march post

March definitely marched right by, hahaha. Ha.

My March was dandy and let’s jump into some of what it entailed. 🙂 And also, yes, the photo in the post picture is my lil’ baby, JUMP. Goshers, look at it… anyway.



  • Rey’s birthday party! Reyna’s birthday was on the 23rd and we celebrated her party on the 25th with friends. She loved her presents and the cake. Yum, that cake.
  • Drove! Not much but hey, we survived. Just kidding. I’m not a terrible driver but I’m not ecstatic about it. Nonetheless, practice is a good thing.
  • Bought over 80 chickens. 45 meat chickens and then like 30 or so more a week or so after. Yeah. We’ve got over 80 chickens right now. We’ll be eating all the meat chickens, though, ha. I helped the guys build the new chicken run for the meat chickens and we set them up in it today – the 45. The 30 will grow a bit more before we let them in the cage. And then, we’ll be getting more, if we can.
  • Worked Paparazzi some. It’s so fun, y’all!
  • Took pictures of adorable kiddos ride Sugar Baby. 
  • I didn’t compete in the USEWF championships – I got very sick and missed it. Pretty disappointed but Tory went to video Kody compete so I got to see him! Kody won second place in kata – I am SO proud of him, he did epic!
  • I drew 3 times. Favorite drawing was this squirrel I did for my Papaw’s birthday.





March was a busy month in the world of writing for me! I did a fun writing update post, so be sure to check that out for the details!

  • I finished Jump on the 8th and ordered copies for fun. Also, Kody started it and likes it so far. 😛
  • I plotted/wrote a novella in a week. The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon is finished and I ordered a paperback copy from Lulu! (Huge thanks to Kell for helping me figure some things out so I won’t have the issues I had with printing JUMP before. You rock, girl.)
  • I wrote a short story and submitted it. Yes, I did! And I didn’t die from having to keep is actually short. ;P
  • Seek – I finished rereading (well, it was a skim, ha) and wrote down notes for revising major parts. Also started going through beta comments and sorting through those. And can I add how awesome it feels to take a red pen and just draw a line through a whole page that’ll be deleted? It’s fantastic.





I read one book. One book. One. Book. Y’all. Besides my own.

The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff 3/5 (lovely writing but too sad for my taste. Yes. I’m a baby.)












  • Drive. This is gonna be a monthly goal for a while, so I can feel good when I do… 😛
  • Win Camp NaNo. I don’t know my goal for sure – it’ll probably be tracked in hours, though – but I’ll be editing/revising Seek. As much as I can.
  • Work with my horses. They deserve love and it’s gotta be sunny/less windy at some point. Ha.
  • Plant flowers.
  • Read Bible daily, 2x.
  • Keep working Paparazzi!
  • Post at least one vlog on my Youtube channel. 
  • Catch a fish. Hey, we’re going fishing and I’m allowed to put this as a goal.

Well, that’s all folks. God bless!



How was your March? What are a few goals you have for April?






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My niece Reyna giving me a drawing of a dinosaur and it was really good wow.

Holding and kissing baby Gabby – so sweet!

Wearing fuzzy socks like a pro.

Drinking coffee in my favorite mugs.

Laney now calls me by my name and it’s so cute to hear her yell for me across the house.

Reading the Bible aloud with my family.


Petting Mini – she is such a fluffball!

Me: dad I want an AR-15 dad: why do you need one? me: why not? dad: that’s my girl.

Laney dancing and singing with me to for king and country.

Amazing and encouraging beta readers – y’all rock yo.

Baby chickens!

Car rides in the rain.

Practicing kata.

New notebooks (because my mom is awesome)!

My dad is awesome and brought home his bag of m&ms for me.

Driving kid bikes with my brother because we are teens and very serious. haha

Birthday party = happy kiddos.

Revising/editing my novel with the reward being pizza + Frasier episodes.

Working Paparazzi – alll the pretty jewelry, y’all. Yess.

Cuddling with Waylon.

Watching the birds.

Helping the guys make another chicken run/coop.

The smell of books.

God showing me His gifts and blessings daily.


Sometimes, it helps to give thanks for the little things – what are a few little things you love right now?

Goodbye February | 2018


This isn’t gonna be a long post because February wasn’t very busy and most of my time was spent on things… not out of the ordinary. Ha.

