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Ladies and gentlemen…. I PRINTED MY NOVEL, SEEK!! Here’s a video of me opening it, with my family. Ahh!


I used Lulu and Canva- and this tutorial by Sarah saved my life, haha, so if you wanna print your book (YESSS you do, you have to!) I’d recommend following her tutorial haha.

It is so pretty, y’all! It looks even better in real life. 😀 I used pictures of my ’69 Ford truck all around, and the fonts and all didn’t clip and they turned out nice! Whoohoo! Also: it smells good. Oh my gosh, that was important to me haha!





Front cover and thickness


back cover!


I am SO, SO grateful for Yahweh and my family and friends. The Lord has showed me so much writing Seek- He taught me how to forgive, how to keep moving, and how to have faith. Seeking God can be hard, but that is life. ♥ Yahweh is always Good! My family has always been there for me, always encouraging me and cheering me on when I got in the mud. My family is so excited to read my novel- and they are! Whoa! Yes, I got two copies of Seek so I could edit one, while my family reads the other. Am I nervous? Yes. 😉 But I hope they like it, and help me tackle it with my red pen. 😛

And, I want to thank my friends. Sydney, girlie, you have been my bff and have always encouraged me and inspired me to move closer to Yahweh. Through the hard times, you’ve been there. I couldn’t ask for a kinder friend. ♥ Thank you. And for the wonderful ladies in my Camp NaNo cabins- you all have encouraged me and it was a blast to write with y’all! Thank you guys.


Doing a mini book photoshoot, Waylon and Hank having fun. 😉


One of the moments in my book where I cried…


And this is what happens when I don’t know how deep a spot in the TN river would be…. 😛




Oh, you know, just chillin’ ‘n readin’- MY BOOK!

I am ecstatic. 🙂 I will probably be editing Seek while I continue to write Jump, too. Because I love them both so much. *gasps* And Jump just hit over 40,000 words this month- and I did win July Camp NaNo last month! I won at 36,000 and my goal was 20,000. So, currently, Seek and Jump are my precious novels that i am having so much fun with. 😀 Thank the Lord for dreams, because both these stories sprouted from dreams.

Well, I must go get busy. Gotta keep myself busy while my family reads my book because EEP. There’s something about seeing my book in someone’s hands… it’s incredible. I pray God uses my words and stories to touch and help others, because I know that writing has helped me grow closer to Yeshua.

I also have BIG news…. due to my Ma’s brilliance…. this will be Seek’s last edit. *screams* Yes, it is time. I will be asking for beta readers soon! Like, very soon. *gulp* I am nervous, have never done this before, and my plan was to wait- but Ma said it’s time. 😀 I will be getting a post together to share with y’all soon!

God bless!



Have you printed YOUR book? If not, you gotta do it! Do you like Seek’s cover? Would you like to beta read Seek?

July Camp NaNo, Week 3 |Morning Sun


I took this week offline, a hiatus from my laptop. I wrote 47 pages of Jump in my composition notebook. Which, I have yet to add up how much word count it is. Ha. But I am currently copying those pages onto my document.

Writing with a notebook and pencil is pretty cool. My head got on overdrive because I couldn’t write quite as fast as I think (I’m a fast keyboard typer), which got annoying. But it also was a nice break! I didn’t get distracted with Internet. Only… I may have gotten distracted with some other book ideas. Like, the WWII story, I wrote some in that. And the future world war story…. ANYWAY. I wrote about 30 pages in other projects, total. So, 73 pages in a week, not counting some poems I wrote.



Morning writing with a yummy protein smoothie!


My amazing Dad and me. 🙂


I am very, very happy to announce that on the 21st of this month, Matoska, our curly mare, had her baby!


