I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you want a good read, I’ve got good news. I’ve got a BOOK sale going on! Ebook copies of SeekThe Divided Nation, and The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon are 99c each! Now is the perfect time to save a few dollars on these wild reads. And, the sale lasts until Dec. 4th.


Not sold yet?

Seek follows the story of a young woman seeking healing after years and years of abuse from her adopted sister. She gets caught up in disaster when a gang leader targets her–and she doesn’t even know why! Full of humor, heartfelt themes, and action, this thriller is dear to my heart. (This one has major fall vibes, too, and even has fun scenes with the Oktoberfest!)

The Divided Nation takes place during the Second Civil War. Politicians protect the rich and gangs ravage the rest. One town remains, but they’ll be destroyed if they cannot form alliance with one of the largest gangsters in the US. A thrilling, thought-provoking novel with some snark and brotherhood bonds throughout. (Also, this one made my mom cry, and she never cries. She reads hundreds–literally–of books a year.) (This one is also pretty seasonal, too.)

The Thief, The Damsel, and the Dragon is a clean, cute Christian romance with a small twinge of mystery and snark woven throughout. A short read perfect for tea time!

Emmanuel and Homeward, two of my short stories, are both FREE and climbing the top 100 ranks on Amazon again! Homeward is a short story in honor of those lost to suicide. Emmanuel is a short Christmas story prequel to The Infidel Books. They’re fast, moving reads and permafree!

Thanks so much, y’all! Let’s see if we can get one of these novels to the top 100, yeah?

God bless,



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