My dear friend and Indie author, Kellyn Roth, is releasing her novel Souls Astray today! The blog tour is going to be bundles of fun and I am honored to interview Kellyn, right here and now! As a beta reader, I gave Kellyn two promotional quotes about Souls Astray. Before we begin, take a look….

“This book deserves a reward for: 1.) A Heroine you like but wanna murder with a stick. 2.) A Hero who deserves a 1000 puppies. 3.) PAIN.” ~Angela R. Watts


Souls Astray contains characters who will tug your heartstrings, a story that engages on the first page, and leaves you hungry for more.” ~Angela R. Watts

Still think you’re ready? Let’s do this!




Adele has been lost for a long time now …

Adele Collier has sought a carefree lifestyle ever since her tragic childhood. Determined to never allow anyone or anything to control her life or emotions again, she consistently seeks distraction in gaiety. But shaking her ghosts isn’t as easy as she’d like.

Troy Kee has been alone in the world since the Great War took his parents and left him in care of his younger sister. When she marries, he’s left to seek after his goal of a healthy, complete family. But how can he focus on his dream when trouble plagues his family vineyard?

When Adele and Troy meet, a whirlwind romance begins—but can two lost souls have a healthy relationship?

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Kellyn Roth is a Christian & historical author from North-Eastern Oregon. Kell is a ranch girl, homeschool graduate, proud sister of four, proud auntie of five, and owner of two goofy border collies, two presumptuous cats, and a very active betta fish. Check out her website,, for more info.


What started your passion for writing historical fiction? 

Well, once upon a time, I decided I was going to write a book which I never named but which was a really stupid, cheesy romance. It was based off my favorite novel, A Girl of the Limberlost, which I’d just finished reading for the first time, and involved a crazy love triangle that turned into a love square (two guys fell in love with one girl and then a different girl fell in love with the second guy) and … wow. It was insane. (But Colin is still goals as far as “tasteful ways to approach a woman you are attracted to.” *cough* *people won’t get that*) And it inspired basically my whole The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series (which is my other big historical universe) (even though you can find two small connections in a person and a place to the Alice and Ivy series in SA … I’ll give a free paperback copy to the first person who points it out to me).
But anyways, I started writing it late one summer night, and I remember running downstairs to where my mom was sleeping with the boys in the living room ’cause of the heat. I whispered, “Mom, what era is AGOTL set in??” And she said, “1910.”
Boom. Started writing historical.
Of course, I didn’t term it that until I explained one of my stories to a writing friend, and they diagnosed it as such! 😛

What makes Souls Astray different than your previous novels?

Pain. Like, really. The book is start to finish pain with very few breaks for Troy/Adele’s cuteness and Holt’s awkwardness and Harrington’s stoicness.

What was the hardest part about writing Souls Astray?

What do you think, m’dear? Do you think it was easy writing the inevitable?
We all know what’s going on in the first book in the series, TLOTV. Writing the prequel, writing the cute Troy/Adele scenes at the beginning of their relationship … it’s hard because I’m writing about a doomed couple. Which sounds dramatic, but you know it’s right. You know that this isn’t a romance.
I also struggled a bit with one of my least favorite tropes … insta-love. I HATE books that feature insta-love … yet that is exactly what Souls Astray had to feature. Because the point of the story is, well, if you fall in love with a girl based solely on her physical appearance, if you get caught up in nothing but a man’s charm and willingness to bend to your opinions, your relationship is going on a downward spiral. Give up morals for “romance”? Even worse!
So that was tough. I had to portray a bad thing to point out a worse one! But it took a while to get there, and both Troy and Adele were caught up in the “inevitability” of their relationship in the meanwhile. Ugh. Get a brain, you two!

How do you celebrate a book release? (You definitely deserve a big celebration!)

*coughs* Well, normally I just … work really hard on blog posts … and work really hard on making sure everything goes all right … and um …
Yeah, I won’t do much. I’m writing this interview ahead of time so I’ll say launch day plans in future tense: sister is coming with her family, and my mom has a birthday including a birthday party. I’ve never been a big “celebrate launch day” person, haha!
I actually have a couple indie books from my favorites arriving from Amazon on launch day, haha, sooooo???

What is one message you hope readers will walk away with after reading Souls Astray?

