I interrupt our usual blogging schedule to share exciting news! Sign ups for the launch of The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon are OPEN! You can now sign up to join the blog tour for this sweet novella. =D It is going to be lots of fun — expect music, virtual chocolate, and partying into the wee hours of the night. Or early mornings. It is totally up to you! 😉 The blog tour will run July 2nd-7th (Monday-Saturday). Details are in the form!


I have never published before so this is a huge experience (lots of learning and seeking God… and repeated rants to my family to stay sane(ish) ) for me and I am PUMPED to share it with y’all! A big thank you and hug to Kell, who is hosting this launch! Right now, TT,TD,TD is being formatted by Inside Out Designs (and it has been amazing working with them so far, y’all!)… I’m kinda freaking out… But God is in total control! With His help and guidance, this novella will be published soon. *gasp*

Well, I’m off to do some more work (aka, answer author interview questions! Whoohoo!)! I would love if you join the party and share the news! If you have any questions, let me know. 🙂 God bless, happy weekend (it is officially summer, even though it has been summer here in TN for… a bit. Ha!) and see ya soon!

– Angie


Cover Reveal Sign Ups! |The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon


I’m excited to share with y’all that I’m doing a COVER REVEAL for The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon! Ahh! I still don’t have a date for when this novella will be published, but I’m working on it, along with the my superpowered betas. Still, I have a cover for it (again, ha, huge thanks to Kellyn for giving tips and all!)

So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet, summertime romance novella, this novella is perfect and the cover is just as sweet! 😉 Sign ups are open till the 14th, and the reveal will go live on the 16th of this month. Excited?! So am I!

Go grab a glass of sweet iced tea, kick your boots (or flip flops!) off, and join me for the cover reveal for this little beauty! 🙂

God bless,

– Angela R. Watts


 Camp NaNo (April, 2018) is FINISHED. 

hawaii five 0 GIF by CBS

That… happened. Wowza. Finally, it’s over.

This Camp was a bit more difficult for me than the past three Camps (yes, this was my fourth time!). My original goal was 50 hours, then I knocked it to 30 hours, then 30,000 words, and then, finally, 25,000 words. I won Camp at 25,000 words, over 23,000 of that being in Seek’s third draft.

2017 GIF by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

I’m not bummed at having such a bumpy track of goals this Camp. In fact, I’m grateful. A large portion of the month was spent in traveling with my mom, siblings, and nieces for mom’s Lyme disease treatments, and the time it took to prepare for that trip and settle back down at home, and working on school and Paparazzi. The month was a steady one of hard work and planning as a family, with lots of prayer.

I learned more this month as I began Seek’s third draft. I saw how much Seek has remained the same story… but I’ve changed so, so much in these past few years. When I wrote up Seek back in July 2016, it was inspired by a crazy dream and some plotting like I’d never done before (I’d never plotted a book). And the story then was an out pour of my grieving heart as I searched for Jesus.

And I’m still seeking Jesus. I’ll never stop. The difference is I’m older now and that search is different. My fears are different.

That was a block I hit when editing/rewriting this draft. I’ve grown as a writer, and so when I started crunching down on scenes and adding things to clean/thicken the plot, I worried. Silly worries like ‘what if this is too short now?’ or ‘what if I make it worse by *doing a thing*?’ I began to let my fears of wanting to succeed bog me down… And that’s not what I should be seeking. I should never seek praise, glory, or success.

I must seek God. At all times. Always.

When I had trouble writing Seek – even though, yes, I had things plotted and had no reason to be hitting a wall with thing – I knew it was God trying to get my attention.

Sure, I had a ‘plan’, but I didn’t have God as my focus. So I now am aborting the fear and silly train and going for SEEKING JESUS and doing as He wills. If it doesn’t feel right, I gotta listen to Him!

I talked with Tory and my family some, trying to think outside the box on how to stay true to Seek’s story but also polish it up to be publish worthy. The new rough idea is to absolutely stay true to the original message/themes, clean up the writing, but not necessarily doing the whole draft from scratch. Sound like a vague plan? Well, it might be. But I’m going back to leaving things as such. It gives God more control.

Seek is on its way to being finished. I am still praying to be blessed enough to have it ready to publish by October. There’s still a lot of planning for that and things to do (eek!) but first, the novel must be done, ha! So I’m trusting God and taking things step by step.


Also, this Camp, I completed a small short story and entered it into a contest. It was my first actual short story in quite some time so I was happy about taking that first step back into small pieces, even if it doesn’t get accepted. I’ll be entering another short story contest this coming week, also… so… *runs off to write*

fall running GIF

And I gave brief outlines/plots to a few novella/novel ideas this month. Just so I didn’t forget them all. And check out my Pinterest because a few of those story ideas got boards…

I got a Facebook author page! Ahh! Go like my page so we can hang out and have fun together!


