God did not create you to be Instagram material.

God did not create you to write in a coffee shop 24/7.

God did not create you to wear a stylish outfit all the time.

God did not create you to take perfect selfies for Twitter.

God did not create you to have 1,000 followers on social media.

God did not create you to keep up with other #writers, #artists, #photographers, etc etc.

God did not create you to be a cliche.

So stop trying to be the cliche. Stop trying to fit in. Because God didn’t create you to be identified by anything but Jesus Christ Himself. As writers, we hate cliches, so why are we trying to be one ourselves?

You don’t have to like something, just because everyone else likes it.

You don’t have to try something, just because everyone else tried it.

You don’t have to be a social media Einstein, just because it seems like so many others are.

You don’t have to hold yourself to perfectionist standards because no one is perfect–not even the ones who look like they are.

You don’t have to be a cliche.

There are enough of those people in the world. There are enough people following the crowd, working themselves to death for meaningless ‘aesthetics’, and sacrificing time to be with Jesus and their family so they can spend time writing killer blog posts.

So stop trying to fit in. Stop trying to be perfect for social media. Stop trying to look like everyone else.

Fit out.

Kill cliches.

Have a crazy Instagram feed, if that fits you.

Take silly selfies and post them.

Wear mismatched clothes and be Pippi Longstocking, if that’s your thing.

Write in a strange place that Instagram wouldn’t know what to do with (I’m not suggesting writing in an alley, or a zoo exhibit…).

Love your ten followers to pieces and don’t worry about numbers.

God didn’t make us to strive for perfect, glamour, or fame. Don’t forget that there is more to life than our fleshly desires.

Kill the cliches and set your heart on heaven!


16 thoughts on “IT IS OK TO NOT BE #CLICHE

  1. I. LOVE. THIS. I love who I am, and I have several close likeminded friends, but I’m learning I don’t fit in with the other girls I’ll be working with at summer camp. They plan exotic summer trips with their BFFs while I talk nonstop about the Army and fantasize about being a pro rodeo rider. Black and white words can’t hold their own against Instagram photos. My workout skirts and Under Armor shirts clash against their perfect girly outfits. Even my big working dog looks tough and rowdy against their cute little puppies. They don’t know how to relate to me or if they should.
    I didn’t know what to think at first, but ya know what? I cannot change my world being an Instagram perfect girly girl. And they cannot change theirs by being a tomboyish Army cowgirl.
    So I needed this. And I’m going to write your last sentence on a sticky note and take it with me to camp. 😍

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    • Exactly, Kassie! 🙂 God made us ALL different and YOU have no idea who you might inspire by being yourself. ♥ I pray your camp goes well and may God continue to bless you.

      PS. Army talk and big working dogs are the stuff. 😉

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  2. Oh my goodness…WOW. Utter WOW.
    And THANK YOU!!!
    Just because everyone else you know or think you know does some certain thing, you don’t have to do it to be “in the in-crowd”. Be a Daniel. Imitating Christ will produce soooo much more joy. It’s solid. It’s future building material. It’s eternally-oriented. It’s the ONLY truth out there to bank our LIVES ON and to give our ALL for…emotionally, physically, spiritually…
    THANK YOU GIRL for being REAL about this!!!!!!!!! Everybody needs to hear this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. But what if God wants me to be cliche??? Haha, love this! Such a fun approach you wrote it from 😉 I think I’ve only ever written in a coffee shop once or twice, and it was a social event thing 😉

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    • I think God has a different call for everyone, as a I voiced, so being a cliche might be your thing. Go for it. 🙂 But if it doesn’t come naturally… don’t beat a dead horse. Ha!

      Yep! Same. The closest I’ve come is a huge hotel lobby which had fantastic coffee… xD


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