The first and second weeks of Camp NaNo are over. I didn’t track day by day progress like I usually do, and my lame excuse is ‘I was too busy’, though I was busy the other Camps, too. 😛 But I used the Camp’s tracker and got the word count totals, I just have no commentary. Ha!

My main project for this month is finishing Seek‘s final draft (or at least getting it down to the final chapters). However, my word count also includes smaller projects, like pieces of HELLFIRE and some short stories. I did, however, spend a good deal of time with the blog launch for my novella The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon. My word count goal is 30,000 — I moved it up from 20k within the first week.

I don’t think I’ve explained what Seek is about in a while, so for those of you who are new or want a refresher… Seek takes place in a small town in Tennessee where money can smooth over crimes and thugs are good at not getting caught. There are car chases, creepy bad guys, and fight scenes. Oh, yeah, and humor and romance, too. 😉

Gotta hold the book up so I can read notes easy… xD

Also, this is my fifth time doing Camp NaNo, so that detail has made me nostalgic. Two years ago in July, I wrote the first draft of Seek — and had no Camp cabin. The first April session, I joined up with the brand new Chatter Box! And now, two years later, we have the Chatter Box bursting at the seams, as well as Next Door bustling… and possibly, a third cabin, Yonder — which I named, y’all! xD I was happy the ladies liked that name. I really thank God for the wonderful women He has placed into my life… The writing community I have the blessing to know is absolutely dear to me. Thank y’all!


Day One | 1,400

Surprised I reached 1k, considering I had a late night before… We all went to a huge firework show. It rocked (ha, get it?) and I really love the big ‘boom’ sounds. And it was done in a valley, so the bangs all echoed — so cool.

Day Two | 2,700

Day Three | 2,900

Day Four | 0

Day Five | 3,225

Day Six | 2,335

Day Seven | 2,440

Day Eight | 400

Day Nine | 400

Day Ten | 700

Day Eleven | 1,600

Day Twelve | 900

Day Thirteen | 1,000

Day Fourteen | 1,600

Overall word count: 21,800


0 (for now)(or that I remember? There might be one…)

Research Time:

Quite a bit. Like what spot to shoot a car and what kinda gun to use (I was pretty correct with my assumptions to start with). And how some drugs work and side effects. And how severe hyperthermia works (just to refresh my memory, ha).

Amount of times my characters have ignored me:

Don’t get me started. This is Eli, Asher, and Viktor we’re talking about. No one listens to me.

And now for some snippets! Which are like, totally unedited, except for one sentence in the last snippet. So, enjoy the insanity. 😛




“What are you going to do?!” I hissed, body aching from hunkering down under the bush like some hoodlum in a video game my brother played. I really missed earth and my family and my bed and — “Daithi! Answer!”

“I’m going to set it on fire.” Daithi whispered, smirk cocky as ever grabbing his hood and tossing it over me. “I think that’s a fine idea.”

“No, it’s not! That’s a terrible idea.” I reached to grab his arm. He grunted, leaning in to whisper once more:

“Fire is always a good idea! Stay here.”

“No, it isn’t, you idiot –”

But Daithi jerked away like a little grasshopper and ran. In the darkness, it was difficult to see him, but he ran to the large hut.

I prayed under my breath angrily, heart hammering in my chest.



“I’m… I’m… weak.”

“How?” his voice was so soft. So… sad. It made me want to truly break. I didn’t have to be strong now. Not with him. Everyone else, yes, I had to be strong and encouraging and brave for.

But him?

I could break and scream and cry… He’d only remind me of truths like I was still made of gold. He saw great amounts of pain in his world, yet never told me my pains were tiny. Or stupid.

“I can’t… FIX anything! Nothing! Nothing at all!” I cried, head down as I hugged my chest tight. “God isn’t listening! He’s just… We’re alone!”

His voice came gently: “You aren’t alone. He’s with you. Right now.”



“I didn’t mean…” Eli sucked in a breath, obviously struggling for words. “I didn’t mean to make you out to be like her. You’re not. I know that. I just… I was just being stupid.”

Asher looked at Eli like he’d grown another head, but a slow smirk tugged on his lips.

I bit my lip, shaking my head slightly. “I’m… sorry I blew up.”

“You’re stressed. Rightfully so.” Eli’s tone was matter-of-fact. “I am sorry, though. I don’t think you have a grudge. I just wasn’t thinking.”

“He does that a lot.” Asher added easily.



We were total strangers. He was a thug. Not a great mix for relaxation.

Unless you were Asher.

He lay sprawled out on the living room couch, eating ice cream out of the tub, dressed in pajamas. The TV played a Western movie with John Wayne in it, or someone famous I couldn’t recall very well. He hadn’t a care in the world.

I was almost jealous of him. I couldn’t sit still or eat much, and I gulped down water thirstily, growing queasy. Don’t panic now. Just because we’re sharing our safe house with two thugs who shot at us… Doesn’t mean I have to be afraid. OK, Lord. Please, help me. My flesh is really weak right now. And tired. And it’s not been but a few days… Help me… Give us all strength. And courage. I could use some courage right now…



I glanced to the shooter calmly, “What’s your name, kid?”

He scowled at my nickname. “I’m Todd. And you’re really screwed.”

“Hardly an intimidating threat when you’re the one shaking.” I replied easily, glancing at his trembling hands. How had he gotten in Viktor’s group if he was so… Immature? “You sure you’re one if Viktor’s guys, kid?”

“Stop calling me that.” Todd snapped, fists clenched tight. He stepped closer to Earl but Asher didn’t look up from bandaging Earl’s arm.

“Hey.” Earl eyed me, eyes piercing. Warning. “Leave him be.”




I’ve had these lil’ dudes for over a year and just now am showing them to y’all… sorry.

Alright, so, I’m pretty tired and want to relax (or maybe just freak out over the upcoming Venom movie. Which comes out THE SAME DAY AS ‘TRENCH’ DOES, ON OCTOBER 5TH. Trench is Twenty One Pilots’ new album, by the way… Let’s just say, my birthday month is looking fabulous… 😉 )…. So, that’s all for now! God bless.

– Ang



10 thoughts on “CAMP NANO UPDATE | JULY ’18

  1. My Camp NaNo is going great, and I’m surpassing my goals and writing a ton. 🙂 Very successful in my goal of pushing me to write productively, regularly, steadily, and lots.

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