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My niece Reyna giving me a drawing of a dinosaur and it was really good wow.

Holding and kissing baby Gabby – so sweet!

Wearing fuzzy socks like a pro.

Drinking coffee in my favorite mugs.

Laney now calls me by my name and it’s so cute to hear her yell for me across the house.

Reading the Bible aloud with my family.


Petting Mini – she is such a fluffball!

Me: dad I want an AR-15 dad: why do you need one? me: why not? dad: that’s my girl.

Laney dancing and singing with me to for king and country.

Amazing and encouraging beta readers – y’all rock yo.

Baby chickens!

Car rides in the rain.

Practicing kata.

New notebooks (because my mom is awesome)!

My dad is awesome and brought home his bag of m&ms for me.

Driving kid bikes with my brother because we are teens and very serious. haha

Birthday party = happy kiddos.

Revising/editing my novel with the reward being pizza + Frasier episodes.

Working Paparazzi – alll the pretty jewelry, y’all. Yess.

Cuddling with Waylon.

Watching the birds.

Helping the guys make another chicken run/coop.

The smell of books.

God showing me His gifts and blessings daily.


Sometimes, it helps to give thanks for the little things – what are a few little things you love right now?


6 thoughts on “LOVELY LITTLES

  1. Well, this post was just like a bit of sunshine in my inbox!

    You are the best, Angela – and I love seeing these little slices of your life and your family. Those pics I’ve been seeing her and on Facebook of Kody with the Smol One just touch my heart. ❤

    Reading the Bible aloud, car rides in the rain, Dad bringing home M&M’s riding kids bikes – yes, yes, yes – what daily lapfuls of shining treasures we all hold in these little things!

    I laughed out loud at the AR-15. That’s my Angela!! ❤

    Little things I’m loving right now? Going out to Starbucks with my mom and sisters for a girl date. Listening to the little indoor fountain I put in my bedroom. Staying up till 2 in the morning to talk to my twin (we started talking at 9 pm???). The way God revealed something to me that I couldn’t see and is working on my me every day – which really, isn’t small at all – it’s the biggest thing in my life.

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    • Aww, I am so glad you enjoyed this post! *huge hug* Agreed – it’s the small, sometimes silly things that get you laughing the most… so special. =D
      AH! A girl date! I might just have to try to do that with my mom and sis. ♥ Love those little things – and yess, late night/morning talks… the BEST!
      Absolutely! God is so Good. ♥ He’s the Greatest Gift and how cool is it that He gives us those little joys…

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      • I did!

        Absolutely! Those are the things that give so much beauty and joy! As that pin says: “The goal is to be unserious with people you take serious forever.” 😀

        Yes, do!! 😀

        He is so merciful and good and such a generous Father – even for these tiny details! ❤

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