fight on,

till the morning light peeks above the black horizon,

and pierces the atmosphere that robs your lungs of air,

fight on till the dawn rests its warmth on your weary shoulders.


fight on,

keep your eyes lifted to the battlefield before you,

faint not at the blood that you shed,

for the glory of the Victor is higher than fleshly desires.


fight on,

fight on as nimbly as a dancer,

when the trumpets sound above the voices that plague your spirit,

fight till praise fills your ears and the war is won with rejoicing,


fight on, child,

be bold, for the LORD our God is our Triumph,

and courage is ours to wield with both hands,

so fight on through the storm, no matter what the future holds, because we are the warriors.

– Angie


PS. I have a special announcement this Valentine’s day! If you’re part of my newsletter or Facebook street team, you’ll get a heads up! So if you wanna join the team, let me know!

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