Ahem. Today’s the surprise blog party bash for my dear friend, amazing author, cool coach–ringin’ any bells?–KELLYN ROTH! She has no idea about this. It isn’t adjoined to her undergoing Kees & Colliers blog tour (which you should totally go check out). This is just a bunch of people showing their love and respect because Kelly deserves a nice lil’ surprise.

Basically, we compiled a bunch of letters and notes, and I’ll be sharing those shortly. But first… Kell…


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*shudders* There’s your Jane Austen GIF. 😛




Dear Kelly,

Sometimes I will start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. But you finish those sentences. You, my beautiful friend, are the Dwight to my Michael. (Only you’re prettier. And we’re women.) No matter the weather, you’re there for it all, and I thank you. Thank you for our talks about Jesus. Thanks for the rants and rambles about fiction and life and everything in between. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for your support.

I could give a pretty long list of why you’re awesome but I’ll list 3 reasons. 1.) You’re God’s kiddo. 2.) You’re my friend. 3.) You’re a redhead. Just kidding, that’s not reason 3. Reason 3 is because you promised me Harrington. Haha.

I love you, girl. God’s with you through it all and I’m honored to be a part of your life.


Angie Watts



You’re the first indie teen I read a book by, you made me realize I could write. I remember reading the last page of The Dressmaker’s Secret and swiping to your bio . . . I was shocked when I saw that a girl my age had written it, yeah, I still haven’t finished writing a book but I will. Thanks for the encouragement and support as well as the late night sprints!

I’ve been scarce since I left The Young Writer’s Workshop and we haven’t talked much but your blog posts are as good as ever if not better. Yeah, I’m totally writing this too late . . . I still hope you like the letter, night!



Dear Kellyn,

Surprise! It has been a while since you have heard from me. This time I am the one writing you a letter (Shiv says hi to Jordy!).  I have always admired your writing and your determination. Your characters are always so real!




Hey Kell,

I remember first meeting you on the Young Writers Workshop. You’ve definitely come a way since then. I know it’s hard being an indie author in your genre, but keep fighting, okay? You rock, and I know I’ll be seeing you around on the web.




Dear Kell,

“Yes, I know Kellyn Roth.” This is the first sentence I remember hearing about you years ago, by one author to another. When you later joined The Chatter Box, I was blessed to begin that getting-to-know-you process for myself. I’d love to share three ways knowing you has blessed me. 

You’re dedicated. In every area of life I’ve seen—writing, editing, publishing, your walk with God, business, and more—you don’t just get ideas, you act on them, and when you have a goal, you pursue it. What an inspiring example. 

You’re positive. Wow. Your joyful attitude is such a blessing. In every circumstance, you give thanks – and in so doing, you accomplish God’s will for your life (1 Thess. 5:18). 

You’re humble. You’re honest about your weak points (no need to hide you’re human!) without being self-deprecating. You’re willing to learn and not afraid to ask questions! And so you’re able to receive God’s grace. 

There’s much more, but these are just a few areas where I see Christ especially strongly in you. Keep seeking first God’s kingdom, and I promise (God promises!) all other things shall be added for you. And today I’m so blessed to be able to say for myself, “I know Kellyn Roth.”

Blessings to you!

Erika Mathews 


Hiya Kell!
If I were to play a game of describing every fellow artist I know, the first word that’d come to mind for you would be “inspiring.” Because it’s true. Ever since we came across each other on the YWP NaNoWriMo forums, and then later online (which was, truly, a miracle in itself!), you’ve been such an amazing inspiration to me. And no doubt many of the other young writers you know feel the same way. True thought is in every blog post, every beautiful story you write for us and for God. You’re a part that can never be replaced in our community. 🙂

 Wishing you the best in every blessing,

 ~ Merie


Dear Kell,

Keep blogging and writing books! They’re encouraging and inspiring to so many people in the blogosphere and indie author world around you!! I love reading your posts with your perspective on different topics… they always make me think! (I also love reading your ranty reviews on Goodreads! 😝) I think you were one of the people who inspired me to start writing my own books. Before 2018, I had no idea teen girls around my age even wrote books!! It’s pretty fun. Anyway, never forget the gifts God has given you. 



Dear Kellyn,

I don’t have much to say except thank you. Thanks for being a homeschooled, historical fiction indie author friend. I love reading your books, yes, but I value your friendship and helpful blog posts even more. Keep growing in the Lord!

