The Joy Of Christmas

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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

-John 3:16


It is Christmas Eve. For a lot of people, today means different things. For me, it means having a house full of family, the Christmas tree shining brightly with lights and more wrapped presents appearing under the stiff branches (all the way to the couch!), the smell of food wafting through the house, and lots of laughter. Toss in some barking dogs, horses outside deciding they want to be mud pies, and some pizza – things are looking pretty wonderful.

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I look around and see my family. My friends. My animals. My home. I feel joy and wonder and gratefulness and excitement in my heart. Why? Because Jesus has blessed me so, so much. Jesus has given me a family who is always there for me, and when I see them happy and make them laugh… I see a glimpse of what Jesus must feel when He looks at His children. And His children are us. All of us.

Christmas is a big hastle. Let’s be honest, everyone knows it. You have to buy presents – which means earning money – and then you have to wrap said presents. If you have a big family, this can turn into a fiasco rapidly (and does). For me, gift buying is rather insane because I feel like my family deserves a 5,000 acre ranch somewhere with everything money can buy – and all I have money for is some socks and candy. Obviously, I feel like my gifts don’t do justice.

Here’s the truth – none of our gifts do justice. None of our gifts will bring true happiness, nothing we do or give will fulfill anyone’s need for Jesus. Only Jesus can bring true joy and life! Our material gifts will pass away. Giving gifts is cool because you see the person’s face light up, hugs are given, and you feel truly excited because they’re happy, right? So, if we can feel such happiness over gifts we give each other… how much joy must we feel knowing Jesus Christ our Savior came to earth as a human baby to give us all the Greatest gift? Unimaginable, unreachable, insane joy we can’t even fathom!

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Christmas is the time of year where we celebrate Yeshua’s Gift. Now, Jesus wasn’t born during December and there are little things people argue about history wise – but honestly, those things shouldn’t always be what we focus on. We need to open our hearts to the Gospel – Jesus’ Love, not whether or not he was born in a barn. The truth is: Jesus was born as heaven’s perfect lamb. Jesus died for our sins – he was ridiculed, beaten, hurt and humiliated. Why? Why did Jesus, the perfect prince,  suffer all those things? Why did Jesus let Himself be harmed, while his mother and all the people he loved watched? Jesus did it for us. Me. you. Every stranger you ever see. Jesus died so that I could be here today: enjoying my family and being safe and warm.

 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

-Isaiah 1:18


That is where the joy comes from. Joy is from Jesus. Christmas, full of family and gifts and joy – it is all about Jesus! And His Gift to us. None of us deserve it, we can’t earn it, we can’t match it… and yet, Yeshua Messiah loves us. How amazing is that?! And that’s what Christmas is about. It truly is. Christmas doesn’t have to be big and spectacular in gift giving or decorations – what matters is how we share the Gift and make Jesus have a home in our heart, so He may decorate our spirits.

God bless you all, and merry Christmas!


How is your Christmas Eve? What are your favorite Christmas movies? One Christmas song you have on repeat?



Glory Be To God


What do you do when you want something so, so bad, and it seems everyone else has it and is so happy- but you just tumble off the road and don’t reach that dream?

  One thing that was weighing heavy on me was Realm Writers. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s basically a writer’s conference for Christians, and this year, it takes place in Nevada. The best part, besides meeting awesome fellow writers (and teen writers)? Ted Dekker was a key speaker. I love Dekker. I was ecstatic to hear the news that he was speaking. Ecstatic. I was wishing and praying for about a year, just hoping, somehow, we’d get the chance to go. So I could be surrounded with epic fellow teens who love writing and are so hungry to learn.

   But, July rolled around, and taking a trip to Nevada is not happening. We just can’t do it. I was super duper bummed. Really bummed. Why? Because I thought I’d actually have a place where I sort of belonged.

  The truth is, I belong here. Here is right now, in the very place I am. And you belong exactly where you are, too.

