“Angela R. Watts has beta-read for me for almost all my projects, including my Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series and my novella The Lady of the Vineyard. She’s consistent and reliable and always gets the work done far before the deadlines. She’s also enthusiastic and encouraging – without being untruthful or bending the truth to spare my feelings. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs an editor who will quickly and professionally go through their book giving them just the right mix of building up and tearing down.”

Kellyn Roth, author of The Chronicles Of Alice And Ivy


“I will say that Angela has been invaluable to my team, has caught and helped fix many things (most notably continuity issues), and has overall been great to work with.”

Kate Willis, author of Kiera

Angela was a joy to work with. I really had wanted a second opinion on the first few pages of my book, and she was able to help me so much! She was extremely prompt (she had already sent me her feedback within 20 minutes of my sending her my pages) and so very gracious and excited to read it! When I read her feedback, she was able to point out my typos and give me INCREDIBLE encouragement on my novel! She made me get excited to start writing all over again! Angela is a kind, thorough, and amazing editor and I can’t wait to work with her again soon!

Penny Wood, author of The Summer I Saw Blue Peak