Hanna Kraft



We don’t know each other well, but I just wanted to give you a shout-out for your amazing cover design! You’re an inspiration to indie authors and freelance cover designers alike!

~Kaitlyn Krispense


Dear Kell,


I hope you know that I love you SO much. Like CRAZY much. Even though sometimes I don’t see you for long long stretches of time, you’re one of my bestest buddies and I appreciate you for all that you do.

You’re a seriously inspiring person⁠⁠—competent, organized, and wicked creative. I don’t know how you get everything done that you do (writing buttloads of awesome books, running multiple blogs and social media accounts, running A LEGIT BUSINESS, TEACHING CLASSES, having ANOTHER JOB on the side, AND MORE?!?!??), but my current theory is it’s some sort of blood magic.

Thank you for being you, for sticking to your values, and for being an awesome friend.

I hope your summer’s going good!!!!!





Dear Kellyn,

I could say a lot of things. I could say thank you for your determination to make it into the publishing world (which you have done, considerably well), that I admire your blog posts and your books and you, that your puppies are ADORABLE, that it’s crazy to think how you’re juggling teaching and a business and writing and another job when the rest of us are still struggling with algebra—- and all of that woulda been true. 

But for today, the person I wanna acknowledge is Kell. Not the author, or teacher, or business professional persay, just Kell the person. Y’know, the one that’s not afraid to speak her mind, or stand up for something she believes in. The one that enjoys a good romance. The one that likes pink but doesn’t consider herself that much of a girly girl (what a weird label anyhow). The one that’s struggling. And going through a lot. And having hard times at times. And hasn’t let life crush her- yet. This turned out surprisingly dark but you know what I’m trying to say. XD Thank you for being you. 

That’s… that’s all I got. 



Hi Kell,

When I first heard about you I thought, wow that is a weird name, then as I got to know you a little bit better(mostly through blog tours and your instagram) I’’ve seen that you are also a really cool person and an interesting writer. My first thought however remains, you have an interesting name.



Hi Kellyn,

You’re pretty amazing, you know that? I watch from afar as you start businesses and publish books and mentor writers — including me. Thanks for helping with my random, frantic indie publishing questions and for being an amazing formatter.

Truly. You were an answer to so many prayers when it came to publishing my first book. 🙂

I know you are a valued member of YWW, and have helped so many young writers more than you think. Keep being such an amazing friend, writer, and encourager. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.

In Christ,



Dear Kellyn,

You, my adorable friend, are a flash of fireworks in a dark night, a rainbow amongst clouds, and a highlight in my online life!  When I first joined the social media a few years ago, I couldn’t have anticipated all the amazing people I would meet . . . and you were one of them.  I love your hilarious sense of humor (you never fail to make me laugh!) and your down to earth positivity. You are a constant bright spot, no matter where you are shining.  You are strong, funny, quirky, and one of a kind. Thank you for all the thoughtful conversations, all the laughter, and all the gifs. The Thanksgiving / Christmas wars would have certainly never been the same without you!  *wink* Congratulations on the incredible journey you have had so far and best wishes on all that is ahead for you. I’m so proud of the wonderful Christian young woman that you are. May His perfect path be clear to you always!  I praise God for the blessing of Kellyn Roth.

Love, Allison Tebo


Hey Kellyn,

When I first heard that there were Christian fiction authors, I actually found you through Angela Watts and from there; starting following your journey writing and encouraging other writers. I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging words and helping me understand that Christian fiction and historical fiction are more than just “boring.”

Thanks to you, I’ve started taking my own writing seriously and even if that isn’t what I do for a living, I know that I can create a book that speaks to people.

Thank you so much,

Joshua Reid 


Hey Kellyn, 

You, girl, are awesome.  I don’t know how you do it — working, writing A LOT, running a business complete with contractors, and being that epic all at once…when most folks your age are walking with knocking knees to their first college classes or trying to figure out where they’re going in life.  You know that’s right (cue Burton Guster/Dule Hill voice). When I first “met” you, albeit only online, I was amazed to find out that you weren’t even a high school graduate yet, since you seemed so mature and professional.  You’re an inspiration, not only to your readers, but to your community and the online writing community (communities?) as well. Watching you do your thing on the interwebs is always pretty awesome and inspiring — I hope you know how special and influential you are, just by being you, because that’s pretty fantastic.  

