Introducing My Novel JUMP

jump post

Hello y’all! I have a surprise post! But before we get started, I have exciting news: I have a Goodreads author account! Whoohoo! Currently, I have my novel Seek on there so you can add it to your shelves! I’ll be doing occasional updates as I edit Seek for publishing. 🙂 I’d really appreciate if you follow me on GR so we can share the craziness together. Now, on to the post…

I shall be formally introducing Jump, my WIP novel! Is this novel new? No. Should I have had this post up before NaNoWriMo in 2017? Heh, probably. I wrote the first draft for Jump in Camp NaNo July in 2017 and then began draft two in November for NaNo -which I won at 60,000+ words! However, Jump isn’t finished. Nope. It almost is, and I’m assuming it may end up at about 80-90k… we shall see!


  What is your novel about? 

The town was silent. Too silent. Old and weary.

Helengold needed Yahweh.

The demons ran rampant. Murders and crimes are hidden in the shadows and shoved under the rug as the townsfolk remained strangely silent. ‘Odd’ sightings stirred a few folks but such people are silenced…

  What could a few kids do to stop the madness that shows itself from the shadows – quite literally? Nothing. The question is: what can God do? And that answer is everything.

So that’s the rough synopsis… thingie.

Basically, Jump is about a town which is old and quiet, not much happens, but then crimes begin to occur and odd sightings are witnessed… but people are silenced and things are covered up. The book follows a few teenagers as they slowly uncover what’s going on – and then they try to back off. But then something happens, and they have to keep going and find answers… no matter where it takes them. 

What inspired the idea for your novel?

A dream God gave me, back before July of 2017. I wrote the first draft in Camp NaNo in July… and the story has grown and shaped since. A lot. Like they usually do.

What is your book’s aesthetic?

baseball bats. late nights and 3 am. stormy skies. open fields of grass bathing in summer sun. deep rivers. busy fair grounds and cotton candy and loud rides. cars parked on the side of the road. bruised knuckles. coffee. dirty jeans. graffiti. shadows. cold dark tunnels. pizza places.


Interesting things about this novel?

When I began draft two, I decided to write this novel from 3rd person POV entirely. In the first draft, it was from first person with a POV switch going between four characters. I decided it may be interesting and neater to do 3rd person. This is the first novel I’ll have finished in 3rd person – and it was fun! 

Jump has many themes. The power of prayer is a big one. Another is the supernatural. As a Christian, I’m fascinated by what Yahweh’s Word says about the supernatural – angels, demons, portals, etc.

The Bible says: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

God says that! So, with Jump, I wanted to branch out and show that spiritual battle in a real sense… Whether we can or cannot see the battle in the heavens: it is very real. 

This novel has been a journey and will continue to be – but it is an amazing gift and I thank the Lord for giving me this story! I pray one day, it will touch others as He wills it.

God bless!

-Angela Watts

What do you think of Jump? Does it sound interesting?


NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week Four

nn 2

Drum roll, please! NaNo is OVER. Actually, it’s been over for eight days – but as soon as NaNo ended, I was thrust back into busy life and just now managed to finish this post. So, without farther ado, here is my last week of NaNo!

Day Twenty Two: 3,350

I WON NANO! Jump reached 50,000 words – and no, I didn’t have to stay up to 12 AM to reach the goal. 😛 I celebrated with my family, some Oreo mud pie, and I’m now back at writing. This novel isn’t finished yet! God is SO amazing!

Also, my Mamaw and Papaw Jim came up today! They’re staying for Thanksgiving, but also will stay with us while Mom and Dad go to Maryville.


Day Twenty Three: 227

THANKSGIVING! WHOOT! I ate a ton (big surprise, ha) and hung out with my family. Also took a nap (and naps are always better with music + earphones, y’all…). We went shopping also, which was fun and not quite as crazy as last year…


Day Twenty Four: 1,348

Along with writing, this month I’ve also been helping my Mom and Tory do their business. They did a party today and it was awesome. =D If you want to check out the jewelry they’re selling, here’s their FB link.


We also went Black Friday shopping again, which went well… as the above photo says (Mom and I took the kiddos out to the car… those check out lines are long…), we had a blast.