As a writer, would I love to go to a writer’s conference? Yes. But if it is not in God’s timing, then it’s not gonna happen, and I don’t want it to. It’s OK to be upset when things don’t work out how we want them. But giving up and staying upset isn’t OK. So, what do we do?

   We realize that we are still writers. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, that’s who God made us to be. He never said; “You gotta go meet all these writer kids, and meet the authors, and go to every conference, in order to be a writer.” Our worth does not come from fame, success, or the spotlight.

  Our worth comes from Yeshua. And God gave us the gift of words, folks! We can create. Destroy. Build. Encourage. Inspire. Make others laugh. Make others cry. Touch people. How can we, as people, do that? With just 26 letters?

  We do that through the LORD. It’s God who guides our hands, our words, our voices, and it is the Lord who touches others through our writings. And we don’t have to go to the writing conventions to make an impact in this world. God will bring people into our lives He wants us to meet, and we don’t always have to go out and find them. God has a Plan. That’s pretty awesome.

    We, as writers, as artists, as musicians, as PEOPLE– have the power to help others, and hurt others. Being a writer is more than wishing to be published, to have writer friends or fans and all- being a writer is giving God the glory at all times. Being a writer is pushing on when you’re tired, and sad, and hurt, and angry; you don’t give up. You take the pain and you use it for good. This is for all people, for everyone. That’s life. It isn’t about fame and success. God doesn’t care about that. God cares about your heart. God cares about if you have total faith and trust in Him, and whether you give it your all.

    God has a plan. For you. For me. For each of us. There will be bumps in the roads, and twists and turns that we didn’t expect, and we’re gonna fall right off our scooter into a ditch. That’s cool. Get up. Get back on that scratched up scooter and keep on going. Ride for that sunset that’s waiting for you. Keep going until you see the morning sun.

  God is with us. God has given us gifts. We have the choice to use them, for the Lord’s glory and praise. Nothing can stand in our way, because Jesus is King.

  God bless.



The Truth Shall Make You Free


This is going to be a ramble of a post, but this is all from my heart. Hopefully it makes sense, of course. But there’s so much for me to think about and well, when I sat down to write this… I couldn’t stop. The Lord has shown me a lot… This post is me pouring my heart out and listening to what God is telling me. So here goes…

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

– John 8:32

  What is the Truth?

  The past few months, my life has sort of gone topsy-turvy. We’ve been trying to get by, praying everyday for a miracle. God has provided, everyday, miracle by miracle. We can’t see the road ahead. We don’t know what the future holds.

    I am blind.

 I can’t see ahead. I am afraid to see ahead. Because, what will I see? Will I see happiness? Will anything change? Will I lose what I love? Will everything be OK?

   I don’t know what the future holds. It rests completely in God’s hands.

I am scared. And I feel ashamed for being afraid. Afraid that the change will just be too big, too empty, too heavy. It feels like things being OK… is just a far away, fairy tale idea. I can’t see it.

 What is the Truth?

  There is this engulfing darkness, this abyss of lies and fear and doubt. These are not of  of God’s spirit. These are the lies of the Dark. Of Satan.

 When I feel like nothing I do will be good enough, or amount up, that’s a lie. When I feel like I’m the only one who’s falling behind, that’s a lie. When I feel like I’m on some ultra-desolate island, all by myself, in a huge sea, that’s a lie. When I feel like the whole world will never see me, and never hear me, that’s a lie. When I feel that my voice means nothing, that is a lie.

 Satan lies; those thoughts that make weigh our steps down and make us double think ourselves. Make us double think God. Those lies are not true.

  So, what’s the Truth?

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Yeshua is the Truth. His Living Word tells us the TRUTH.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 

-2 Timothy 1:7

THAT IS THE TRUTH. That is Yahweh’s Word to us. No matter what Satan tries to tell us, to make us believe, no matter how much the Darkness tries to deceive us and break us…. Yahweh is more Powerful. He is Alpha and Omega. He created the heavens and the earth, to the biggest star and the smallest of flowers. Yahweh Elohim created each of us. We are His masterpieces. By Yahweh’s breath in our lungs do we have life. True life.

