Blog Tour | Sleeping Handsome Book Spotlight

Hello lovelies! I have exciting news – the wonderful Rebekah Eddy has published her book Sleeping Handsome! I am doing a book spotlight and I know y’all are gonna enjoy this. =D

Sleeping Handsome | Book Summary

Minnie’s goal was to have a fun, worry free vacation with her best friend Amy. A few weeks spent in their favorite far away place before they both went back to their respective colleges. A visit to the many famous sights across the British Isles has been on both their bucket lists for a very long time, after all.
However, when a mysterious taxi driver mentions a legend that somehow concerns her ancestral heritage, she decides to dig deeper. After being accused of stealing the famous statue and tourist attraction known as Sleeping Handsome, Minnie and Amy are plunged into a world they would never have imagined existed.
Prince Gregory, after being awakened from being frozen in stone for hundreds of years, finds himself searching for his true love in order to reverse the stone spell on his kingdom and awaken the rest of his people. With his faithful horse Brutis by his side, he sets out to destroy his greatest enemy, release his kingdom from the stone spell, and win the heart of his princess.


Amazon | Lulu


Rebekah Eddy | Author Bio

Rebekah grew up surrounded by family members who appreciated and read good literature. First, she fell in love with the stories her parents read aloud to her from the Bible and books like The Chronicles of Narnia, Great Expectations, The Hobbit, and Anne of Green Gables. After learning to read on her own, she discovered other fantastic books which helped to build her ever growing imagination.
She completed her first written work at the tender age of eight and now uses it to humble herself whenever the need arises. The story did serve to show her that God had given her a desire to write, however, and from that moment on Rebekah has never looked back or regretted picking up her pencil and becoming an author.
This nineteen-year-old homeschool graduate lives in rainy Western Washington and is currently working on receiving her BA in English in order to further her passion for creating worlds on paper.

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A HUGE congrats to Rebekah for publishing because ahh, this rocks. =D Y’all be sure to check it out! God bless y’all!





Cover Reveal | Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe

Hello folks! I am very excited to be participating in a cover reveal for Lydia Howe’s new novel, Where Dandelions Grow. How awesome does this sound? =D I signed up to read it for free in exchange for a review- and I’m pumped! 😀 Without farther ado (because EEEEP!), I’ll share the wonderful cover!


Where Dandelions Grow v1.21

And the back blurb:


Honestly, y’all, this cover is GORGEOUS! I love the people on the cover, the feel the cover gives you, and the faded images (the books, flowers, leaves, and the ivy type decor): it’s all so sweet! It makes me interested in the book, before even looking at the blurb. 😀

Where Dandelions Grow is being released as an e-book on September 26th. Pre-Order your copy today for just $0.99! Find the book on Amazon: WHERE DANDELIONS GROW

Add Where Dandelions Grow to your Goodreads list!

Lydia is totally awesome, and to show us that fact; she is also doing a giveaway! 😉


Be sure to check out Lydia’s blog for more fun. 🙂

Didn’t y’all love the cover? Lydia has an eye for beautiful things, and I can’t wait to read this story! God bless you all!




Summer Book Haul!

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Hello y’all! I’ve been wanting to do a fun little book haul post, and when Victoria Lynn invited me to her amazing party– it totally fit the deal! Read her post for the lovely details!

My subject for today’s post, to join the part, is my summer reading book haul! These are the summer reading books I have bought, found (by found, I mean was given by my Mom when we went through storage), or books I got as gifts and just got around to reading. A lot of these are also ‘to be read’, but since I just got them and all, here they are. 🙂




Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. Books 1, 2, 6, 8. My Granny loved Oke, and I’m excited to read this series.


The A.D. Chronicles, by Bodie and Brock Thoene. Books 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. My Mom had a bunch of Thoene books in storage, so I was happy to find them!


The Zion Chronicles, by Bodie Thoene. Books 2, 3, 4, 5.


  The Trellis and the Seed, by Jan Karon. Elsie Dinsmore, by Martha Finley. Superman Unchained comic. OK: I think I’ve read this Elsie Disnmore book before (and have a hardback copy) but this copy isn’t packed up so… 😉 And a DC comic book is a fast way to up my 100 book reading goal this year LOL.