Lovely Life

  • We welcomed baby Gabriella Ivy Lucille Combs to the world! Tory had a wonderful Vback and Gabby is healthy! And ADORABLE.
  • I got my driver’s permit. 
  • School school school. And I’m not doing terrible, thanks for askin’. ;D
  • We got 13 baby chicks! They grow so fast… gosh…
  • Practiced piano. Twenty One Pilots, anyone?
  • Watched CA: Civil War for the upteenth time with my dad and bro… I love complaining about Marvel… 
  • And Waylon’s doing great – have a happy puppy on your feed now!



World Of Writing

I did quite a bit of writing in Jump this month but didn’t reach my goal of finishing it – mainly because, after discussion with my parents, I tweaked said goal. I needed to spend more time on other things – school, animals, life – and so moving my goals back slightly isn’t a bad thing. Actually, expect a post about this kinda matter soon. 😛

So, Jump is almost finished! It’ll be done before Camp NaNo.

Speaking of Camp, I’m participating! I’ll be working on editing/revising Seek and using beta reader feedback – or not using it. Haha. In short, I’ll be putting Jump aside to focus on Seek. I don’t know for sure when I’ll be publishing Seek or how I’ll go about it, but I trust God to give me wisdom. I pray He helps me write, edit, and share – in His timing!



feb books

Total books read: 8

School reading: 5

Rules Of The Road by Joan Bauer | 4/5

Fruits Of the Spirits: Patience by Robert Strand | 5/5

The Eagle Of The Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff | 5/5 (SOMEONE TALK ABOUT THIS BOOK WITH ME PLEASE)

The Magna Charta by James Daughtery | 1/5

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris | 4/5 or 3.5/5

Dead Drop by Perry Elizabeth Kirkpatrick | 3/5

St. George And The Dragon by Michael Lotti | 3/5

Personal Recollections Of Joan Of Arc by Mark Twain | 1.5/5


My Nook



March Goals

  • Compete in forms and sparring in the USEWF karate tournament – this year is the 50th anniversary. My bro and I competed last year – check out that post here. It is on the 10th and it’ll be a big deal so… praying we do well.
  • Drive. I’ve had my permit for over a month and haven’t driven anywhere. Oops.
  • Finish Jump and print it.
  • Do a few live speed shops with Paparazzi! So – are any of y’all interested in wonderful $5 jewelry? It’s ALL 5 dollars – the necklaces all come with earrings. We have bracelets, earrings (even clip ons, if you don’t have piercings like me!), necklaces wraps – and it’s all 5 bucks and amazing! No joke, y’all! Be sure to check out our Facebook page and message me (even via my email!) if you’re interested!
  • Read my Bible twice a day, every day. I’ve been doing this and wanna keep it up!
  • Draw at least three times.
  • Work with Mini and Taloowa.
  • Post on my blog more than twice. Geez. My bad.



That’s a wrap, folks! Or… I might be missing things. I threw this together last minute. I’m actually currently out of town, in a peaceful little cabin near Knoxville, and it’s kinda late here. Ha. But we had a safe trip here! We even watched some Captain America: The First Avenger while eating pizza. Amazing.

God bless y’all!


How was YOUR February? Tell me ALL about it!






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Pssh no, that doc photo totally isn’t a new novel idea… hahaha haha nah

You have this moment.

This moment. Not another. Not another day. Not another month. Not another year. Right now – that’s it. Every breath we take is a gift. Every. Single. Breath. We don’t even think about it. We just breathe. The very thing keeping us alive and we don’t even have to focus on doing it. And here’s a truth – Yahweh Creator is omnipresent… and His breath is in our lungs. What may seem simple and thoughtless as breathing to us: it is a Gift!

We have one life. One. And we’re not alone in it.

We don’t know our days and we don’t know how long our life will be. Should this sound morbid? No. It should sound beautiful. Life is beautiful! Every moment is precious! We aren’t necessarily promised a lot of time – but you know what we are promised, if we accept Jesus? If we love the Creator and King that created us and loves us? Eternal life.

The Lord of all that created every single thing in existence loves us. He gave us the gift of life. He didn’t stop there – He came as a man, died for our sins, so we could have eternal life if we choose to love Him in return. That is huge. We don’t have to fear or worry about anything! God will give us total and incredible peace and love if we ask for it – if we simply trust the Lord. He tells us his yoke is light. He doesn’t lie, of course, so if we begin to feel burdened or our steps falter – that’s on Satan! God’s not trying to wear us down! God will carry us and guide us always.