Day Twenty Five: 435


Rey and Laney ft. Nutcrackers

Didn’t write much today but I’m not worried about that… I am a bit nervous because my parents are leaving for about a week for the Sunshine Clinic… and I’ve never been away from them for such a long period of time. Actually, I’ve really never been away from them… and yep. It’s a bit nerve racking but I’m praying through it, haha. I have total faith God will heal them while they’re at Dr. Sunshine’s!

On a less anxious note – check out my nieces Rey and Laney… I think they have crushes. ;D Hey, it is hard to resist a guy in uniform, right?!


Day Twenty Six: 3,500

I wrote 3,500 words and it was a surprisingly long haul. Heh. As in, the days I wrote 5k went faster than this 3.5k… but, I’m not complaining! The words are out. 😉

And yes, first day without my parents… And we’re all still alive. o-0


Day Twenty Seven: 2,100

My grandparents, siblings, nieces, and I went shopping! Whoohoo! So, if y’all wanna know how NaNo’s going… Tory and I are on a face chat with Mom and I’m bouncing up and down… Mom, jokingly: “Are you on drugs?” Me: “I’m on caffeine.”


Day Twenty Eight: 400

AND MORE SHOPPING – in a bigger city! Which was a LOT of fun (I got Christmas presents! I mean, I know what they are… wrapped ’em myself… but I still got presents. =D ) and we all had a blast. Also ate yummy Panda Express (thanks, Papaw!).



Day Twenty Nine: 2,400

Where has the month gone… because wow. JUMP has been amazing so far and I just… my babies. These characters. The things they show me and make happen and I’m just like: I wasn’t planning this but IT WORKS.

I love this story. It’s occasionally *cough* a lot *cough* frustrating, oft times confusing, but always worth it. Does anyone else have those moments where gosh, these characters are real… and they’re hilarious and heartbreaking… because I love those moments.


Day Thirty: 1,400

Alas, the adventure has come to an end. With a loud BANG, I announce… NaNo is over. Finished. Completed. Whew.

Image result for it's done gif

OK, OK, I am being totally over-dramatic because for my first NaNo, I am very grateful to God because I don’t quite feel like Frodo at the moment, haha! I feel more like this… though I can’t dance quite this well, ha.


I completed NaNo by winning on the 22nd at 50,000 words and finishing the month at 62k! JUMP is not over, however. Like I’ve said, the first draft neared 100k, and while a lot of things have changed in draft two, I think it’ll be just as long – if not longer… I’m really not sure. Ah.

nano one



 Rene’ groaned again, feeling something tight around her arm. She jumped in fear, but Sam’s grip tightened. “Gah!”
 “It’s me, Rene’!” Sam whispered quickly. Rene’ didn’t pull away, fear in her chest, eyes wide – but she saw nothing.

 “Isaac?! Isaac!” she gasped wildly, swinging her hands around to find him. Derek grunted as he moved, trying to follow the voices – but he hit a body. Isaac lurched upright and swung at Derek.

 “Isaac!” Derek groaned in pain as Isaac punched him in the gut. Isaac grasped Derek’s arm sloppily in dismay.

 “Where are we?” he asked sharply.

 “No one freak out. Do not freak!” Sam ordered firmly, over the heavy breathing and words. Everyone freaked anyway. “Guys!” Sam shouted. Everyone shut up.



They fell silent, wrestling with their fears, each step careful and precise. Rene’ almost tripped once, but Sam and Isaac both grabbed her up. She whispered a sorry, but they kept going.

  Kept going where, though? They didn’t know. But it didn’t matter so much as to where they were going, did it? Maybe they were pushed by fear of staying in the dark forever – but as long as they moved…. They’d be fine. Right? They had to get out. And to do that they had to walk.

  Or crawl. Whatever worked.

  It was then they found the path came to an end. A stone wall came before them and Derek groaned, their flashlights scanning.

 “Wait.” Rene’ whispered. “Look…”





I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead. Oh, God, I don’t wanna be dead! Derek’s eyes shot open but only darkness surrounded him. Heaviness. His head pounded quickly and his heart ran wild. He could scarcely seem to breathe, and his body felt numb. Empty.
He was surrounded by thick nothingness. Nothing… he was dead. He had to be.
And then suddenly a throb of pain swarmed through his body, like his mind had finally made the connection. He gasped and writhed. This isn’t being dead – this hurts! Being dead doesn’t hurt!
If Derek wasn’t dead, that meant… “Isaac?!” he groaned, but his voice came out all slurred and broken.
A soft moan came through the darkness.





