I love Biblical fiction and have quite a few of them on my read or to be read lists, so I figured, why not share some favorites? I hope y’all find a new read or can come fangirl with me over these, haha! Let’s jump right to it…




by David Carson

Rating: 5/5 stars

It has been too long since I read this so don’t ask me for specific details on the story or content, but wow. This novel is a family favorite. It shows the realism of the Bible times, the life or death situations, the wickedness of men and the goodness of God… It is not your fluffy, mindless Biblical fiction novel!




by Brian Godawa (YA edition)

Rating: 4/5 stars

WHAT A RIDE. Brian does his research insanely well and this novel was just… not only did it give a refreshingly realistic and researched portrayal of the story of Noah, but it was never boring. This series is a very intriguing insight on the giants, demons, and original stories, all in Biblical times. I’ve read the first four of the YA editions and goodness, they’re epic.




by Elizabeth George Speare

Rating: 4/5

A sweet, inspiring novel about a boy living during the time Jesus does. Really great read. The character Samson has stuck with me for years!


A.D. 30


by Ted Dekker

Rating: 5/5 stars

Thought provoking, raw, beautiful, this novel is an astounding example of Biblical fiction and how the story of Jesus is very much alive in today’s world, as it was “back then”. I’m not over this novel, and I even have the sequel, which I know I’ll cry over and still haven’t started…




by Francine Rivers

Rating: 4/5 stars

I’ve always loved the story of Ruth and found her inspiring. This little novella was a nice insight to her story.




Do you like Biblical fiction? Have you read any of these? 😀 Feel free to drop your own recommendations in the comments!

God bless,



  1. I’ve heard of “The Bronze Bow”, and my brother actually owns it. I had no idea it was Biblical fiction, though

    There’s one Biblical fiction book I read (I forget the name) with my family that I really enjoyed. I’m gonna google it, actually, see if I can find it

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  2. *reads book titles* OOH. *looks over at bookshelf full of books* …. Wow, I should I read those, but not today. I need to find these. XD Also, I know a book called The Queen’s Handmaid by Tracey L. Higley. It was kind of biblical but it was about a girl who has to deliver the writings of the prophet Daniel under Herod’s watch, wondering if the Christ will come.

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  3. I LOVED The Bronze Bow. It was actually what inspired one of my very first short stories. And I really enjoyed Francine River’s series too. (Have you read her Sons of Encouragement one?)

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