Keep the faith and keep being you! 🙂 

Michaela Bush 



We’ve never met, and the most interaction we’ve had is through comments on your blog and social media. But I still remember when I first heard of your existence. 

I was sitting in a choir practices and the lady next to me turned to me. She knew I was an avid reader (book lovers, unite!) and was telling me about the surprisingly good book she had read by a young author that she thought I would love. it was the first Chronicles of Alice and Ivy book, and she was amazed by it. She told she only picked it up because a homeschooler wrote it, and she didn’t even know homeschoolers could write. 

Not knowing I was a homeschool graduate, I sat and listened (trying not to laugh) at her explanations about homeschooling and how you had broken all of the molds she had concocted in her mind about it. 

And that sent me on a quest to discover who this girl was. And I found your books, and I found your blog, and I have been blessed and encouraged by both. 

Kellyn, I love the way you deal with tough issues, and you don’t shy away from them. Your blog has more than once encouraged me when I am struggling. Your books are ones I turn to when I need the comfort of old friends. And, more than that, your writing always point me towards Christ as the ultimate answer, and I have been thankful for it.

Please, continue to share your writing with the world. We need more of what you have to offer the world, more of the beauty you see and capture in the black and white words that you put down onto paper. We need more of your fearlessness to tackle the issues that people tend to ignore, and to bring clarity and light to them. 

Thank you, for being such a fearless, bold writer. 

With Joy,

Kaitlyn S. 


Dear Kell, 

I can’t even quite remember how we first met – it must have been on Goodreads somehow – but it feels like I’ve known you my entire blogging life (which is a mere two years haha) or that our getting to know each other was so slow and easy that the line between not knowing and being friends has been blurred to indistinguishable. (<< wow what a sentence

Anyhow I’m so incredibly blessed and honored and happy to know you. You inspire me so much. You’re so real – like you don’t put on airs – and so accomplished and almost superhuman at the same time that I just … both look up to you and yet don’t feel like I do? Does that make sense? Maybe not. Moving on …

Some favorite memories :


  • Signing up for review copies of your books for the first time without knowing what they were about (?!) and being skeptical when I saw their premise
  • But being totally sucked in and ridiculously impressed and 100% convinced of your skills
  • You joining us for the journey of TGMSH even though it’s been slacking a lot haha. I’m just so honored to have you on as consultant with all your experience
  • Fighting over Little Women 😑 
  • Your post about why experienced bloggers should be nice to new bloggers
  • Seeing Reveries & Co. grow from scratch (#proud)
  • My dad complimenting you without knowing who you are bc I told him about Reveries & Co. being started by a 17 yo and he was just, wow this girl is so entrepreneurial (that’s the right word, right??)  and I was like 👍
  • Being in the same cabin for two camp nanos



Anyway. Just want to say it’s a pleasure to be your friend and here’s to many more years of knowing each other. May God continue to bless you, dear girl. 




Hey Kellyn! 

I’ll be honest, all I can think of to tell you is this: Just immerse yourself in the Word and pray. 

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

  • Philippians 4:4-8

(Here’s a few others too: Proverbs 3:5-6 / Psalm 139:23-24 / 1 Peter 5:6-9)

I’ll be praying for you,

Hannah K


Dear Kellyn,

You were the first ever teen author that I encountered. Before that, I didn’t even realise that people could pursue their writing dreams from a young age. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me with your books, your awesome blog posts, and your life in general. God’s going to bless you for everything you’ve done and for everything you will do. 

Keep making people smile!


Medomfo xxx


Dear Kellyn,

It’s been such a joy to work with you and develop a friendship over the time we’ve known each other. You are such a talented and creative young lady and I’m proud to call you friend! May God so richly bless you this year and every coming year. Hugs and happiest of birthdays to you, girlie! Oh, and welcome to the 18 Club.  


Sarah Grace Grzy


Dear Kellyn, 

Even though we have hardly had any interaction with each other, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your love for Jesus shine through your blog and your writing. I have enjoyed the few times that we have talked. You have also inspired me a lot since you were one the first teen writers I meet when I joined Goodreads 2 years ago. I cannot wait to see how God uses you next in your life. I hope you continue to be bold and blog what God puts on your heart because you are not only an encouragement to those around you but also a great inspiration for others to be bold. 

Thank you for everything that you do and I pray you continue to be a light in this dark world! 