She is the CUTEST, smallest thing! She has faint stripes on her legs, a curly tail and a curly coat, gray legs, and small white dots on her butt. She has Matoska’s appy eyes, too. 🙂 We named her Pa Mni (pronounced pah mini, basically), which means Bitter water. In the Bible, bitter water was used for healing. We’re going to call her Mini, she’s so small. ;D

So, Jump is going well. I am past 20,000, and am working on copying what I wrote by hand, onto the word doc. I am thinking this book will be novel length. I doubt I will have it finished by the end of this month, but I’m not worried. Excited, more like. Considering how absolutely crazy life has been, reaching my goal of 20,000 is good.

Snippets for Jump:


***Derek’s POV***

“Sam, let’s go through the papers.” Rene’ said, and Sam stacked the pile of newspapers on the table. Which made our booth look like a newspaper shop, but we had to work with it. We gobbled pizza down as we worked.

  That was how the next hour went. We scanned, searched, ate, and sighed.

We found nothing.

Article after article.

Nothing. No UFOs. No freak monsters. Nada.

  “I’ve never been on a news site this long in my entire life.” I moaned, eyes aching from all the screen scrolling.

“You’ve never been on a news site.” Sam muttered, flipping through the pages of his paper.

“Thus, you prove my point.”
“Maybe someone’s seen somethin’, but won’t publish it.” Rene’ suggested, leaning back.

“We can’t go door to door and ask ‘Good morning, have you seen any demons lately? Also, we’re not in the occult.’.” I said dryly. Rene’ rolled her eyes.

“Shut up.” Sam told me.


***Isaac’s POV***

The river wasn’t too busy, for such a hot day. A few people were lazily floating down the placid river in inner tubes, and some kids dived and yelled, playing. We parked on the dirt spot, where no one else was, and got our stuff. Ma sat on the bank in a fold-up chair, with Dad, both of them smiling as us kids took off into the cool water. Rene’ stayed with Rose near the bank, splashing at the water, while Rose laughed and splashed right back with glee. Vee and Tim sat onshore with Teddy, who watched the whole river with big, blue eyes.

I took Lynn exploring in the water. Big and little fish, sucker fish, tiger fish, and minnows, all swam and darted near our barefeet. We stood still, letting the fish nip our toes. Lynn shrieked with delight.

It wasn’t long till Rebecca and her family parked. Rebecca and her sister, Anna, got out and hurried down. “Isaac!” Rebecca grinned as she got in the water, her hair pulled in a pony tail. She wore a bright yellow swimsuit.

My ears must’ve turned red, by the knowing smirk Rene’ shot at me.



***Rene’s POV***

The pizza place wasn’t busy. Sam and Derek were at the corner booth, waiting for Isaac and I, with a beef pizza steaming before them. Isaac and I sat down beside them.

“No offense, but what the heck are we doing?” I asked, sipping a soda.

“Sitting.” Derek said blankly.
“Eating.” Isaac added, hiding a smirk.

“Guys. Really. What’s goin’ on?” I eyed Sam expectantly.

“We need to talk.” Sam bit into his pizza.

“About Mr. Fryer?”

“He told us we should leave this alone.” Sam replied, eyes narrow.


 Anyway, hopefully we don’t melt. It’s 105 degrees today. God bless!


Isn’t Mini ADORABLE?! How is your project? What do you think of Jump?

July Camp NaNo, Week 2 | Don’t Give Up



This second week of Camp has been busy. Not just with writing. Life, of course, as always. But life is doing alright- God is answering prayers. He’s getting us through. Those little moments I have, when everything just crashes on me out of the blue… those are the moments I know Satan is desperate to try to make me weak, make me lose faith. Doubt, fear, despair- those are spirits that God didn’t give me. When I feel myself starting to suffocate in them- I remember that Yahweh is in full control. There is always hope.

That’s one of the themes in my book, Jump. Jump is about hope, faith, and prayer. Prayer is such a powerful weapon that God has given us- and how often to we feel like just giving up on praying? Or that maybe, our prayers, our words, fall on the brass gates of Heaven, and never reach God. That’s not the truth. Jump is about these things, but I am also showing the reality. That angels, demons- the supernatural and spiritual side of the reality we see, is very, very real.

