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Pssh no, that doc photo totally isn’t a new novel idea… hahaha haha nah

You have this moment.

This moment. Not another. Not another day. Not another month. Not another year. Right now – that’s it. Every breath we take is a gift. Every. Single. Breath. We don’t even think about it. We just breathe. The very thing keeping us alive and we don’t even have to focus on doing it. And here’s a truth – Yahweh Creator is omnipresent… and His breath is in our lungs. What may seem simple and thoughtless as breathing to us: it is a Gift!

We have one life. One. And we’re not alone in it.

We don’t know our days and we don’t know how long our life will be. Should this sound morbid? No. It should sound beautiful. Life is beautiful! Every moment is precious! We aren’t necessarily promised a lot of time – but you know what we are promised, if we accept Jesus? If we love the Creator and King that created us and loves us? Eternal life.

The Lord of all that created every single thing in existence loves us. He gave us the gift of life. He didn’t stop there – He came as a man, died for our sins, so we could have eternal life if we choose to love Him in return. That is huge. We don’t have to fear or worry about anything! God will give us total and incredible peace and love if we ask for it – if we simply trust the Lord. He tells us his yoke is light. He doesn’t lie, of course, so if we begin to feel burdened or our steps falter – that’s on Satan! God’s not trying to wear us down! God will carry us and guide us always.

So every breath we have on this incredible planet… are we aware? Are we aware of His love? Are we aware of what we’re doing? Are we honoring God? Is every breath a song?

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. – Psalms 150:6

Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve really realized just how much time matters. I’ll admit it. I kicked the year off with goals and to put them in motion, I’ve had to learn to use/spend my time wisely. Have I mastered it? Haha! No. But I’ve seen how much every moment matters. Time matters. Life matters. We can’t just waste it away. We can’t just do things that make us ‘happy’ and carry on. We have to LIVE. Live! That means letting Jesus fill us up and leave no room for the darkness! That means living our life as He wills us to. Goals are great – stressing and having no focus on God isn’t great. God wants us to live for Him. I want to live for the Lord! That doesn’t mean we amount to our ‘accomplishments’ or success. Our worth is in JESUS only. What we do should only be to glorify and honor and bring the love to YAHWEH. Above all, we are to love Jesus. That’s Goal #1, if you will.

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. – 1 Corinthians 9:24

Everything I pray and plan to do… it is in God’s Hands. He doesn’t want us to sit around and be lazy – but He doesn’t want us to run ahead and ignore Him. Sound hard? Wonder where the balance is? It’s not hard. We make it hard. It doesn’t have to be because…

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. – Matthew 22:37

There it is, y’all. We love Jesus and He will guide us. He will tell us when to be still. He will tell us when to take those steps. Every breath is precious… so what will you do?

God bless,



Goodbye January | 2018


The first month of 2018 comes to an end. Is it insane or what? This year started with me making and praying about a lot of goals I’m praying to reach – I want to glorify God and do my best always. January was a difficult month – but it held goodness, too. Yahweh is always good.

In January, our beloved Ulu went home to Yahweh. It was very, very difficult – Kody came in yelling she fell into the frozen pond and things just… fell from there. It is a long story and my soul still feels tired to try and explain it. In the end, we fought hard and so did God and Ulu, but we had to put Ulu down. I do find joy in the fact that heaven gained one incredibly kind curly mare.

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Lovely Life

  • I earned my blue belt. Kody got his green belt AND HE PLACED TOTAL HIGHSCORE IN THE POINTS! AHH!


  • Did my first live speed shop on my mom and sis’ Paparazzi Facebook page! If y’all wanna see my face and REALLY NICE JEWELRY be sure it check it out, yo!
  • It snowed. Not too much and it wasn’t too good for snowballs but it was still OK.
  • School, school, some more school.
  • Went baby gift shopping with Mom and Tory. So fun! And cute.
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the children owl hat demanded to be worn…

  • Babysat, as usual… my nieces are the greatest… and Kody’s a good uncle because this happened:

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World Of Writing

Whew. What a month as far as words went. 😉 I got some final feedback/emails from my amazing betas on Seek. I have a few more to hear back from but all is well because not only are they sweet… but I started having major tech issues – the Google Doc blocked us from touching it. SO. I had to copy/paste the rest of the chapters for everyone and I can’t edit/resolve comments… but the journey goes on! God is with me and no difficulties can stop me, because God is with me. 🙂 The feedback from my betas is helpful, useful, and I am very grateful to each of you! God bless and a big hug! My plans for Seek is a bit up in the air but I am praying to have the edits finished up by the end of April. I may use it as my Camp NaNo project.

I wrote in Jump some more this month and actually did a post where I introduced my baby so… go check it out. ASAP. I plan on finishing Jump in February and then putting it aside for a break before editing it, sending it to alphas, etc.