     Yahweh did not give us the spirit of fear, or of doubt, or of anxiety, or anything that makes us scared and doubt His Path. When we feel those things creeping in and exploding inside of us- we have to ask the Lord to remove them, before they grow roots in our souls.

 These past few months, my family and I have been struggling under a very big attack from Satan. Obviously, we must be on the right track with God, because the Dark is very, very angry. And very big. But not big enough. Because Yeshua wins. Yahweh gives us power to cast out the spirits that try to destroy us and others. You can read Him telling His disciples this in the Bible.

 One chapter of Scripture that hit me while studying recently was Ephesians, 6:10-18:

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints….

The war is not against flesh and blood. Yahweh tells us that. It is so much bigger than we can imagine, and still, Yahweh tells us the power He gives us to do our part. To fight, to live. To glorify Him. How amazing is that?

  That chapter of Scripture is so amazing. When it feels like life is just crumbling, going dark and dead, and we’re scared and just blind…. We cannot forget. We cannot forget what Yeshua has done for us. We cannot forget what Yahweh has told us. When we feel like we’re the only ones speaking out, or the only ones in the vast sea- remember.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. -Matthew 7:13-14

Alongside this, another chapter of Scripture came to my mind from the Lord… And really got my attention.

Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all….

For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. -1 Corinthians 12:4-14

Yahweh has given each of us a Voice. He gives us power and free-will. You can say whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be the truth. As followers and believers of Yeshua Almighty; our words have power. Everyone’s words have power, whether they believe in God or not. Yahweh gives us power in His name. Power to share the Truth. Power to share the Gospel, Yeshua’s Love, and the One True Way to the Father.

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. -John 17:16-18

I’ve been struggling, praying and searching; and Yahweh finally just had to whack me upside the head and remind me of the big, amazing truth I had just forgotten:  That Yeshua Messiah gave me a voice. He gave me the ability to stand up. Yahweh showed me that the Dark was trying so hard to suffocate my Voice, make me doubt myself, make me fear the path ahead. Yahweh showed me the Truth. And He will show each of us, through our lives, the Truth. We just have to seek His face and ask Him.

The Truth is Yahweh made each of us so incredibly individual, and the gifts He gave us each are different. Yeshua doesn’t want us to be the same. He doesn’t expect us to. Oh, no. Yeshua’s plan is way more awesome! The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 16, that we each have gifts, a soul, and a VOICE…. and that each of God’s followers has a path,a  purpose, and a role. No one is the same.  Yahweh made each of us unique- and so, our Voices are each unique. How cool is that?! It is truly amazing. This is the Truth that set me free.

When I use my Voice…  I shouldn’t be worried about what others will say, or what others won’t say. I shouldn’t be worried about how people will see me. I shouldn’t be worried about making it all perfect. When I use the Voice Yahweh gave me, I will be using it to spread His Love. His Truth. I will use my voice to praise the Lord! To give Him glory! I will use my Voice to obey Him, to speak out for what is right. When I speak, I will be speaking for the Lord. I will be speaking for the Truth. I don’t care who’s on my left, my right, behind, or ahead.

I do not know for sure what lies ahead. I don’t know what God will call me and my family to do. I do know who’s Hands I rest in. So, I shall not fear, because if God is with me, who can be against me? I know who is my Savior, my fortress, my King. And I trust Him to take care of us, and guide us. Yahweh has shown me and given me a new confidence in His Truth- and the Dark cannot remove or hide His Truth. The Light pierces and prevails!


God has given us each a Voice. What will you say?


YHVH bless.

-Angela Watts

Stepping Into 2017! | Q&A Vlog


2016 is coming to an end. 2017 is the next step; stepping into a new year, a new season. I cannot believe 2016 is over… I remember last New Year Eve’s, when Ryan, Rachel, Ashton, and Ember came down from North Carolina and we all watched the New York Ball drop (and I ate, like, an entire bag of chocolate)… And a year has passed. So much has happened this year.