Currently, Jump is at 18,558 words. But as I go back and change some things, who knows then. 😛 However! I talked some about Jump with my Dad, and I am gonna start on the roll again. This week was slow because I was getting some ideas together (and names. I spent like an hour trying to name the angels. Haha.), but things are getting sorted! 🙂 Better than I thought, since I had this dream on like, the 5th of this month. All the plotting is coming along in record timing. Ha. 😉

Also, a big thing that happened this week… I went outside, to hang some towels, and looked up to see the tractor rolling away. “OK…” So I rush in, yell for Dad, and we all run out. A loud crash sound. Kody and I put up Sugar Baby and Ziibi, who were ‘mowing’ the yard…

The tractor plowed through the fence. Amazingly didn’t knock over any posts (it came close!), so we fixed the fence. The tractor ran into the pond, down the steep rocky ditch, and when it came to the pond… turned. No lie. It didn’t go full into the pond. Somehow, it turned and was on the edge of the pond. Dad drove it out. The tractor did not break, and it didn’t crash into the water. How?

We all knew the answer. An angel. God literally took the wheel. That was a big deal for us; without that tractor, we’d be in big trouble. But God is always taking care of us.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, drink and indoor

It was a rainy, thundering day… I made hot coco… and WROTE! 🙂

And, as always, some snippets of Jump. Please tell me what y’all think of Jump, from what you’ve read! I always love talking about stuff with y’all. 🙂



One of the imps that was tormenting Derek Clemins was Despair. Despair’s   large, black heap of smelly sulfur form was tremoring with cruel delight as Derek cowered and groaned under Despair’s impression. Despair was yanking on Derek’s body with growing anticipation. Despair had gaping eye sockets that were pushed far back into his black, blurry face, and red eyes with woeful black slits for pupils. He was a large demon, one that never rested or idled, and never stopped looking for a victim in which to play with. Now, Despair spoke words of terror and formed a show inside Derek’s mind.

   Fear was right alongside Despair. Fear was a large shrunken black form, with large yellow orbs for eyes. Fear’s long, gnarly black claws probed and tugged on Derek’s head, gripping harder, harder, harder still. Derek screamed out. Fear and Despair both cackled, pushing harder.



**From Sam’s POV**

 “Isaac doesn’t want it to be real.” Derek finished.

“No. But I’ll talk to him.” Rene’ glanced over the crowd of people in line ahead of us. She spotted Isaac, and Rebecca, shrugging slightly. “I’ve never kept anything from my parents. Why should this be different? They’ve seen the spirit world, some.”
  Rene’s words surprised me. “Just for now, Rene’. And….” My mind whirled. I didn’t want to hurt Rene’, but I had to keep everyone safe. How did I do that? “And maybe God’ll show us and we can tell our parents. We just can’t make this explode right now.”
  Rene’ met my eyes again. It felt like she saw right through my disguise. Maybe she did.

“Alright.” Rene’ said firmly.

“If we act weird tonight, our parents will notice.” Derek stood slightly taller, letting out a breath of air.
 “I guess we gotta act normal.” Rene’ frowned.

“We get on some more rides, and try to have fun.” Ironic words, I mused, but our parents would notice the smallest hint of something being wrong. Considering what we’d seen, it seemed impossible to hide our anxiety and discontentment; but we had to try.

 “We got on this ride and puke our brains out. We’ll be fine.” Derek murmured, forcing a small smile.




  ** From Derek’s POV**

I slept in late the next morning, had no more nightmares, and looked like I’d gotten hit by a dump truck. There were bags under my eyes and I felt like a heavy robot. I got dressed in a T-shirt, jeans, and styled my hair. Downstairs, Mom had made pancakes, My favorite.

   I hated making Mom and Pop stress out. I had scared the life out of them last night. And now, this morning, Mom wore a bright smile, to reassure me, and had cooked us a hearty breakfast. I had no doubt she was bone tired.

   And it was my fault.



