Our Lakota Curly Herd

   Lakota Curly Herd

At Step By Step Sanctuary, God has gifted us by giving us a herd of a very rare tribe of horses; the Lakota Curlies.

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There are domesticated curly horses curly horses in the world; however, these mustang curlies horses are different. The Native America Lakota Curlies are very rare, and we are helping bring these amazing horses back. This journey is not only an amazing opportunity, but these horses are truly amazing and God-given.




Rain is the mustang stallion of his curly girls. He is an amazing stallion- he is my Dad’s horse, and they are very much alike. The caretaker and protector of his herd, he teaches us all lessons and I admire Rain tremendously.



Luna is our lead mare of the curly herd. Luna is an Appaloosa Lakota Curly, and is 2 years old. She has a big personality, and is a Mama at heart. She has a gentle, sweet spirit, and loves getting sprayed with a water hose.



Lily is a curly Appaloosa (Luna’s half-sister). She is a sweet, intriguing girl.  When she first came to our home, she didn’t let anyone touch her; she was wild. Now, she loves a good itch and is hard to get off the fence! She is curious, smart, and helps my day be a little better.


We are blessed, honored, and happy to be a part of bringing back these amazing horses! Currently, Luna is pregnant, and we are expecting her baby in the spring/summer. We are praying she and the baby both stay safe and healthy!