Scripture Of The Week

Don’t be afraid; just believe. – Mark 5:36


This November was a crazy month for me – and I wrote over 60,000 words during it. It was an amazing journey to participate in NaNo! God showed me a lot and moved my heart in more than one way. I am very blessed to have a Lord who loves me, a family who loves me (and they all put up with my crazy writing endeavors… ahem…), and the wonderful friends who also rocked me on this month (word wars are epic, y’all. I got over 800 words in 10 minutes once o-0). God bless you all!

God bless you all, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

– Angela


Did you like my snippets?

How did your NaNo go? I wanna know ALLL ABOUT IT!





NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week Three


Week three is OVER. But the battle isn’t over yet.

Image result for the hobbit war gif

And no, I’m not dramatic… 


Day Fifteen: 1,900

After a week of being sick, it feels good being back in gear and writing steadily, without feeling like a sick zombie. 😛

Day Sixteen: 1,000

Busy day but I wrote the thousand and reached 35k.

Image result for thumbs up gif

*laughs* And that GIF… I have a character named Fonsie… ahahaaa.

Day Seventeen: 1,150

Another good day of writing and the usual chaos of a daily life. 🙂


Day Eighteen: 3,150

First 3k day in what seemed like forever, so whoohoo! Also, this week my novel reached the middle climax… so after this, things just get mega crazy. o-0 And I’m trying to keep up with every little detail/subplot like a crazy woman…


Just kidding, I’m more like this:

fave blog post

Ya know, besides the ‘brilliant’ part… and the ‘plan’ part… 

Day Nineteen: 3,000

My dear characters… I apologize, sweeties… but it just gets worse so. Ha. Not very sorry. 

Also, my mom and sister Tory started a business – selling jewelry with Paparazzi. It is EPIC and so fun! If you love jewelry that looks amazing and isn’t cheap quality, come check them out because EVERYTHING (except kid jewelry, which is cheaper) is only five dollars. Like WHAT. Here’s their Facebook link! So yep – along with writing, I’ve been helping them set up and sell like mad. 🙂


Day Twenty: 3,212

I cranked my words in through the busy day, and then that left 1k for after karate class. I survived karate class, by the way… I legit did an epic ‘home base’ slide in one of the exercises. Long story.

I’m also gonna share this song/music video because guys. It is so gosh dang amazing. Check it:


Day Twenty One: 2,170

We cooked some Thanksgiving food, and my grandparents are here! Yay! I didn’t have much written today, and I wanted to do at least 2k, so I stayed up writing like a mad hatter till the very last second… and reached 2,000. And actually did over a hundred words over but hey, I was in a mode and in a crazy scene so…

Image result for collapse gif

Jump is currently at 47,000+ words and I’m so close to 50,000… but Jump’s gonna be bigger than that. The first draft was around 90k, but I have no certain estimation how long draft two will be. But a LOT has changed. A ton.


snippets are so hard. gah. almost everything I’m writing has a spoiler somewhere…


   Class lined up and bowed out, and once Isaac was dressed, he came back downstairs with Henry and the other guys. The guys usually chatted about football, or hunting in the fall months, but lately all anyone talked about was the crimes. And now, Fonsie. But Isaac tried to block it all out. Besides, Rene’ listened to all of that: as if it’d make a difference and help anything. Isaac caught Rebecca’s attention and chatted for a few minutes lightly. She smiled brightly, and Isaac felt his stomach flutter a bit, like it always did when he saw her. At least Rebecca wasn’t depressed. She didn’t shut off and talk about things she couldn’t fix. She was sweet, Isaac decided. More than sweet.




  Vee smiled at Rene’, tossing some boxes of crackers into the cupboard. “So. Friends over, huh?”

  “Yep. We had pizza.” Rene’ replied nonchalantly. Oh, no… don’t tease…

  “So, who’s cutest?” Vee chuckled, tossing a plastic bag at the trash can. Rene’ groaned.

  “It’s not like that.” she sighed. Teddy began to whimper from his carseat that was set on the floor and Rene’ bent to lift him out. He squirmed and she held him close, rocking.