Brother-in-laws are evil.
Wait, no, that’s what TROY wants you to take away from SA. What want you to take away is … don’t rush into romance and listen to God. LISTEN TO MCFRICKEN GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND YOU AND THE PLANNER OF YOUR LIFE.
God says not to be unequally yoked? Don’t marry a non-Christian. God says to stay married? Stay married. God says to be faithful? Be faithful. God says to treasure children? Treasure children. God says you’re one with your husband/wife? Be one. God says marriage is between one man and one woman? Follow the model (or remain celibate).
And that’s just stuff in the Bible, not stuff He’ll show you about your personal life!
So yep. I care very much about people bringing God into their lives, as evidenced by some of my other books, but I believe this book has the most “listen to God when you’re thinking about marriage you whackadoo” theme of them all. 😛

Thank you for an amazing interview, Kelly, and I agree vehemently about listening to what God says. It’s a bold move to write a novel that speaks strongly of the truth. Rock on!


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I had such fun interviewing Kell and yes, I’ve read Souls Astray as a beta and I’m ecstatic about it being PUBLISHED so I can buy a pretty copy! 😀

Be sure to follow Kell and check out the tour.

God bless,





Jesseca Wheaton, author of the Questions of War series, joined us today for an author interview. The third and final book of this series, A Question of Loyalty, is launching and this blog tour is close to moving me to tears. I can’t quite grip the series ending.




A Man. A Brother. A Traitor.

The war has taken everything Micah Wilson has ever held dear, and with all his being he wishes he could do something to stop the heartache. But he often wonders if he’ll ever be able to move on after the war, or forget the brother who left six years before. How can God still have a plan when it seems that the world around him is falling to pieces, to say nothing of his own heart?

Ann Sullivan has seen two brothers changed by the war. And she’s resolved to do something to stop the pain she sees in their eyes from becoming a reality for so many others. The world is on the brink of Normandy when her nursing unit is shipped to England and, while there, an unexpected encounter promises to change her own life . . . forever. But it’s only the beginning. As the war in Europe rages on, Ann is caught in the crossfires. And when the unthinkable happens, she comes face to face with the evil of the Third Reich. Is it possible that the reality of it all is more deadly than even her worst nightmares?

Erich Essler never questioned his duty to his country. All his life he’s struggled to live up to his father’s expectations, and bring honor to the Essler name. But when the man he thought of as his only friend turns out to be the enemy, he can no longer rid himself of the questions that continue to torment him. Is what he’s doing really honorable? And does he owe his loyalty to his country . . . or a higher power?

Freedom for Europe dawns on the distant horizon. But in the midst of the fight, four lives will be forever changed, and their loyalty to God and Country brought into question.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!


Jesseca is a daughter, sister, and a child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano. And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there’s no place like home.


Author’s Blog




What inspired you to write historical fiction?

I have a passion for making sure the stories of those who have gone before us never become forgotten. Those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it, it is said, and I believe it. I wanted to be able to use my passion for history to tell the stories of those who have gone through so much for our freedom. It’s those stories that should never be forgotten.

How do you maintain a writing schedule while keeping on top of life activities?

Haha, awesome question. Right now I really don’t, and I’ve kind had to be okay with the fact that writing is not going to be a priority in life right now. Back when it was a part of my routine, I’d try and set aside a certain amount of time each day to write something. A blog post, poem, story, chapter, etc. Didn’t matter what, just something to make sure I had written. It helped a lot with writers block and such, because I was never super strict about what I was writing, just that I wrote. And often times I’d be writing something totally different, and get inspired to write something in the scene I’d been stuck in.

Biggest tip for finding a reading audience?

Blogging. Blogging and connecting with those in your community who have the same passions as you do. I’ve attended several WWII events and had the opportunity to share about my books with others who would enjoy that kind of writing. And of course, the writing blogging community is amazingly supportive, no matter the genre. Writers just get each other regardless of the subject matter. 😉

What is one lesson A Question of Loyalty taught you as you wrote it?

Not everything is black and white. And it’s when you’re dealing with those grey areas that things become hard. It’s been something I’ve been learning a lot in life as well and it’s been hard, because I like things that are clear. I like knowing exactly what is right and what is wrong. But learning to navigate those in between areas guided by God’s Word … it taught me a lot about that. And it’s something I’m still working on.

What is one message you pray readers will walk away with after reading this novel?

Stay true to God, to His truth and Word, and the rest will become clear. It’s not an obvious message in the book, but it’s there. It’s so much harder then it sounds, but it’s worth it every time.
Thanks so much for having me!


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Thank you SO much for the interview, Jesseca. You’re an inspiration to many! Congrats on publishing such a moving, God-honoring series.

