Our Baby Herd

We have our amazing ‘babies’… We got these three when they were all just turning 1 year old, and now, they all are 1 year old. 🙂

DSCN8510 (2)


Ziibi is our ‘dwarf’ stallion. Ziibi is Ojibwe for ‘river’. Ziibi is an Ojibwe line; a very rare lineage of horses. We pray to bring these beautiful ponies back. Ziibi is a sweet, quiet boy, and is curious and funny. ♥




Migi is our Cherokee pony girl! Migi is a curious and bright girl. Migi is a cautious girl, and she’s our spotted pony beauty.

DSCN8515 (2)


Taloowa (Hashi’ is ‘moon’, Taloowa is ‘song’, in the Chickasaw langauge) is my beautiful Choctaw/Chickasaw girl (she is the half-sister of Comanche!) Taloowa is a incredibly smart horse… She is a gift from Yeshua. Her and I have a journey; step by step, we are in Creator’s hands and we will follow His path and Word. ♥


That would be our ‘baby’ herd! 🙂 We trust Yahweh that wherever each horse belongs (which herd they belong in), we can keep our horses together as families… In peace, love, and unity. We pray that on our horses, our other animals- and ourselves. Where Yeshua calls us, together, that is our home, and we will pray and do what the LORD tells us to do. Step by step!