In Christ, 

Abigail Harder




Overall, Kell, thank you. Not to go into memory lane or get nostalgic on social media, girl, but… Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for trudging through the painful writing snippets I throw at you. Thanks for the hard days, when we’re both human but that’s OK because being human is still good (despite #emotions. JUST KIDDING). ♥ I’ll skip the emotions for now and end with–one day we’ll get together and watch The Office together.


God bless,




I’m late with this post. And I’m sorry for that.

Image result for fortive me gif

(Look, Kell! ^ just for you)

HOWEVER, since I missed the first week of July, I thought, why not go a bit dramatic with the post? So, you will get an epic AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Kelly and… a walk down memory lane. Because the Kees and Colliers are fabulous. We’ll do the interview first so I don’t bore y’all straight off. 😉


The Lady of the Vineyard

Is it too late for Adele to return to her daughter’s life?

When her ex-husband reappears in her life determined to spend more time with their child, Adele Collier allows him to take Judy to France for the summer. As the summer goes by, an internal battle rages in Adele’s heart. Can she give up her glamorous lifestyle to win her daughter’s heart?

Six-year-old Judy is more than happy to trade Adele’s neglect for her father’s adoring care. She loves his vineyard and wishes she could stay there forever, but someday she must return to England. Can Judy trust her mother again?

“A great story about love, emotional turmoil, and the desire to set things right.” ~Long and Short Reviews

“A whimsically beautiful and heartwarming story.” ~Faith L. Potts, author of Dandelion Dust

Flowers in Her Heart

Can Adele change her entire lifestyle to be a mother to her babies?

When her husband goes off to war, Adele feels lost and confused. In a new, less-than-ideal place in a frightening, less-than-ideal time, she flees to the garden with her daughters, determined to make their new house a home, even if it is from the outside in.

Battered by her own inner turmoil and scoffed at by those close to her, Adele seeks to make something beautiful amidst chaos. But can even the most beautiful flowers cover the years of scars?

“So sweet, so true, and so downright good.” ~Angela R. Watts, author of Seek

“A fantastic story about family, faith, and a search for beauty and truth.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

From Now ‘Til Forever

The war is over, but it’s not as easy coming home as he anticipated.

Troy Kee doesn’t know how he’ll settle back into life with his family after WWII, but he’s determined to do so. He feels that if he can just get his family back to their vineyard in France, everything will be all right. But his wife has other plans.

This charming novelette finale to the Kees & Colliers series highlights the difficulties of returning home after a war.

Souls Astray

Adele has been lost for a long time now …

Adele Collier has sought a carefree lifestyle ever since her tragic childhood. Determined to never allow anyone or anything to control her life or emotions again, she consistently seeks distraction in gaiety. But shaking her ghosts isn’t as easy as she’d like.

Troy Kee has been alone in the world since the Great War took his parents and left him in care of his younger sister. When she marries, he’s left to seek after his goal of a healthy, complete family. But how can he focus on his dream when trouble plagues his family vineyard?

When Adele and Troy meet, a whirlwind romance begins—but can two lost souls have a healthy relationship?

“A tragic, well-crafted story of romance, family dynamics, and pain in the years between WW1 and WW2.” ~Jana Tenbrook

Souls Astray is a heartrending novel, full of poignant themes and topics that are important even today. It is a captivating read and will leave you wanting more.” ~Michaela Bush






What inspires you to write historical fiction?

I’ve always loved historical eras – there’s just such coolness to it! I really don’t know why I do it – I suppose ’cause all my ideas are historical?

What kind of romance do you enjoy writing most?

Hmm, I think romance where they get to slowly be friends and have to conquer things together even while denying that they’re going to get married? Stupid trope, really, as who is that unaware of their feelings/the opposite matchyness? But I enjoy it.

What character do you relate to the most in the Kees and Colliers series?

Probably Harrington. Leave me alone with my books, for crying out loud. 😛
I also like Troy a lot, though he’s a lot better than I am. He’s a good guy.

What was your biggest internal struggle while writing this series?

I think the biggest problem was Adele. I had to make her likable, yet I didn’t like her, and then I did like her slightly (or at least understood what was going on with her), but she was still unlikable to most people …
There were times when I wanted to just kill her off and have done with it. But I didn’t, and even though she’s never going to be perfect, at least she’s semi-bearable.

What do you pray readers walk away with after reading these books?

