The town was silent. Too silent. Old and weary.

Helengold needed Yahweh.

The demons ran rampant. Murders and crimes are hidden in the shadows and shoved under the rug as the townsfolk remained strangely silent. ‘Odd’ sightings stirred a few folks but such people are silenced…

  What could a few kids do to stop the madness that shows itself from the shadows – quite literally? Nothing. The question is: what can God do? And that answer is everything.


Genre: Young adult, Christian, supernatural

Status: 2nd draft WIP | over novel length




 We all loaded into the truck and rode into town. The fair was fairly large; big fair rides were spinning, whirling, and flashing with big lights. The blaring, hip-hop music set the mood that if you survived some of these rides, you were gonna be spinning afterward, too. Food trailers had lines of people waiting, and the lines at the rides were intimidating, as well. It was crowded and big.

  Ma and Dad were assigned, happily, to take Lynn and Rosie to the tea cup ride. Lynn wasn’t impressed, but Rosie was gleefully laughing with her Papaw and Granny, while Papaw made the cup spin faster and faster. Dad had a queasy stomach when it came to fairs, which made cute stories to hear about him and Ma’s dates when they were young, but he didn’t mind tea cups.

   Vee and Tim took Teddy, who was 5 months old and too young to ride any rides, of course. Tim played some games with Lynn, and Rosie was interested in the cotton candy. Teddy found the flashing lights of the food trailers to be fascinating to watch; his blue eyes went big at the sights.

    I got a cherry slushie and picked a line to get into. The anti-gravity wheel was a familiar ride. Plus, the line was short enough, so I licked at my slushie. I was going on it with Isaac- only, Isaac stood beside me, scanning the crowds for Rebecca.

  Miraculously, against my better judgement, Ma and Dad had said it was fine for Isaac to meet up with Rebecca. She was his age, and besides; it was just a fair, and our parents were here.

  It didn’t take long for Rebecca to find us. She had long blonde hair, big brown eyes, and wore a big smile.

“Isaac!” She exclaimed, waving at us.

“Rebecca.” Isaac grinned at her.

“I can’t cut in line, so I’ll meet y’all at the Thunderbolt, alright?” Rebecca said sweetly. I studied her but then licked my slushie again. If I tried hard enough, the loud noises around me could drown her out.

“Oh. Well, I’ll go with you.” Isaac said promptly. “Rene’, can we…?”
“Sure.” I was gonna ride the Thunderbolt anyways. Why not make it easy for these two kids? I turned and led the way, and the two of them follows quickly, or else they’d get swept off by the crowds.

   The line for the Thunderbolt was crammed. We got in line, and I soaked in the whole scene; the people, the hectiness, the sights, the noise. It was so insane it was fun. As soon as I settled to eat my slushie, a voice came from behind me.


I jumped, turning. That wasn’t Ma or Dad, or…

Sam Clemins stood behind us, giving me a smile. “Just in time,” Sam said, glancing behind him as another set of people got in line. I gave him a grin.


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