Our Domestic Horses

Here at Step By Step Sanctuary, we currently have 15 horses… And we’re not done yet, God willing. 😉

Not only do we have our tribal horses, we have our domestic horses. They are not Native American. These domestic horses are our family, I shall introduce these crazies. 😉




Cosmo is our 9 year old Quarter horse gelding. He’s got quite a few nicknames, those being; Cozzy, The Stoner Horse, and by me, ‘Grumpy Old Man’.  Cosmo is a good boy, likes being center of attention (though he’s a tiny bit buddy sour…), and is overall a guy. He wasn’t gelded until he was four years old, and he was abused before we got him: but he shows his good side just as well, he’s an awesome guy. So far, he’s usually the one I ride- sometimes it is nice when he is a huge lagger.  🙂

DSCN0102 (2)

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is our 2 year old Registered Quarter Horse mare. This is Ma’s girl, but we all love her to bits. She’s kind, gentle, and though stubborn, quite peaceful. She has a big personality- if she’s not falling asleep standing! 😉



Lucy is our appaloosa mare. She is a leader, quiet, and proper… She is a big Mama in my opinion, and loves to get up and go when it comes to trails. She has a stubborn but sweet spirit.

All of these horses are amazing and God given. They each are so unique and individual… ♥

YHVH bless.