OK, I bought these 4 books at a huge flea market in NC while on vacation. I was soo excited to get them! First off, I love Kipling- but this copy is pretty old. It doesn’t even have a year copyright in it- but someone signed it, and that signed date is 1938. So it is at least that old, y’all! Before WWII! *freaks*

The Stories of Sherlock Holmes is SUPER old, doesn’t have a copyright date, and is very delicate.

Bluebird and The Sparrow, by Janette Oke.

Little Men, by Lousia May Alcott.



Please note that I own every single one of these books except the two ebooks I read in exchange for a review/won. I just don’t have photos of them because they’re packed away, since we’re moving. So. ;(




Letter of Love, by Amanda Tero. Ebook copy.



Spinner of Secrets, by Annie Lousie Twitchell. Ebook copy. Read review here.


Tortured For Christ, by Richard Wurmbran.


Outlaw, by Ted Dekker.


The Unholy Deception, by L.A. Marzulli.


Henry Huggins, by Beverly Cleary.

Image result for winter is not forever book

Winter Is Not Forever, by Janette Oke. (Excuse the weird photo above, the cover on Goodreads would not load for some reason… hm)


 Of the O’Malley series, this summer I read ‘Guardian’ and am currently reading ‘Truthseeker’. Can I just freak out about this series, y’all? because it’s soo sweet. Other than a lot of typos in the print and all, the story is great!


Victory On The Walls, by Frieda Clark Hyman.

The River Between Us, by Richard Peck.

The Warrior, by Francine Rivers.

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I actually read Little Prince twice, so… it’s a favorite. 😉



 The Long Way Home, by Andrew Klavan.

Seek, by (yours truly) Angela R. Watts. I’m also asking for beta readers for Seek (Sept. 9th- January 2018) so if you want to sign up, here’s the link!





 Mayan Calendars, by Geoff Stray

Cannabis For Lyme Disease and related conditions, by Shelley M. White. Read review here.



And that would conclude my summer book haul. 🙂

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Victoria is hosting a HUGE bookerly giveaway (EEK!!!) which you can enter here! Just look at those goodies. 😀

Bookerly Fun Giveaway!


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Isn’t this AWESOME?! 😀 Victoria has a wonderfully fun party going on. ♥

God bless and enjoy!

Isn’t the giveaway epic? Have you read any of my summer books?



The Dressmaker’s Secret & Ivy Introspective Blog Tour

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Hey folks! I am back today with another blog tour post. 🙂

Kellyn Roth republished The Dressmaker’s Secret, and published Ivy Introspective on the 24th of this month. I beta read both of these lovely books, and I am very excited to see them ready and beautiful to sell. 🙂 Today, I have an author interview with Kellyn Roth to share with you all.




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The Dressmaker’s Secret


After a revealing conversation with the first children of her age she’s ever met, curious eight-year-old Alice Chattoway realizes that one ought to have a father … and she doesn’t. Having determined that his absence is making her mother unhappy, Alice resolves to find him and create a family for herself.

However, Alice’s mother, Miss Chattoway, is reluctant to answer any questions posed about a man she’d much rather forget. While Alice investigates, Miss Chattoway tries to balance her own spiritual turmoil with her need to be both mother and provider to her daughters.

Will Alice ever unravel her mother’s secrets? Can Miss Chattoway let go of the past to reach for the future?


Amazon ~ Goodreads


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Ivy Introspective


Trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong, twelve-year-old Ivy Knight struggles to keep her head above water as her simplicity is brought to light by her new position as a young lady growing up at Pearlbelle Park.

Worried about their daughter’s inability to fit in, Ivy’s parents decide to send her to McCale House, a boarding school in Scotland for boys and girls like her. However, alone and frightened without her beloved mother, sister, and nurse, Ivy can’t seem to focus.

Will Ivy ever learn what Dr. McCale is trying to teach her? Or will she remain lost in her own mind forever?


