I stumbled across this song last week or so, while reading my Bible and listening to Bethel’s Even If (All The More) by Jeremy Riddle. I hadn’t heard it before, though I’ve enjoyed Riddle’s music from Bethel for a while now, and was pretty moved by the message.

The lyrics that really grabbed my heart were…

Even when I feel defeat
I will live from victory
I will rise up and I’ll praise You all the more

It got me thinking about how often I feel tired, and defeated, and worried, and lost. About how often I lay fleeces before the Lord, begging to understand. About how often I yearn for a day of victory–a day where peace is there and I don’t have to fight for it. I’ve got the wrong mindset in the moments where I think of these things. A very wrong idea.

I am not looking for a day of victory because Jesus has already overcome the world. My Scripture verse for the year is John 16:33 and I just keep reminding myself of it daily… Because I do not have to wait for anything. I don’t have to wait for victory because Jesus has already won.

Jesus has won. Jesus will never be defeated.

My identity is in Christ. I’ll be defeated. Again and again. I’ll sin, make mistakes, fall down, fail… I’ll be torn apart by Satan because I love Jesus. The world will absolutely hate us. (Matthew 10:24, John 15:18). But doesn’t that make you bold? Courageous? We humans have the ability to praise Jesus and live in victory! We can do what the Lord calls us to do and have full confidence that He will never forsake us. Whatever pain befalls us, the glory that awaits us in heaven is bigger than any glory we could gain on this earth. Who can stand against us when Jesus has overcome the world?

We can live in victory every day, every moment, no matter what pain we face, because Jesus has won, and His love is far greater than any curses Satan or demons can tie us down with. We are free in the spirit through Jesus. We may grow tired, and bloody, and scared–but we must live in victory at all times. And what better way to show victory and love than to praise God? He loves to hear our voices… so let’s lift them up!

Even if my heart should break
Even if I’m still afraid
I will rise up and I’ll praise You all the more.

 God bless,


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