This month of January was a blessing in my writings. I’ve set goals. I’m praying. I’ll do a post about this all later, so hang tight!



post two

I read a total of seven books in January and they were all amazing!

Book of Proverbs | 5 stars

Fruit of The Spirit: Peace, by Robert Strand | 3.5 stars

Fruit of The Spirit: Joy, by Robert Strand | 3.5 stars

Wisp, by Paul Willis | 4 stars

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer | 4 stars

Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn | 5 stars

Letters From Home: A Civil War Story, by Grace Matlyn Buckner | 4 stars

I thank God for this month and every gift He’s blessed us with. God bless!





How was your January?

Have you accomplished any goals yet?

Stepping Into 2018


The year 2017 was a huge gift from the Lord for my family and me. It was a year of growth, guidance, trial, and joy. At times, it was hard, but God always pulled through for us. Always. Through pain, trial, and fear, the Lord showed us peace, glory in His Light, and courage. This year was a year of learning that God is LORD and the path of life is truly a blessing. 

  The end of December sorta had me ‘ugh, here we go. Folks going back over their year as if these ‘highlights’ matter… and folks making goals like suddenly everything will change…’ but today, I realized that yes. Life goes on. Years come and go. Nothing magically changes. Time is just time – it isn’t a god. When we look over the past, let us see the good with joy and learn from the bad but never dwell on the bad. When we look toward the future, let us look to Jesus instead. Let Yeshua guide our steps, our goals, our hearts.

I’m going to do a brief overview of things that happened in 2017 because honestly… it is cool seeing how far Yahweh has brought me and my family. I probably missed things but oh well, this is last minute.

Gifts Of Life

  • Mom went to the Sunshine Clinic and is being healed of Lyme disease. 
  • Both Tory and my older brother Ryan’s wife are pregnant with their third babies, both girls.
  • My Curly appaloosa baby, Mini, was born.
  • I got my ’69 Ford truck in March!
  • I won 1st place in kata and 2nd in sparring at the USEWF Annual Championships, also in March.
  • We went to a WWII reenactment near by in September. Soo amazing.
  • We took a few vacations to North Carolina. We stayed with my grandparents and had so much fun, every time we went! We visited Pigeon Forge, Cherokee, and went to Georgia in a mini day trip also.
  • I turned 16 in October so there’s that. I’m practically ancient. ;P
  • My mom and Tory started selling Paparazzi jewelry towards the end of 2017 and I’ve been helping them. It is so fun and we’re feeding the horses with the money – praise God!
  • Mamaw and Papaw came down for Christmas and we had a blast.

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  • The solar eclipse happened in August. Neat.

  • We sold one of our houses. We still live on our 10 acres but it’s about 6 acres now.
  • We bought a bus! We’re going to either make it into a tiny house or build our Paparazzi business in it. Stay tuned!
  • We did the Christmas boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse again. Love that tradition – we do it for my birthday.
  • My blog, The Peculiar Messenger, turned 4 years old this year. I want to thank you each from the bottom of my heart – thank you for joining this journey!

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World Of Writing


2017 was a big year for my journey of writing. Yahweh opened my eyes in so many ways and I tried so many new things. I also met a lot of wonderful fellow writer’s online and so that was a huge blessing! Here’s a list of the awesome craziness that happened!

  • I wrote the 2nd draft of Seek, during Camp NaNo in April. The first draft of Seek, written in 2016, was only 140+ pages… the 2nd draft is over 380 pages.
  • I printed a physical copy of Seek and ahhh guys, you must print your books and stories. So nice.
  • I sent Seek out to beta readers. This was the first time I ever shared my writing with anyone outside of my family… and the results are so encouraging and helpful. I love my betas dearly. I didn’t edit anything – except one scene – before I sent it out. For this to be so unedited, I’m very happy with the feedback.
    • I edited a lot of Seek this year. Not done yet, but the betas are amazing and it is getting there.
  • I wrote Jump – twice, actually. First draft in Camp Nano in July, and did most of the 2nd draft in NaNoWriMo.
    • So… that means I wrote two novels this year. Wow.
  • I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time and won. I worked on Jump draft two for the month of November and it went great.
  • I read over 100 books this year, thus meeting my goal of 100.
    • Quite a few of those were Indie books etc.
    • And it was mostly fiction. Though I did read Scriptures and nonfiction so.


Stepping Into 2018

Here are a few of my personal goals that I pray God guides me to do. However, the biggest goal is – share God’s Love! With anyone God leads me to share it and everyone. I pray to be a light, in real life and online, to others. I pray to share God’s joy no matter where I am, through everything.