Amazon ~ Goodreads


Author Bio

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Kellyn Roth was born and raised in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon. Ever since she could talk, she’s had a fascination with words, always coming up with songs, poems, and stories. Now a homeschooled highschooler, she spends her spare time penning historical novels, several of which have been published.


Website · Blog · Newsletter · Facebook · Amazon · Goodreads




The Interview


1. What inspired you to write The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy?
Well, the idea for The Dressmaker’s Secret originally came from me deciding to write a prequel to another series I wrote (which I never finished). I wanted to keep writing about these characters, though, instead of just making TDS a brief peek into the backstory of a character, so … I created The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy.
2. Which character from the Chronicles of Alice and Ivy do you feel most resembles you?
Hmm … that’s a hard but great question! Let’s see.
Well, Claire Chattoway of The Dressmaker’s Secret and I are both similar in personality type. I’m an ISTP/INTJ cross while she’s a plain ol’ INTJ. We’re both quiet around people we don’t know, and we’re both intelligent (haha), although no one could tell because we’d rather not share our great wealth of knowledge with the unworthy. 😉 And Claire and I are both private about our emotions. However, Claire doesn’t have that splash of whimsy and random that I have. (Ignore my ego …)
Alice and I also have a few things in common. However, she’s extroverted and much more sensible than me.
Quite honestly, there has yet to be a character in these books that is a lot like me. However, if I were to pick one, I’d definitely say Claire Chattoway.
3. What are two lessons God taught you while writing the Chronicles of Alice and Ivy? (Two lessons, one for each book; The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective.)
I think the most important lesson I learned while writing The Dressmaker’s Secret was that you need to be forgiving of those who hurt you because no one’s perfect (and because God forgave you). I suppose that’s technically two lessons, but they kind of meld together.
For Ivy Introspective, I think I learned a lot about the different kinds of people God makes. I learned how He loves them and how He created them individually to each fulfill different tasks + He has a plan for each and every one of His children. Which is … also more than one lesson. But honestly, God teaches me a lot with every story I write, so it’s hard to narrow it down!
4. Was researching history and such difficult for you when writing the Chronicles of Alice and Ivy?
It wasn’t too difficult, but that’s probably because I didn’t research enough. I did a great deal of my researching with novels written during the time. I also looked up trains, fashions, lighting, mental hospitals, Scotland, and Norfolk (England). I think I spent more time learning about Victorian manners than anything, though.
5. If you could go to one place from your novels, where would you go and visit?
Scotland! Don’t get me wrong; I love England to death, and I would give almost anything to go there, but Scotland holds a certain draw for me. I’m probably about 1/4 Scottish (give or take; there’s also some Irish, English, Norwegian, Swiss, Dutch, and maybe some Jewish in me … honestly, I’m all over the place …), so Scotland is important to me.
6. What message do you pray your readers will take from reading your books?
Hopefully the messages I learned, although if they could just catch a little glimpse of God’s incredible power, love, and sacrifice, I would be incredibly happy and blessed.


Tuesday the 20th

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-Faith Blum @ Bookish Orchestrations (author interview)

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-Leona @ Great Books for God’s Girls (review of IvIn, author interview)

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Saturday the 24th

-May Everly @ Forever and Everly (author interview)

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Sunday the 25th

-Dani Eide @ Perspective of a Writer (character interview and spotlight)

Monday the 26th

-Anika Joy @ This Journey Called Life (review of TDS and IvIn)

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Tuesday the 27th

-Heather @ Frozen Books Blog (guest post)

Wednesday the 28th

-Jesseca Wheaton @ Whimsical Writings for His Glory (author interview, book spotlight)

-Jaylee Morgan @ Jaylee Morgan Writes (character interview and guest post)

-J.C. Buchanan @ Beyond the Amethyst (review of TDS and IvIn)

Thursday the 29th

-Zielle @ My Homeschool Notebook (review of TDS and IvIn)

-Sarah Briel @ Penumbra Reviews (review of TDS and IvIn, author interview)

-Sel H. @ Hearth (author interview)

Friday the 30th

-Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger (author interview)

-Lainey @ Direct My Paths (reviews of TDS, character interview and spotlight)

-Dawn Dagger @ Dawn Dagger’s Official Blog (review of TDS, author interview)


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(Click the above link to enter the giveaway.)