That’s a wrap, folks! God bless,

– Angela




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Camp NaNo begins! I’m actually fairly prepared this year with my game plan. I don’t entirely expect to have Seek’s third draft finished by April, but my goal is being tracked in hours. Originally, I was shooting for 50 hours total, but as things popped up, my goal is 30 hours. I read Seek’s second draft before Camp, making major revision notes and plot changes, as well as making notes of beta reader comments/suggestions. Busy, busy, and ready! Week one, here we go!



THE CHAOS BEGINS. MUAHAHA. Ahem. I roughly did 3 hours today and my word count wasn’t terrible but I’ve had bigger first days. Looking at my outline, I’m fairly certain I’ll be rewriting this whole novel instead of just small revisions and edits. I’m very excited, however!

My characters be like…



I didn’t know I wrote that much… I actually thought today went super slow and unsuccessful. Wow. I guess I wasn’t paying any attention.

Also our friend Sam got me DOUGHNUTS (THANKS GIRL!) so I celebrated my writing progress tonight. 😛


I think it was 2 hours worth. Anyway. I had a math test today don’t judge me my math brain cells are fried.  I’m really enjoying seeing the progress Seek has made! Rewriting isn’t too bad.

Also, had two new story ideas so hahaha HELP ME. 

Me, writing Seek but getting bothered by new ideas…



Slow going today but I wrote and that counts, folks. 😛 My writing buddy ate my note I gave him though.

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I babysat Rey and Laney most of the day while Mom and Tory went to a doctor appointment. I also did school, of course… So, while writing didn’t get far, I did get to chat with my dad about Seek’s future plans and feel pretty relieved and excited now. 😛


DAY SIX | 1 HOUR | 1,093 WORDS

More babysitting but today it was just Laney. Also, Kody asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. She wants to be a cow.

I also stayed up kinda late talking with Tory about JUMP: Kody read some while I was napping with Laney and said (kind of jokingly, ha) “You’re demented and need to make a movie with Stephen King and the bros who make Stranger Things.”

I told him I’d prefer Ted Dekker over Stephen King and make it a deal. 😛 Tory and I also tossed ideas around for movie casting if my books ever became movies. We didn’t come up with many solid ideas, haha, but it was fun!



OK, every word counts… super busy today. Not much to report because I have a goldfish brain at the moment. So. That makes the first week of Camp!

Total Hours: 15 hours 40 minutes

Total Word Count: 16,806

Amount Of Pizza Consumed: Lost track

Music Listened to: Seek’s Revision Playlist + Peponi by the PianoGuys + etc


God bless y’all!



How is Camp going for you?! I wanna hear about your project!


graphic jump

I am very excited to say that the second draft of my novel JUMP was successfully printed! I’m pretty happy with how the copies turned out – they have some faults but I was expecting those and just wanted it printed. And IT SMELLS SO GOOD, Y’ALL. SO. SO. GOOD.


I like the cover pretty well – the black and white vibe works for the story. It’s actually a photo I took of the North Carolina mountains and JUMP takes place in NC. So…

I got two copies, one for myself to pet and look at, the second for my family to read. I hope they like it.

JUMP also takes place during summer so I did try to pretend it was at least sprint outside… but nope. Too windy. Tennessee weather, y’all. Good grief.


As you can see, the title on the spine is a smidge off from the center but I knew it wouldn’t align correctly after a few tries. I’m fine with it though. Formatting wise, things turned out fine except for the chapters didn’t always begin on new pages like I’d formatted it to go, but that’s not too bad. If you haven’t printed out your amazing stories/books… go print them! ASAP! And don’t forget coupons – Lulu’s cheap but coupons are always awesome. ;D




Some of you may know how difficult it was for me to print this novel – I tried Createspace but then switched back to Lulu. I had lots of problems which confused me because I printed Seek with no problems… but it took days of issues and I finally began to break down. Mom sat me down, prayed, and BAM! I figured out the issues and solved them. A huge thanks to all of the lovely folks who gave me tips and stuff, also.


It is soo cool to have both of my novels side by side. =D Soon, my newest novella, The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon will be beside them! Yay! And I realized: to date, at sixteen years, I have completed two novellas and two novels. Granted, the first novella – first thing I ever finished, actually – I wrote is deleted (because I was twelve and didn’t grasp the concept of saving things, haha). I praise God for the things He’s taught me through writing and how much I’ve grown already. How exciting to be able to learn more, share my writing, and continue to glorify God! 

God bless y’all – and stayed tuned on my Youtube channel because I’ll be doing a bookshelf tour soon! Be sure to subscribe. 🙂



What do you think of JUMP’s cover?

Have you printed one of your books? The answer needs to be yes – lol –  and if so I wanna see! =D