  • Read the entire Bible. I didn’t get that close this year to this goal… but I’m going to do it this year.
  • Publish Seek. Once I finish the final edits and all that entails, I am seriously praying on publishing Seek.
  • Finish writing and edit Jump. 
  • Write another novel and/or novella. I’m giving myself room here – whatever I choose to write as a new project will most likely be done during Camp or NaNo.
  • Earn money with my mom and sis in Paparazzi.
  • Earn my blue belt in karate. Also, compete in the USEWF tournament again.
  • Graduate 10th grade. Aha, as if I have a choice here. 😉 But I shall add it to my goal list to have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Get my driver’s permit and license. I would have had my learner’s permit this year – I was all ready to go take the test – but we had multiple issues with the homeschool stuff. Ridiculous. But I think it’s ready now so… yeah.
    • Drive at night. This is a life dream for me, y’all. I want to drive at night. With Twenty One Pilots playing. Yes.
    • Take my Mom on a ‘date’ once and take her shopping to help out another. So, I’ll be doing this more than once, but still.
  • Go to one state, at least.
  • Learn one song on the piano. And remember it, haha.
  • Garden again and produce some yummy meals.
  • Spend time every month working with Taloowa and Mini. Taloowa is my Chickasaw/Choctaw mare and Mini is a foal – they both need attention and training this year.
  • Develop photography skills. I got a really cool new camera for Christmas and I can’t wait to get to work.
  • Continue to spread Lyme disease awareness. 
  • Reach 250 WordPress followers. I’m currently at 170 so… we’ll see how this goes.
  • Find and maintain a blogging schedule. OK, so, before we all start laughing… I mean this one this time… *laughs* *coughs* Yeah. Mean it. I’m going to get a schedule that won’t kill me and post regularly. I want to build this blog as a platform to spread Jesus and talk to others.


  2018 is another year. Day after day. But we’re not promised that – we’re not promised every day. We’re not promised life will be fantastic. We’re not promised anything except what Yeshua tells us… and He tells us to live for His glory, share His Word, and live for Him. That is what I pray to do. Not just for 2018 but for life! Yahweh has blessed me with an amazing family and that is what we will do. Live for the King.

God bless y’all!

-Angela Watts

The Joy Of Christmas

post one

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

-John 3:16


It is Christmas Eve. For a lot of people, today means different things. For me, it means having a house full of family, the Christmas tree shining brightly with lights and more wrapped presents appearing under the stiff branches (all the way to the couch!), the smell of food wafting through the house, and lots of laughter. Toss in some barking dogs, horses outside deciding they want to be mud pies, and some pizza – things are looking pretty wonderful.

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I look around and see my family. My friends. My animals. My home. I feel joy and wonder and gratefulness and excitement in my heart. Why? Because Jesus has blessed me so, so much. Jesus has given me a family who is always there for me, and when I see them happy and make them laugh… I see a glimpse of what Jesus must feel when He looks at His children. And His children are us. All of us.

Christmas is a big hastle. Let’s be honest, everyone knows it. You have to buy presents – which means earning money – and then you have to wrap said presents. If you have a big family, this can turn into a fiasco rapidly (and does). For me, gift buying is rather insane because I feel like my family deserves a 5,000 acre ranch somewhere with everything money can buy – and all I have money for is some socks and candy. Obviously, I feel like my gifts don’t do justice.

Here’s the truth – none of our gifts do justice. None of our gifts will bring true happiness, nothing we do or give will fulfill anyone’s need for Jesus. Only Jesus can bring true joy and life! Our material gifts will pass away. Giving gifts is cool because you see the person’s face light up, hugs are given, and you feel truly excited because they’re happy, right? So, if we can feel such happiness over gifts we give each other… how much joy must we feel knowing Jesus Christ our Savior came to earth as a human baby to give us all the Greatest gift? Unimaginable, unreachable, insane joy we can’t even fathom!

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Christmas is the time of year where we celebrate Yeshua’s Gift. Now, Jesus wasn’t born during December and there are little things people argue about history wise – but honestly, those things shouldn’t always be what we focus on. We need to open our hearts to the Gospel – Jesus’ Love, not whether or not he was born in a barn. The truth is: Jesus was born as heaven’s perfect lamb. Jesus died for our sins – he was ridiculed, beaten, hurt and humiliated. Why? Why did Jesus, the perfect prince,  suffer all those things? Why did Jesus let Himself be harmed, while his mother and all the people he loved watched? Jesus did it for us. Me. you. Every stranger you ever see. Jesus died so that I could be here today: enjoying my family and being safe and warm.

 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

-Isaiah 1:18


That is where the joy comes from. Joy is from Jesus. Christmas, full of family and gifts and joy – it is all about Jesus! And His Gift to us. None of us deserve it, we can’t earn it, we can’t match it… and yet, Yeshua Messiah loves us. How amazing is that?! And that’s what Christmas is about. It truly is. Christmas doesn’t have to be big and spectacular in gift giving or decorations – what matters is how we share the Gift and make Jesus have a home in our heart, so He may decorate our spirits.