Thank you for letting me be a part of the blog tour, Kellyn! I enjoyed these books immensely. 🙂 God bless you all!

-Angela Watts

Dandelion Dust Blog Tour

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Hello all!

Faith Potts is publishing her endearing book Dandelion Dust. I had the honor of beta-reading this story, and it was so powerful. Faith put a lot of prayer and heart into the story, and it came out a touching, strong story of love, faith, and trust. One of the best little books I’ve read in a long time, and I won’t forget it!

I interviewed Faith, and am excited to share the interview with y’all! I hope you enjoy. Be sure to check out Dandelion Dust, because this book is one you need in your life!




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Like a speck of dandelion dust riding the tides of a prairie wind, life is fleeting. Though I never realized just how fragile it was until that day . . .

Charity always had a dream. It was simple, really. Find a guy, fall in love, and get married.
The day she met Ryder, Charity knew he was the man God had chosen for her. But she never expected their relationship to be tested and tried through the fires of a freak accident. Suddenly, her world is thrown into chaos, and the bleak, white walls and sterile smells of a city hospital fill every spare minute. And then there comes the dreaded news. It was likely Ryder would never make it out of the hospital bed.
As her carefully laid plans for the future come crashing down around her and the sun seems to set on her dreams, can Charity still find hope in the dark of night?

Like a dandelion, life is beautiful. But treasure every moment. . . for one day, the flower will be gone.


Add on Goodreads




About the Author

Faith Potts is a teenage writer, living with her family and beloved yellow labs in the southeastern US. When she’s not writing stories, consuming large amounts of coffee, reading books, or creating pottery, she can be found laughing harder than is healthy, daydreaming, and – of course – blowing dandelions.

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Writing blog: Stories by Firefly

Faith blog: Chosen Vessels

Social media: Goodreads // Pinterest // Instagram 



The Interview


1. What inspired you to write ‘Dandelion Dust’?

To put it simply, a dream. The last week of December, I had a dream about a guy who wrecked a four-wheeler and everything just went from there. The two certain friends who I ended up in an utterly ridiculous conversation with the night before…well, they probably deserve some of the credit/blame too.

2. What is one thing that God showed you through writing this story?

To not take anything for granted. Just as Charity realizes in the book, we’re not promised tomorrow. Through that, God showed me how precious life is and that we should cherish those we love while we have them. Life’s too short to waste. I need that reminder constantly, but I’m more aware of it ever since I wrote this book.

3. If you could meet one of your characters from ‘Dandelion Dust’ in real life, who would you meet, and why?

*snickering* Loaded question, Angela-girlie. 😉 I could basically answer with any of them here and have oodles of reasons why, but I’ll settle on Ryder since I’m talking about Charity a little further down. Ry (yes, I give my characters nicknames) is goofy and full of teasing. Meeting him would be fabulous, although I would probably laugh until my sides ached. And of course, as one of my beta-readers told me, he’s the ‘most adorable thing ever.’ I’m inclined to agree.

4. Which character from ‘Dandelion Dust’ do you see yourself in the most?

Charity. Definitely. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a character as well as I do with her. Her fears, insecurities, and sarcastic thoughts? Yep, that’s Faith. I joke that she is me and I am her, which isn’t exactly true. (I don’t have a big sis or a super adorable nephew, so there are obviously some differences…some.)

5. What is one message you pray your readers will take after reading Dandelion Dust?

Trust God, no matter what. He is in control and He has a plan. Even if all you’re seeing is darkness and chaos, beauty can come from these ashes. That message would be followed closely by a reminder to cherish those you love. Tomorrow is never promised, folks.




Thank you for answering my questions, Faith! And, haha, yes… it may have been a loaded question. 😉 Congratulations on publishing Dandelion Dust, Faith!

Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY! It is so exciting! 😀

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(On WordPress, I don’t know how to embed the link, so follow that and enter! 🙂 )

Blog Tour Schedule:

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   Thank you for letting me be a part of the release of this touching novella, Faith! God bless you all.

-Angela Watts