I hope they’ll realize that new beginnings are a thing, taking responsibility for your actions is important, and no one’s perfect but that doesn’t give you an excuse for being a brat.
I also love the themes of fatherhood and motherhood I got to weave in. Too many people nowadays undervalue children.
Thanks for interviewing me!


Kellyn Roth, Author: insightful fiction, unhesitating truth

Kellyn Roth is a Christian & historical author from North-Eastern Oregon. Kell is a ranch girl, homeschool graduate, proud sister of four, proud auntie of five, and owner of two goofy border collies, two presumptuous cats, and a very active betta fish. Check out her website,, for more info.

Author Website:


Reveries Co:

Coach Kell:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest: @ReveriesofRuby


It is always a pleasure to interview and review Kelly’s books. She’s a dear friend. A sister in Christ. A pal, if you will. Now, it’s time for memory lane. (You had better have read that in a VeggieTales voice. #sorryKelly #Oldhabitsman)
The Lady of The Vineyard came out years ago (I haven’t finished my coffee so don’t expect me to do math) and I had the honor to read it as a beta. I loved it. Then Kellyn published a compilation of short stories, more recently, containing all the tiny, original stories.
I read Goldfish aloud and my little nieces adored it! So from the start, the series has been utterly adorable. Then I hear Kelly was relaunching and rewriting. So, I’m totally pumped I have the original… And I already enjoy the current new books!

Souls Astray was a great step into the series and I read Flowers In Her Hair and adored it. I can’t wait to buy the whole series.

HUGE congrats to Kelly for this series release. She deserves all the hugs. And coffee. BUT she DOES NOT GET Harrington. ;P So there.
God bless,


My dear friend and Indie author, Kellyn Roth, is releasing her novel Souls Astray today! The blog tour is going to be bundles of fun and I am honored to interview Kellyn, right here and now! As a beta reader, I gave Kellyn two promotional quotes about Souls Astray. Before we begin, take a look….

“This book deserves a reward for: 1.) A Heroine you like but wanna murder with a stick. 2.) A Hero who deserves a 1000 puppies. 3.) PAIN.” ~Angela R. Watts


Souls Astray contains characters who will tug your heartstrings, a story that engages on the first page, and leaves you hungry for more.” ~Angela R. Watts

Still think you’re ready? Let’s do this!




Adele has been lost for a long time now …

Adele Collier has sought a carefree lifestyle ever since her tragic childhood. Determined to never allow anyone or anything to control her life or emotions again, she consistently seeks distraction in gaiety. But shaking her ghosts isn’t as easy as she’d like.

Troy Kee has been alone in the world since the Great War took his parents and left him in care of his younger sister. When she marries, he’s left to seek after his goal of a healthy, complete family. But how can he focus on his dream when trouble plagues his family vineyard?

When Adele and Troy meet, a whirlwind romance begins—but can two lost souls have a healthy relationship?

Amazon ~ Goodreads ~ A Special Review Defining the Content Level ~ Website

Enter the giveaway to win a signed paperback copy of Souls Astray and a $20 Amazon gift card. Open to international entries. This giveaway will close for entries on the 11th of May, which means your followers will be able to enter even after the tour is over!




Kellyn Roth is a Christian & historical author from North-Eastern Oregon. Kell is a ranch girl, homeschool graduate, proud sister of four, proud auntie of five, and owner of two goofy border collies, two presumptuous cats, and a very active betta fish. Check out her website,, for more info.


What started your passion for writing historical fiction? 

Well, once upon a time, I decided I was going to write a book which I never named but which was a really stupid, cheesy romance. It was based off my favorite novel, A Girl of the Limberlost, which I’d just finished reading for the first time, and involved a crazy love triangle that turned into a love square (two guys fell in love with one girl and then a different girl fell in love with the second guy) and … wow. It was insane. (But Colin is still goals as far as “tasteful ways to approach a woman you are attracted to.” *cough* *people won’t get that*) And it inspired basically my whole The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series (which is my other big historical universe) (even though you can find two small connections in a person and a place to the Alice and Ivy series in SA … I’ll give a free paperback copy to the first person who points it out to me).
But anyways, I started writing it late one summer night, and I remember running downstairs to where my mom was sleeping with the boys in the living room ’cause of the heat. I whispered, “Mom, what era is AGOTL set in??” And she said, “1910.”
Boom. Started writing historical.
Of course, I didn’t term it that until I explained one of my stories to a writing friend, and they diagnosed it as such! 😛

What makes Souls Astray different than your previous novels?