So every breath we have on this incredible planet… are we aware? Are we aware of His love? Are we aware of what we’re doing? Are we honoring God? Is every breath a song?

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. – Psalms 150:6

Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve really realized just how much time matters. I’ll admit it. I kicked the year off with goals and to put them in motion, I’ve had to learn to use/spend my time wisely. Have I mastered it? Haha! No. But I’ve seen how much every moment matters. Time matters. Life matters. We can’t just waste it away. We can’t just do things that make us ‘happy’ and carry on. We have to LIVE. Live! That means letting Jesus fill us up and leave no room for the darkness! That means living our life as He wills us to. Goals are great – stressing and having no focus on God isn’t great. God wants us to live for Him. I want to live for the Lord! That doesn’t mean we amount to our ‘accomplishments’ or success. Our worth is in JESUS only. What we do should only be to glorify and honor and bring the love to YAHWEH. Above all, we are to love Jesus. That’s Goal #1, if you will.

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. – 1 Corinthians 9:24

Everything I pray and plan to do… it is in God’s Hands. He doesn’t want us to sit around and be lazy – but He doesn’t want us to run ahead and ignore Him. Sound hard? Wonder where the balance is? It’s not hard. We make it hard. It doesn’t have to be because…

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. – Matthew 22:37

There it is, y’all. We love Jesus and He will guide us. He will tell us when to be still. He will tell us when to take those steps. Every breath is precious… so what will you do?

God bless,


Goodbye January | 2018


The first month of 2018 comes to an end. Is it insane or what? This year started with me making and praying about a lot of goals I’m praying to reach – I want to glorify God and do my best always. January was a difficult month – but it held goodness, too. Yahweh is always good.

In January, our beloved Ulu went home to Yahweh. It was very, very difficult – Kody came in yelling she fell into the frozen pond and things just… fell from there. It is a long story and my soul still feels tired to try and explain it. In the end, we fought hard and so did God and Ulu, but we had to put Ulu down. I do find joy in the fact that heaven gained one incredibly kind curly mare.

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Lovely Life

  • I earned my blue belt. Kody got his green belt AND HE PLACED TOTAL HIGHSCORE IN THE POINTS! AHH!


  • Did my first live speed shop on my mom and sis’ Paparazzi Facebook page! If y’all wanna see my face and REALLY NICE JEWELRY be sure it check it out, yo!
  • It snowed. Not too much and it wasn’t too good for snowballs but it was still OK.
  • School, school, some more school.
  • Went baby gift shopping with Mom and Tory. So fun! And cute.
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the children owl hat demanded to be worn…

  • Babysat, as usual… my nieces are the greatest… and Kody’s a good uncle because this happened:

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World Of Writing

Whew. What a month as far as words went. 😉 I got some final feedback/emails from my amazing betas on Seek. I have a few more to hear back from but all is well because not only are they sweet… but I started having major tech issues – the Google Doc blocked us from touching it. SO. I had to copy/paste the rest of the chapters for everyone and I can’t edit/resolve comments… but the journey goes on! God is with me and no difficulties can stop me, because God is with me. 🙂 The feedback from my betas is helpful, useful, and I am very grateful to each of you! God bless and a big hug! My plans for Seek is a bit up in the air but I am praying to have the edits finished up by the end of April. I may use it as my Camp NaNo project.

I wrote in Jump some more this month and actually did a post where I introduced my baby so… go check it out. ASAP. I plan on finishing Jump in February and then putting it aside for a break before editing it, sending it to alphas, etc.

This month of January was a blessing in my writings. I’ve set goals. I’m praying. I’ll do a post about this all later, so hang tight!



post two

I read a total of seven books in January and they were all amazing!

Book of Proverbs | 5 stars

Fruit of The Spirit: Peace, by Robert Strand | 3.5 stars

Fruit of The Spirit: Joy, by Robert Strand | 3.5 stars

Wisp, by Paul Willis | 4 stars

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer | 4 stars

Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn | 5 stars

Letters From Home: A Civil War Story, by Grace Matlyn Buckner | 4 stars

I thank God for this month and every gift He’s blessed us with. God bless!





How was your January?

Have you accomplished any goals yet?