Yahweh has blessed Step By Step Sanctuary so much this past year… 2016 may be coming to an end, but Yahweh’s Love is never ending! My family and I look back at how far Yahweh has brought us, what Yeshua has taught us…. We are so grateful and amazed.

We look back on this year, and we count our blessings, the miracles, and the gifts. We continue to follow Yahweh with this new year, this new gift; eyes up, walking on water, leaving the boat behind.

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I am sitting here writing, it’s 9:15, and I am in tears. Why? Because I look at what I have. I remember what has happened this past year. I count my blessings and I lose count completely. I look at the miracles and wonder how do I thank Yahweh?

This year has held trials, hardships, tears, blood, fears, doubts, many things that Satan and the Dark has thrown at us. This year has held gifts, blessings, miracles, laughter, love, faith, and hope. Through this year, we have been in YAHWEH’s Hands. HIS protection, in His fortress and guidance. Yahweh is our Savior and our Deliverer, He has not forsaken us once, even when the battle raged hard and the waves came over our heads. We kept or eyes on our Lord, and walked on the water, despite it all.

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Yahweh is faithful, and we are joyous that He walks with us. He is a Light on our path as He leads us…. And 2017 is no different, and it is all foreseen by Yahweh. Nothing catches Him by surprise. 🙂 And He is faithful and mighty to save, I know we were safe in Yeshua’s Hands. ♥

I am zealous for a new year to follow Yahweh, to draw nearer to Him, to glorify Yehovah Lord. I am excited for the journey before me. The gifts He has in store, and what He will set before me to do for others. 🙂 This life is a gift, and each season is different….

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;  A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;  A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;  A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;  A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace…. – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


2016 was also the 3rd year anniversary of my blog, The Peculiar Messenger. 🙂 Earlier this month (check out that awesome post here), I asked y’all to send in questions so I could do a Q&A Vlog! And you guys, being as awesome as you are, sent your questions in! I know I said I would upload the vlog on the 30th, but the 30th was my brother’s, Kody, 13th birthday!

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So happy birthday to the best younger brother ever. 🙂 ♥

Again, thank you all so much for sending in questions! I had lots of fund doing this. One of you fantastic people (hi, you!) asked if I would continue to do vlogs… The answer is yes! ;D Here is the Q&A vlog, featuring myself, Angela Watts, and my older sister, Tory. Kody was the camera man, so thanks dude! =) Hope y’all enjoy.

Also, the book I have signed by the illustrator is called The Magical Mr. McWhirl. Lol, just in case you were curious…

Hopefully it was good, haha, and you could understand my accent. 😉 It was great though haha, and Tory was game to ‘interview’ me so that was even better. And you even got a small, small hint of a new book idea I’ve gotten! ;D

Also, I reached my goal for 100 followers by January 1st! AHH! I’m so excited. =D Thank you so, so much for following.


We continue to follow Yahweh with this new year, this new gift; eyes up, walking on water, leaving the boat behind.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;

Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints!
There is no want to those who fear Him.
 The young lions lack and suffer hunger;
But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. -Psalms 34: 8-11

I go forward into 2017 with lessons learned from this past year. I go forward with new knowledge, and a mind and heart that is forever seeking God’s Truth and His World. I go forward with a heart zealous for my Father. I go forward with the memories and nostalgia and faith from this last year. This last year was incredible. I go forward with my family, my friends, our horses, and our home. I go forward with YAHWEH! Each step I take, I pray it is a step nearer to the Lord, and on His path for me. I pray I can touch others, share Yahweh’s Love, and just be who God made me. I pray Yahweh protects my family and continues to bless us. ♥

 Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness… Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. -Psalms 150:1-6


May Yahweh be with you and guide your steps this upcoming year! YHVH bless.


Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

-Psalms 46:10

Here’s a song I’ve been listening to kick off the year 2017!! ♥

12 Days Of Christmas: The Deliverer


Christmas is in less than 3 days away. There’s last minute things to be done, gifts to be wrapped (and if you’re making homemade gifts, you have to get them done first…), and food to be made (but we got lots of cookie dough today, so I’m all set. haha!). Christmas Eve is the first day of Hanukkah, also: and we’re very excited to celebrate Hanukkah during Christmas!

My family and I sat down last night and watched some videos. We watched a few by Carman: his songs changed my Dad’s life and hit him hard, so listening to what was the beginning of my Dad’s testimony… It was cool. We also listened to Rich Mullins.  One of the songs we listened to was My Deliverer. And of course we had all heard the song before. But it meant so much, all over again. I thought I’d share with y’all the song and my heart a bit.

Joseph took his wife and her child and they went to Africa
To escape the rage of a deadly king
There along the banks of the Nile, Jesus listened to the song
That the captive children used to sing
They were singin’
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
Through a dry and thirsty land, water from the Kenyon heights
Pours itself out of Lake Sangra’s broken heart
There in the Sahara winds Jesus heard the whole world cry
For the healing that would flow from His own scars
The world was singing
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
He will never break His promise, He has written it upon the sky
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
I will never doubt His promise though I doubt my heart, I doubt my eyes
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
He will never break His promise though the stars should break faith with the sky
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming, my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming
Our Deliverer.
Yeshua Messiah. He is Love. He is Hope. He came, died, and rose again.
Why? Why why why? Why would the son of JEHOVAH GOD come and be ridiculed and crucified? Even for the ones who hated him and killed him? Why would he go through such agony?
  Yeshua fulfilled the prophesies. Yahweh does not break promises: Yeshua came to fulfill the Lord’s Word. To be a Light. To be the Way.  All shall come to pass, as it is written, as the Lord has said.
 Messiah died and rose again so we could have LIFE through Him, the Light.
There is Hope. There is Hope through Yeshua Messiah. Through Him only. He is the Way- He came so that we could truly find JOY. That is what has been shown to me, so clearly, with such amazement and joy and vigor: Yeshua gave us hope. If we have faith in Yahweh, then true joy will be in our hearts.
  Hanukkah is a holiday of hope and deliverance. God’s people were being killed and ridiculed, but they fought back. It was a very tragic, awful time. And yet, the people kept close to God. They took the sword of the Lord and they fought for what was right- and the Lord didn’t forsake them. It goes to show that through the evil and darkness, Yahweh is with us. Yahweh is the Light. Yahweh delivered them. There is HOPE in the darkness.
John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
  Our Deliverer is standing by.
 These days…. oh, do we have joy to find in the Lord! When we look around, let us see our blessings! Let us see the love and warmth of life.  When I look around, what do I see? I see a warm house, with Christmas decorations all around. I see a Christmas tree covered in lights and ornaments. I see my family, gathered around and happy and safe. I see our animals safe outside. I see a sky above that reminds me how close Yahweh is. He is here, and Yeshua has blessed us. That’s what Christmas is.
 My family and I are super excited for Christmas and Hanukkah! 😀 Mamaw and Papaw (Dad’s parents) are coming here today, and they’ll be here for Christmas! It’s going to be awesome. All we’re missing now is Ryan and them. ♥ For Hanukkah this year, we’ll be lighting the menorah, singing, and making food. Since it’s Christmas, we won’t be doing the gifts for the eight days. 😉 I think it’s pretty sweet this year…. Having Hanukkah and Christmas the same time… They both have similar meanings so it is going to be awesome! 😀
This song just lifted me up and made me remember… These days are precious. Yahweh’s Love is GREAT!!
John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
2 Corinthians 4:6 – For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to [give] the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas, and YHVH bless!
You can send in questions for my blog’s anniversary Q&A vlog! Submissions end on the 25th. Send ’em in here! Thanks so much!

Do you love this song? Are you excited for Christmas and Hanukkah? Ahh I can’t believe we only have a few days till the awesomeness! =D