With The Pencil

I sort of uploaded some of my artwork on my Facebook, which reminded me I’ve failed to put some older out here, as well. xD Happily, I’ve also been sketching and drawing lately, too! πŸ™‚

So, let’s start with the practice stuff. πŸ˜‰ Ma got me a basic sketch book that teaches some stuff, so I played around with some of that.

Completely ignore the face. xD Β As Ma put it, this is ‘like Dad dancing!’



Kody’s sketch! πŸ™‚

And I also wanted to practice side views a bit, and was in the mood for a pretty black haired lady. πŸ˜‰

I drew this landscape (one of my first!) a month or so ago (I am no good with time). πŸ˜€ Excuse the pencil mark at the bottom… no idea where that came from.., *cough* Reyna *cough* xD

Forest Landscape


Yesterday, I started a project.

One of my favorite, absolutely beloved TV shows is “Jericho”. We started it a while back, and sadly stopped ordering the episodes (it was like Netlfix or something I think…). However, Ma just ordered season 1 again for us… And I’m on the verge of tears and happy dancing at the same time. For good reason. This show just has no words to do it justice.

Anyway, so one of the main characters on “Jericho” is Jake Green. Long story short, I have one of my own book characters that is ‘based off’ Jake Green.

So I drew ‘im.


Finished! πŸ˜€ ‘Jake Green’… Until I find my character a name. xD


My Dad said, and we all agree, that it looks like a mixture of Jake and my bro Kody! xD Lol, it’s true… Kody was my first portrait I did, trying to be realistic… I think it seeped in to everyone else! ;D

I am very happy with how he came out. He was so cool to draw. β™₯

So yep! Some art I have been doing. =)

God bless!






Lens Of A Life



Some photos I and God have taken that I liked. πŸ™‚ This place is beautiful. β™₯ Its turning spring now, and the trees are all turning light green buds, and the dogwoods are rising and loving, the hills are rolling in a soft freshness- it is truly lovely. β™₯

I also thought I’d add some art I did, too. xD I had a ‘Listen to Twenty One Pilots nonstop’ time again. ;D This time, I decided to doodle a bit. β™₯


Fairly Local lyrics + clique symbol.Β 


Album art, the ‘Goner’ icon. Birds. πŸ™‚



Stressed Out lyrics + tricycle; based off the ones used in the music video. Β 

And last but certainly not least, my masterpiece, Twenty One Pilots, album art of their Self Titled Album.


I love this album. I love this art. (Original album art here.) Honestly, its hard for me to begin describing it. Maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe its silly. But humans are silly things. So I think that’s alright.


At first, it may look kind of gross. That’s what my Ma first thought, and my brother said it was nasty. It took some thinking for me to think that way, because I didn’t look at it first and think ‘his brain is falling out’- the first thing I saw was the color and the city and the trees. Then I saw the man, the bed, the ceiling fan, etc.

Overall, the saying ‘a picture is worth a million words’, hits home with me in this art.


He’s on a bed, and his mind is rolling out, the contents are no long kept in gray- they burst. To me, the light bulb in purple above his head, which is also in color, unlike the ceiling fan, is alive. Its a thought. It is an opening. An opening, an idea, alive and awakens the worlds and treasures in his mind. It burns bright; it’s there. Alive. I don’t know why this is all how I can explain that bulb, but it keeps coming to my mind. Burning. Sudden. Awakening. Opening. Alive.

The ceiling fan. Its broken, shattered, battered, and dead. Worn and torn, it is gray. What does the fan mean? Well, every bedroom has a fan, right? So its probably just giving a hint to where this man is- perhaps he’s home, in his bed, and alone.

The fan means something to me, too. Also this may be silly. I’ll continue. Its shattered. Its broken. Its gone so far it can. Its gray and fades into everything else, day by day, a piece of routine we don’t notice. But its there. A piece of formality, a broken piece of comfort.

So the contents of this mind, come pouring out. Oh, what a sight to be seen in its own. Imagine all the things in a human mind, for a moment. I could go on and on, giving mere ideas and details, offering things that may be in my mind, or your mind, or anyone’s mind. But imagine if the contents if my mind just finally burst away. My weak, dying flesh can only hold so much, and while the body is a gift, it is only compatible with the human mind.

And we see a fold in his hand. To me, it means that he has taken the blind fold off his head, away from his eyes, and now, he is free. Free to let it come out because he is not blind. The mask is gone. That’s what it is to me.

So its all out. And its colorful. This is amazing. It is alive, bursting, flowing, nonstop, full, chaotic, and beautiful. That’s what this picture is to me. That’s what it is when a person opens up. Its nice when a small window of someone’s mind is opened, perhaps to let some fresh air in, but to allow everything to fall out- nothing short of a wonder.


Cities of thoughts! To me, this means more than one person in your mind. You know people, see people. See cities, see places.