  “Sure it’s not.” Vee smirked. “I think Sam likes you.”
 “Shut up, Vee,” Rene’ grinned sheepishly. “Seriously. It’s not. And besides, why would you like that?! I thought siblings were supposed to come at others with bats.” she joked.

 “Not if they’re nice and handsome,” Vee swatted at Rene’s arm. “And anyway, if they do act up, I’ll hit them with my car.”

 Rene’ made a face. “Please… don’t. I can’t bail you outta jail.”

 Vee laughed and took Teddy to nurse him. “Alright then. But just…”

 “I know, I know. We’re friends. We’ll be careful. Not stupid.” Rene’ smirked and finished the groceries quickly.




No. That wasn’t a person scream. Liddy shivered, eyes widening in pure fear. What was it then? Liddy told herself not to run into her room again – after all, she was a big girl. Big girls didn’t run away from scary noises. She had to find answers. If Fonsie was out in the woods, and if he was hurt… but that scream, that wasn’t Fons…

  Liddy stared at the edge of the forest as if expecting some great big hungry monster to appear.

 And something did appear.


Scripture Of the Month

In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion. – Psalms 71:1



Yes, ignore the fact this says day 22. Like I said, I had 2k written before 12 AM/the 22nd, but updated late. 😉

And there we have week three! God has been so good this month… I’m learning a lot… and have more to learn. This book is a build up of tension, pain, and struggle… lack of faith and faith being tested to the limit… like my life… but in the end, not to spoil it: GOD WINS. He wins! My life, like my book, is in His hands. How can I be afraid? Even during times of trial and pain, may we always rejoice. No matter how hard it is, God is GOOD.

God bless,



How is your NaNo going?



NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week Two

week two

Week two did not go as planned. Didn’t go terrible but… not too well, either. I got sick on the 8th day of November and I’m only just now feeling better… on the 14th.


Day Nine + 10: 0

Yep. More or less, I got nothing these days.

 Day Eleven: 1,350

Yay. Words. Eh. Send help. My brain is dead – my cold is making me like a zombie… this isn’t good.

Day Twelve: 530

I’m still dead but hey. Not a terrible number. Better than zero hopefully

Day Thirteen: 800

I did not write 800 words today – I added most of them (like… 700 of these words). I’d previously played around with a scene before November and decided I liked it and shoved it into the novel. So, no. My brain’s still dead but at least the words are growing.

Day Fourteen: 2,085

On one hand, my cold is pretty much gone and –Image result for i live gif

… on the other hand, it’s week two and I’m only at 30,000 words so… I had to write SOMETHING.



Scripture of the Week

Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty. Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain: Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind: Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire… – Pslams 104:1-4




 And give us ears and a heart to listen. Rene’ was tired of asking God for answers but never even hearing Him. She begged, pleaded, and cried – but what did she do to deserve His love or His answers? Nothing. She did nothing. She wanted to do something! Something! Anything! But when it came down to it… Rene’ was afraid. What if she came to it and could do something – but didn’t? What if she didn’t? She hadn’t done anything before. What if she made another mistake? What if she failed?





 Sam took his keys from the hook in the foyer. Mr. Clemins was at work, Mrs. Clemins in the bedroom doing bills, and Morgan and Ava were napping in the living room. Morgan would be cooking dinner at around six, and it was 5:30 now; with Morgan’s cooking, Sam wasn’t too guilty about missing dinner. Sam went outside quietly, as not to disturb the sleeping beauties. The only person Sam had to avoid –

 “Where ya going?” Derek sat outside on the porch, twirling a basketball on his finger.

 Sam grunted. Oops. “Out.” Sam’s hands tightened on his keys as he strode over to the Mustang. Derek stopped twirling the ball, hopping up and following Sam.

 “What’s up?” he inquired, voice lowering.



 God bless you all and may your November (and NaNo!) continue to be awesome. 🙂



If you’re doing NaNo: are you still kickin’? Let’s talk about YOUR story!



NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week One

nanowrimo blog

The first of November, 2017 came with a flutter and a scurry – a beautiful month came in such a hurry! November holds many things in store: the changing of leaves and crisp air, Thanksgiving day, and the promises of smiles and family galore…

And at the start of November, when the clock strikes twelve, begins a battle we call NaNoWriMo – and the war rages till the end of the month…

  This year, I decided to do NaNoWriMo. 