God bless you all, and merry Christmas!


How is your Christmas Eve? What are your favorite Christmas movies? One Christmas song you have on repeat?


NaNoWriMo 2017 | Week One

nanowrimo blog

The first of November, 2017 came with a flutter and a scurry – a beautiful month came in such a hurry! November holds many things in store: the changing of leaves and crisp air, Thanksgiving day, and the promises of smiles and family galore…

And at the start of November, when the clock strikes twelve, begins a battle we call NaNoWriMo – and the war rages till the end of the month…

  This year, I decided to do NaNoWriMo. 

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For this NaNo, I’m rewriting my novel Jump. I didn’t wanna start a whole new novel (not with editing Seek and having the baby first draft of Jump just staring at me…) so what better way to kick of NaNo than writing draft two of my precious baby?

So, yes. November began. I am STOKED for Thanksgiving and fall and leaves and the cool air and rain and EVERYTHINGGG this month has in store… and NaNo.

Am I freaked? Actually, no. Not much.



Day One: 5,300

I did not stay up past 12 AM to start NaNo. I actually went to bed at a decent time and woke up early to write.


And I wrote 5,000 in one day! So that goal went well.



Day Two: 5,000

Give or take 5k cut me some slack I’m tired ha.

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So day two came and went, I’ve reached 10,000, and I can celebrate with ice cream.



Day Three: 2,000

Fall is so wonderful y’all – the world is so beautiful when it dies!

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Also, my niece Laney helped me plot/brainstorm. 🙂


Day Four: 4,600

I entered NaNo with a basic plot and like… roughly half an outline… basically, I had ideas and the general idea figured out (minus some scenes) but I also sorta dove in. Just dove in. I’m still adjusting the plot and tweaking a few things as I write. Am I winging it? No. Did I have an immaculate plot to begin with? Nope. But things are formulating now!

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Day Five: 3,700

I reached 20,000 words!


Whew. God is Good. Also: daylight savings time happened and I stayed up and TRAVELED THROUGH TIME. AYY!



Day Six: 1,000

We went shopping for my birthday tradition – my birthday was October 30th, but we delayed the traditional shopping day for a rainy one! Since last year, on my birthday, we go and do Christmas boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse ‘Operation Christmas shoebox‘. This year, we bought things for three boxes.

We also bought pizza, cupcakes, and went to Books A Million. I also started feeling bad today… I’m coming down with the cold again. Ugh!

Day Seven: 4,304

Yep. I’m sick. But I got some sleep and felt OKish… and I managed to write some, too. Somehow, I’m alive, and one week into NaNo Jump is officially 25,000 words long. 

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Scripture of the Week:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 

-Matthew 6:33



(because I’m generous 😛 )


 “You go get that,” Derek nudged Sam towards and aisle after pointing to the list. Sam rolled his eyes, wondering what he was up to, but went off.

                The same girl was on the aisle Derek had told Sam to go down. Sam had the urge to turn around and strangle Derek – but he couldn’t do that in public. So he quickly grabbed what he needed and left before the girl could so much as look at him.

                “Very funny.” Sam snapped at Derek under his breath as he put the box of food into the buggy. Derek tossed his head with a cocky grin.

                 “You’re welcome.”

                 “Shut up.” Sam pushed the buggy on. I’ll get him back… somehow.





“What-” Sam whirled to see whatever Rene’ was gaping at in horror, body tense and ready to fight.

                       A dark, hunched figure huddled on the edge of the forest. It hid slightly behind a large maple tree. Its shoulders, legs, and torso were entirely black, like a seething dark cloud, but its face… it had no distinguished face. Only two long, white fangs gleamed against its black head. It stood motionless and yet, the creature seemed to be shuddering in the atmosphere with an intense rage.





 That night, Derek’s nightmares raged wildly in his head. But they weren’t night terrors. Thank God for that. Derek woke with a start, images of suffocating darkness, glowing eyes, and sharp, sinking teeth… he looked around the room but saw no monsters waiting at the foot of his bed. Groaning, he sat up, glancing at his alarm clock. 3:77.

  Derek blinked. That couldn’t be right.


 Derek sighed and got up, knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep for a while… he tiptoed out of his room, down the hall, and downstairs. The kitchen was dark but Derek opened the fridge and got a bottle of water. He drank half of it, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead. He hated nightmares… but what could he do to stop them?




And thus, the first week of November comes to an end… But let the craziness continue!

God bless,



Are you doing NaNo? If so, HOW IS GOING YOO?!
Are you excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas haha?