Worlds in your mind, places you’ve been, but its more than material. Cities of ideas, thoughts, stories; a mind is flashing, loud, insane.

The trees, and the little tree house. I think this is beautiful. Forests, tall, strong trees, full leaves, forests and winding branches- stands for a lot in a mind, doesn’t it?

The tree house is a home, above the ruckus, in the peaceful trees, overlooking the world and thoughts below.

The lock and chain, easily symbolizes its own, really. Secrets, ideas, chains… Put on yourself or from others.

And the trash. The bad thoughts that wash in the minds’ waters and mountains. This is no good, and best to be prayed out of the countryside overflowing.

This picture may look kinda weird at first, I don’t doubt it. But when I explained a bit of what I thought and what it was to my Ma, and my Dad, they said it was super cool. I think it is, too.

Its raw to me. Raw and vibrant. And that’s what the human mind is like. Perhaps, what it also should be like.


I suppose that’s enough for photography and artwork. πŸ˜‰

God bless!


Nighttime Rambles, Art, And- THE DEBATE IS ON

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Now, I may not be the biggest football fan (or sports fan in general, save a few), and I forget which team we’re rooting for about every 6 minutes; but alas! We have FOOD yo! Chips, stuff to make cheese dip (ew…XD)(My Ma rocks though, I have good ol’ ranch dip!), wings and hot sauce… So as far as that goes, I’m not complaining at all. ;D

I don’t even know who’s playing this year. XD And I get colors all mixed up. But it is funny what’s not funny about the coach slapping the team’s butts? Let’s be honest it kills meΒ  to see all of them like go ‘grrr’ and then tumble. xD

Anywho! I haven’t been up to a whole ton… Sorry, scratch that, reverse it. We have all been pretty busy and stuff! πŸ™‚ I know I’ve been posting a lot of pictures and updates about the ranch and the horses, etc. But I haven’t really sat down and just kinda rambled or talked here. XD I have like mini plans and ideas for writings for this nook; about characters, about the Bible, inspiration, music: And I sit here… And my brain loses all thoughts of post worthy subjects. XD
I really do want to get some of my ideas and stuff in my head, on here. πŸ™‚ Whatever it ends up being, haha. Whether a ramble about how much I hate mainstream female characters, or maybe a ramble about the Bible verses that mean a lot to me lately. God only knows. πŸ™‚

There’s so much going on in my head, and I wish I could get it all out on my special little Evernote screen: but the truth is, I am so busy anymore.

We’ve been super busy. The normal everyday things are accompanied with other, new things. We now have 10 horses; and, very soon, more babies to come. We have tons of fencing to do, and we still also have to work the horsies (I think Reyna has ruined me… XD) too.

School and house work is been needed to be finished as soon as possible; and honestly, I’ve gotten into that swing. Actually, school hasn’t been too bad. At all. XD I like getting it done right and everything; and some days take longer than others, but my books and stuff are pretty nice. ;D But house-chores are plenty, and need to be done. We now have a chart so everyone can pitch in. XD Anymore, the only downside I find overall with house stuff is; I don’t get ‘home alone’ (OK not technically always alone alone, but whatever XD) time where I can blare and sing along to my music. XD I hook up my laptop to the TV, turn on Twenty One Pilots, and SING. I never really just stand and dance around in the living room (Which is a goal, lol),but I spend the time cleaning. But that’s cool because I can then turn the water faucet on and off to the lyrics’ tones… ;D

But we have been really busy. Really, the only me time I get is like after dinner. And I sit down, music in, and pretty much just chill out. That’s my me time.

However; the last few nights have been pretty sweet. XD

I picked up a minifiction! FOR NOW, that’s my word for ‘fanfiction’. Because fanfiction sound really stupid and silly… I know IIIIII probably sound like the stupid and silly one saying that, but… MOVING ON.

Its called ‘Hear Me Silently’, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2003. Same As It Never Was, as a matter of fact. (SAINW is a ’03 episode! And one of my favorite things ever. I am in love with writing junk spun off of that episode) Surprised? ;D Really though; Kody and I have been watching a few more 2003 episodes (mainly because we just got our TV working again lol) and I AM FALLING IN LOVE.


This dimension is fantastic. 2003 is seriously just amazing. For me, its better than 2012. (Shocker… haha) I mean, that doesn’t do it any justice; ’12 has NOTHING on ’03. Nothin’. It doesn’t compare.

The more time goes on, the more dimensions I love, the less 2012 is. I’m not saying, of course, no one else can like it haha. I was in love with it when I first found it; it was the dimension that got me into TMNT.

But… And if you love ’12, please don’t take this as I’m tryin’ to hurt or offend or anything. This is just me.

But 2012 is really nothing. I know that sounds super dang harsh. But there’s nothing there.

I automatically compare and contrast it from other dimensions, but here I am not.