I strongly suggest y’all add this series to your to-be-read stack. You don’t wanna miss them.

God bless,



I read over 100 books in 2018, and I’ll be sharing my top fifteen favorites of the year in this post… And I’m ready to fangirl. Are you?

ALSO, let’s ignore that graphic, because, ha, no, I didn’t read all those books in 2018. I read like… 3 of them in 2018. But. It looks pretty. And alll my books are packed up right now so I cannot take another photo.






Ahem. Basically, I’ve read the whole Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series, as an alpha/beta (which is why I have yet to leave reviews on any of the books, which will change this year, as I’ll be rereading them). And this is my favorite book from Kelly so far. Scotland? Romance? Sweet characters? Sass? Dogs? (DID I MENTION BENJI *swoon*)

This being said, I want to fight a couple of characters and bury them. I hate so much. I wanna die. Let’s pretend this series ends at this book. =)




Huge thank you to Allison Tebo and Mary for sparking my love for Rosemary Sutcliff! My Mom bought a few of her books for the school year, but The Eagle Of The Ninth wasn’t really required of me to read. I read it, loved it… then found Alli and Mary did, too!

This book hit me hard. The cast was strong, the plot intriguing, and it made me laugh and cry. I mostly related to Esca–his determination and selflessness really impacted me. I especially related to how he cared for Markus since Markus wasn’t entirely able-bodied.




I read this in less than 24 hours and I loved it so very much. It is one of the best classics ever. Just… read it so we can… be speechless together…




This nonfiction book is one of the best books ever. I don’t say that lightly.

This is, as the title says, about a teen’s thoughts on faith through chronic illness–but it is not limited to those who are ill. My Mom has had Chronic Lyme for over 3 years and this book ministered deeply to me. I still find myself recalling things from its pages to keep myself focused. It is very dear to me and I pray you guys read it.




This book is too good, y’all. Sometimes, it reminded me of the movie Maverick. Other times, I was grinning at the monsters, beasts, and hilarity of the characters (yes, it’s normal to grin at werewolf-like beasts).

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more!




A day might come when I don’t mention how much I love this book. But today is not that day. Rereading this book was like a really big hug. I love it so much.




My mom told me how good this book was. But her words did little to prepare me for how good this book was. This novel opened my eyes to just how much God loves us and how prepared we need to be. God tells us to be ready. Are we?




I was soo excited to get this for Christmas and I read it in one sitting and IT IS SO PRECIOUS, Y’ALL. I loved the sequel story to Dandelion Dust, but I also loved the other stories sooo very much.

tumblr_mcbhqth0Gk1r794tp.gif (356×200)




Book review is HERE.

THIS WAS SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND ADORABLE. I LOVED IT. This series is one of my all time favorites. So much hilarity and precious characters.




I read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t believe things could get better than book one? But they did. And the cast blew me away and the emotions were so poignant and the plot was just AHHH. MY HEART. This book deserves a lot of love!




There we have my top ten favorites from 2018! I MANAGED IT, Y’ALL. Because I’m actually a… really picky reader. So picking ten FAVORITES was… interesting.

I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings (actually, I’m already enjoying the books I’ve read so far!). 🙂

God bless,


PS. Don’t forget to fill out a form so you can see more content on the blog you likeMAYBE. MWUAHAHA.




Guess what? Victoria Lynn’s newest book, When Beauty Blooms, is PUBLISHED! I am so excited to share this one, y’all. I kind of alpha read it a while back, so when I saw she was publishing it, I freaked. 🙂 Let’s get right to the blog tour!


Book Synopsis

Revolutionary War Era England

Marjorie Kirk is a woman with no fortune, no prospects, no family, and no skills. Or so she thinks. She is awkward, shy, and the farthest thing from any semblance of a society lady.

The new minister keeps turning up in the most awkward of places and she can’t help but feel that her life is doomed to one of embarrassment. But will her flaws actually be the thing that others find the most attractive?

A story of a young woman with social anxiety and how she learned to bloom.



Author Bio

Victoria Lynn is in her 20s and if she’s not writing, she is probably sewing, singing, playing the piano, washing dishes, creating something with her hands, or learning something new. She has a passion for serving her Creator, encouraging others and being creative. She blogs at about writing, fashion, modesty, her walk with God and life. She lives in Michigan with her parents and 8 siblings.

Author Links:








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How SWEET does this book sound?! It is the bestest. =D Be sure to check out the other posts, enter the giveaway, and read the beauty!

God bless.

– Ang