Our Southern Horses

Our first Native American tribe of horses we brought home to Step by Step Sanctuary (Triple S Ranch), are our Southern herd. They  are dated back from the line of the Trail of Tears, also.




Comanche Heart is our Southern Tribe’s stallion. Comanche is curious, silly, and likes getting his nose into everything- quite literally. He’s a goof, and likes his girls.


Senna (which means ‘purification’) is the first mare for the Southern herd. She’s a serene mare, instinctive, and wild at heart.

Fawn (the one in the back, behind Senna)

Fawn is a 3 year old mare, and is very curious and cautious. She isn’t shy, but she also is careful to who she lets come near, though she doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body. She has come a long way since she first came home.

This herd is quite the bunch of crazies, and we love them.

God bless.