God is always there for us, and His plan is better than anything we could imagine.

God bless,


What is your Camp NaNo project? How is it going? Do you think Jump sounds interesting?

July Camp NaNo, Week 1 | Step off The Edge


The beginning of July has been a huge mess. To put it directly, it’s just been stressful. Soo stressful. But, God has this. He’s got it under control. I know this. We just have to keep fighting. Sometimes, it feels like that’s all we’re ever doing. Fighting. Trudging. Beating our hands against doors that just won’t open. But God has a Way. We have to listen, and be still.

Some of you may know, I was planning on doing a project this month, my first ever nonfiction work. Come Walk With Me was going to be a compilation of stories from people who suffer with Lyme disease. However, when I tried to start get emails together, and try to find folks willing to participate- life got in the way. It was just too much to try and reach out to others, when life was calling too hard. I will still do CWWM, but that isn’t for me right now. Life is to crazy. But I do pray to do that project- it is very important to me to get Lymies’ voices out there!
So. What am I doing? Well, the day I decided I couldn’t do CWWM, God gave me a dream. No lie, folks, God is epic. So, I told my dream to my family- and we were all laughing. It was great. Later, Ma suggests I write a story about that dream. I can make it a comedy, too, she said, since it made everyone laugh.

The book I am writing is called Jump (UPDATE! If I talked to you before the 9th of July, I was calling this book ‘Step Off The Edge’. Well, I changed the name, and it may keep changing, who knows, ha…). That title reflects how I feel at this point in life. I am tweaking a few things in the book vs. the dream… such as, the ages. In my dream, ‘we’ were older. But, I’m sorta ‘adulted’ out in writing for now… I do want to try this book from a teenager’s perspective. Yikes, ha. 😉 But I think it’ll help.

Again, this book is fresh- and I’m still getting ideas together and all. Like, do I want to keep it more ‘crazy’, or tone it down, or smash some other story ideas in with more of the craziness?  With God’s help, I pray this book pulls together and all. So, one week in of Camp, and I’ve been writing Jump for maybe 3 days… and my total word count is about 3,000. Meh.

This 4th of July, we made it to the river. 🙂 Which was awesome.

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, plant, outdoor and nature

My amazing parents.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, swimming, child, outdoor and water


Now, for some tiny little snippets of Jump.. Because I’m generous. 😛



Theo had upped and left, started his own life, and we, the family who actually loved him; we were left behind, like dust in the wind. I had no doubt Theo had forgotten about us. He gave no phone calls, unless it was a birthday or a holiday, and even then, he oftentimes forgot. If he managed to call on time, he usually had an excuse to leave the call short. That’s the way it was. We weren’t first choice for visits or holiday vacations, either.

    We were left behind.




“In here!” Sam replied loud enough for us to hear. He was in the kitchen, a big grin on his face, looking up from where he was unpacking a box of kitchen utensils.

  Lynn skipped across the living room, into the kitchen, asking;

“Where’s Ava?”

  Sam nodded to the hallway, across the living room. “She’s in her room.” Sam smiled at Lynn, quirking an eyebrow. “What, I don’t get a hug?”
 Lynn batted her eyelashes, only putting up with Sam, and hugged him quickly. Rosie struggled in my arms.

“Down, down,” Rosie mumbled in a cutesy baby voice. I hefted her higher in my arms, smiling at Sam.

“Alright, you girls go play.” I set Rosie down on the polished hardwood floor. She toddled after Lynn, who took her hand, leading her to Ava’s room. Ava’s happy shrieks and Rosie’s excited yell rose from the room. The girls wasted no time in diving into a game.

 I turned to Sam, who winked at me.

“Those girls sure can scream, can’t they?” He mused, setting a few newspaper wrapped plates on the granite countertop. I grinned, leaning on the counter.

 “Ava must’ve gotten it from her uncle.” I teased. Sam made a face in disgust.

 “Mmm. Good one.”





That’s all for now, folks! God bless.