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We started Step By Step Sanctuary by getting out of the boat and walking on the water. We grabbed hold of our faith and our God and decided to just begin. We wanted to create a place to raise and take care of these beautiful wild Native American horses! We are touched daily by these animals and their ability to teach us and help us spirituality. They truly are gifts from Yahweh- every horse He brings to us.

We want to one day be able to offer our country’s veterans the ability to come and unplug for awhile; to one day to provide an engaging naturally beautiful environment where you can enjoy the values our nation was founded on…And to unwind and reconnect with yourself and/or family. Also, we eventually want to expand our Sanctuary to offer services to disabled children and their families as well. Where children can connect with these horses and enjoy themselves. This is one of our goals that we hold close to our hearts.


~”Our hearts desire is that YHWH God works through us leading us step by step on this journey called life.”~

Our mission here at Step by Step Sanctuary is to help bring back the blood line for Native American horses. We want to do what Yahweh tells us to do to help preserve these amazing Native American horses and share them with others.

~”Every step we take, we take with YHWH God.”~


Our Native American horses are amazing creatures that offer so much love and understanding for everyone. Step by step, they will help people learn to forgive, heal, let go of stress, unwind, love, find peace, feel encouragement, find their courage again, and gain their FREEDOM back!

~ “All we do, we do for the glory of YHWH God.”~

It’s the Journey not the Destination. 

(LEGO’s aren’t fun when they’re done.)

Our Sanctuary is working to bring these animals a safe place to repopulate, to be able to have our free programs for our Veterans along with other services.



Step By Step Sanctuary is a home. A never ending journey. A path of faith, a step by step way of life as we turn away Evil’s wills to destroy us and the Light. We all have goals, prayers and dreams for our blessed Sanctuary, we pray that always; the Lord’s Will be done.
   Our journey of faith, of love, of standing strong, of caring, of being united, of living- I pray through it all, everything and anything, we look upon our Savior and King with the Greatest Love. Our voices and hands shall be raised to praise His Mercy, Love, and Power. Let our land, our gifts, and our prayers be in the Hands of The Almighty.

YHVH bless!

-Angela (and the Triple S gang)


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