’12 TMNT has no depth. There truly is no depth in the show. The routes you’d think would be deep and HURT; are just flicking an imaginary surface, demanding a screaming fit for about 5 minutes, and suddenly all that was a problem is nonexistent. There’s no true emotion in the show. Sometimes, there is. We see glimpses of good writing. But the next second, a lesson we thought was learned straight off, is burnt and one of the turtles has ACTUALLY not learned ANYTHING at all.

I am gonna write a separate post, but for now; 2003 is earning my earnest love and respect. XD

ANYWAY: I don’t have 80 hours in the day of extra time to write. But that’s really OK for me. I’ve kinda of learned my hit-the-story drives (aka, time I sit down and actually write) are actually at night. XD I’m sort of a night owl, I guess. And though you can only keep your eyes awake for so long at 11:40 PM; I managed. πŸ˜‰

But I really like writing at night. The only things I don’t like is that when I sit down, I become oblivious to everything else going on. I kinda don’t like missing out on the nighttime life around me.

However; this is the best time for me to write. Really, that’s when most of the junk I type up is from: when its dark my brain dies. XD I KNOW that sounds bad, I think it sounds funny; but its no a complete joke. Really. I unwind, and I listen to music; and though ideas float and pound in my head all day (and I daydream scenarios), nighttime is my time to write. My brain is free to do whatever the story says to do. I had no plot this morning, and a bunch of junk ideas, but when I sat down, these characters just did without me doing it for them.

This is the time for my head not to be so doubtful. I don’t overthink. I just kinda go in the shadows of my worlds and watch this crap play out as I write it all down.

Nighttime is my me time; so basically, not even with just writing; my head is let lose (which is… messy) and I go with the flow. I am sucked into some world of mine

(I am laughing because I literally finished that last sentence, looked up, and the Republican GOP debate was on and I left the table XD Donald Trump first.)

(OK I’m back-ish. Laughed my head off at Jeb Bush, for trying desperately, but getting owned by Trump. Top quality TV.)

Anyway: I have plenty of books I am entering, some just starting and some making new drafts. πŸ™‚ I really get sad and frustrated when I see people complain about writing all the time; like all they talk about is ‘writing is so hard’ and ‘editing is hard!’- I hate seeing people babble only on how hard it is. I mean, why focus on the struggles like that?

Am I saying writing isn’t hard? Nah, but I don’t want to look at it like that. I really can’t anymore. Sure, I hit walls. I overthink the next move, or a title for my book, etc; but I refuse to dwell on whether its hard. I see the mainstream stuff just praise how hard writing is. It makes me wanna hit something.

REALLY I gotta save all this for a writing post or somethin’, lol! πŸ˜‰

During dinner tonight, I doodled this girl!


A blurry bow close up XDΒ 


Nice side view

Lol, maybe I’ll make a character like her one day. πŸ˜‰ She’s super cute lol: And I did her hair too short, so Ma said, ‘make a bun!’ so I added a bow! πŸ˜€ I like bows haha. πŸ˜‰

I am in the drawing mood now. XD

ALSO, a few months ago, I did a portrait of Kody!



Thank you Kody, for ‘trying’ to be still. ;D It was so fun to do! I used oil pastels, which are so fun and nice, but I am still playin’ and learnin’ with them! πŸ˜€ I am really proud of this one. Everyone was blown away when they first saw it; and recognized who it was. XD πŸ˜€

Welpers. XD I really want to whip up some more rants. πŸ˜‰ Like, focused, purposed rants. XD Prayerfully, aha…

I gotta go upload pictures. And probably NOT draw or write…. πŸ˜‰

God bless.


Free! Nagisa Drawing

I forgot I had already drawn kid Nagisa Hazuki, from Free!, but I just found him and took some photos. So, I thought I’d share the sweetie pie! πŸ˜‰


I did him about a month ago! πŸ™‚ He was super easy, and the first time I’ve done him. Β πŸ˜€ Plus, I hadn’t meant to make him a youngster, but it turned out to be High Speed! Nagisa. Which I’m totally cool with, because he’s always cute and sweet usually. πŸ™‚



I haven’t been drawing to much lately… Hmm, I should… Anyway, I thought he was super cute, as he is, and I wanted to brighten your day with this penguin! πŸ˜€


Well, I’ve got sakura to swim in. Laters!

God bless.


Karneval Artwork!

So I have more Karneval stuff! πŸ™‚


Yogi! πŸ™‚ HE IS SO CUTE!

And then I did a separate but almost identical colored Yogi!


Not a fan of this one but meh.


Sweetie Nai! I did this sketch while cooking dinner, and no reference pic. πŸ™‚


Nai and Yukkin! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ This was at Kody’s request. πŸ˜‰ Ah look at these precious sweeties!

I love drawing these two. πŸ™‚ God bless!