Image result for riley national treasure gif

For this NaNo, I’m rewriting my novel Jump. I didn’t wanna start a whole new novel (not with editing Seek and having the baby first draft of Jump just staring at me…) so what better way to kick of NaNo than writing draft two of my precious baby?

So, yes. November began. I am STOKED for Thanksgiving and fall and leaves and the cool air and rain and EVERYTHINGGG this month has in store… and NaNo.

Am I freaked? Actually, no. Not much.



Day One: 5,300

I did not stay up past 12 AM to start NaNo. I actually went to bed at a decent time and woke up early to write.


And I wrote 5,000 in one day! So that goal went well.



Day Two: 5,000

Give or take 5k cut me some slack I’m tired ha.

Image result for what gif

So day two came and went, I’ve reached 10,000, and I can celebrate with ice cream.



Day Three: 2,000

Fall is so wonderful y’all – the world is so beautiful when it dies!

Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, mountain, outdoor and nature

Also, my niece Laney helped me plot/brainstorm. 🙂


Day Four: 4,600

I entered NaNo with a basic plot and like… roughly half an outline… basically, I had ideas and the general idea figured out (minus some scenes) but I also sorta dove in. Just dove in. I’m still adjusting the plot and tweaking a few things as I write. Am I winging it? No. Did I have an immaculate plot to begin with? Nope. But things are formulating now!

Image result for evil laugh gif

Day Five: 3,700

I reached 20,000 words!


Whew. God is Good. Also: daylight savings time happened and I stayed up and TRAVELED THROUGH TIME. AYY!



Day Six: 1,000

We went shopping for my birthday tradition – my birthday was October 30th, but we delayed the traditional shopping day for a rainy one! Since last year, on my birthday, we go and do Christmas boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse ‘Operation Christmas shoebox‘. This year, we bought things for three boxes.

We also bought pizza, cupcakes, and went to Books A Million. I also started feeling bad today… I’m coming down with the cold again. Ugh!

Day Seven: 4,304

Yep. I’m sick. But I got some sleep and felt OKish… and I managed to write some, too. Somehow, I’m alive, and one week into NaNo Jump is officially 25,000 words long. 

Image result for buddy the elf gif


Scripture of the Week:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 

-Matthew 6:33



(because I’m generous 😛 )


 “You go get that,” Derek nudged Sam towards and aisle after pointing to the list. Sam rolled his eyes, wondering what he was up to, but went off.

                The same girl was on the aisle Derek had told Sam to go down. Sam had the urge to turn around and strangle Derek – but he couldn’t do that in public. So he quickly grabbed what he needed and left before the girl could so much as look at him.

                “Very funny.” Sam snapped at Derek under his breath as he put the box of food into the buggy. Derek tossed his head with a cocky grin.

                 “You’re welcome.”

                 “Shut up.” Sam pushed the buggy on. I’ll get him back… somehow.





“What-” Sam whirled to see whatever Rene’ was gaping at in horror, body tense and ready to fight.

                       A dark, hunched figure huddled on the edge of the forest. It hid slightly behind a large maple tree. Its shoulders, legs, and torso were entirely black, like a seething dark cloud, but its face… it had no distinguished face. Only two long, white fangs gleamed against its black head. It stood motionless and yet, the creature seemed to be shuddering in the atmosphere with an intense rage.





 That night, Derek’s nightmares raged wildly in his head. But they weren’t night terrors. Thank God for that. Derek woke with a start, images of suffocating darkness, glowing eyes, and sharp, sinking teeth… he looked around the room but saw no monsters waiting at the foot of his bed. Groaning, he sat up, glancing at his alarm clock. 3:77.

  Derek blinked. That couldn’t be right.


 Derek sighed and got up, knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep for a while… he tiptoed out of his room, down the hall, and downstairs. The kitchen was dark but Derek opened the fridge and got a bottle of water. He drank half of it, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead. He hated nightmares… but what could he do to stop them?




And thus, the first week of November comes to an end… But let the craziness continue!

God bless,



Are you doing NaNo? If so, HOW IS GOING YOO?!
Are you excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas haha?