… but people are silenced and things are covered up. The book follows a few teenagers as they slowly uncover what’s going on – and then they try to back off. But then something happens, and they have to keep going and find answers… no matter where it takes them. 

What inspired the idea for your novel?

A dream God gave me, back before July of 2017. I wrote the first draft in Camp NaNo in July… and the story has grown and shaped since. A lot. Like they usually do.

What is your book’s aesthetic?

baseball bats. late nights and 3 am. stormy skies. open fields of grass bathing in summer sun. deep rivers. busy fair grounds and cotton candy and loud rides. cars parked on the side of the road. bruised knuckles. coffee. dirty jeans. graffiti. shadows. cold dark tunnels. pizza places.


Interesting things about this novel?

When I began draft two, I decided to write this novel from 3rd person POV entirely. In the first draft, it was from first person with a POV switch going between four characters. I decided it may be interesting and neater to do 3rd person. This is the first novel I’ll have finished in 3rd person – and it was fun! 

Jump has many themes. The power of prayer is a big one. Another is the supernatural. As a Christian, I’m fascinated by what Yahweh’s Word says about the supernatural – angels, demons, portals, etc.

The Bible says: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

God says that! So, with Jump, I wanted to branch out and show that spiritual battle in a real sense… Whether we can or cannot see the battle in the heavens: it is very real. 

This novel has been a journey and will continue to be – but it is an amazing gift and I thank the Lord for giving me this story! I pray one day, it will touch others as He wills it.

God bless!

-Angela Watts

What do you think of Jump? Does it sound interesting?

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