Pain. Like, really. The book is start to finish pain with very few breaks for Troy/Adele’s cuteness and Holt’s awkwardness and Harrington’s stoicness.

What was the hardest part about writing Souls Astray?

What do you think, m’dear? Do you think it was easy writing the inevitable?
We all know what’s going on in the first book in the series, TLOTV. Writing the prequel, writing the cute Troy/Adele scenes at the beginning of their relationship … it’s hard because I’m writing about a doomed couple. Which sounds dramatic, but you know it’s right. You know that this isn’t a romance.
I also struggled a bit with one of my least favorite tropes … insta-love. I HATE books that feature insta-love … yet that is exactly what Souls Astray had to feature. Because the point of the story is, well, if you fall in love with a girl based solely on her physical appearance, if you get caught up in nothing but a man’s charm and willingness to bend to your opinions, your relationship is going on a downward spiral. Give up morals for “romance”? Even worse!
So that was tough. I had to portray a bad thing to point out a worse one! But it took a while to get there, and both Troy and Adele were caught up in the “inevitability” of their relationship in the meanwhile. Ugh. Get a brain, you two!

How do you celebrate a book release? (You definitely deserve a big celebration!)

*coughs* Well, normally I just … work really hard on blog posts … and work really hard on making sure everything goes all right … and um …
Yeah, I won’t do much. I’m writing this interview ahead of time so I’ll say launch day plans in future tense: sister is coming with her family, and my mom has a birthday including a birthday party. I’ve never been a big “celebrate launch day” person, haha!
I actually have a couple indie books from my favorites arriving from Amazon on launch day, haha, sooooo???

What is one message you hope readers will walk away with after reading Souls Astray?

Brother-in-laws are evil.
Wait, no, that’s what TROY wants you to take away from SA. What want you to take away is … don’t rush into romance and listen to God. LISTEN TO MCFRICKEN GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND YOU AND THE PLANNER OF YOUR LIFE.
God says not to be unequally yoked? Don’t marry a non-Christian. God says to stay married? Stay married. God says to be faithful? Be faithful. God says to treasure children? Treasure children. God says you’re one with your husband/wife? Be one. God says marriage is between one man and one woman? Follow the model (or remain celibate).
And that’s just stuff in the Bible, not stuff He’ll show you about your personal life!
So yep. I care very much about people bringing God into their lives, as evidenced by some of my other books, but I believe this book has the most “listen to God when you’re thinking about marriage you whackadoo” theme of them all. 😛

Thank you for an amazing interview, Kelly, and I agree vehemently about listening to what God says. It’s a bold move to write a novel that speaks strongly of the truth. Rock on!


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I had such fun interviewing Kell and yes, I’ve read Souls Astray as a beta and I’m ecstatic about it being PUBLISHED so I can buy a pretty copy! 😀

Be sure to follow Kell and check out the tour.

God bless,





I read over 100 books in 2018, and I’ll be sharing my top fifteen favorites of the year in this post… And I’m ready to fangirl. Are you?

ALSO, let’s ignore that graphic, because, ha, no, I didn’t read all those books in 2018. I read like… 3 of them in 2018. But. It looks pretty. And alll my books are packed up right now so I cannot take another photo.






Ahem. Basically, I’ve read the whole Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series, as an alpha/beta (which is why I have yet to leave reviews on any of the books, which will change this year, as I’ll be rereading them). And this is my favorite book from Kelly so far. Scotland? Romance? Sweet characters? Sass? Dogs? (DID I MENTION BENJI *swoon*)

This being said, I want to fight a couple of characters and bury them. I hate so much. I wanna die. Let’s pretend this series ends at this book. =)




Huge thank you to Allison Tebo and Mary for sparking my love for Rosemary Sutcliff! My Mom bought a few of her books for the school year, but The Eagle Of The Ninth wasn’t really required of me to read. I read it, loved it… then found Alli and Mary did, too!

This book hit me hard. The cast was strong, the plot intriguing, and it made me laugh and cry. I mostly related to Esca–his determination and selflessness really impacted me. I especially related to how he cared for Markus since Markus wasn’t entirely able-bodied.




I read this in less than 24 hours and I loved it so very much. It is one of the best classics ever. Just… read it so we can… be speechless together…




This nonfiction book is one of the best books ever. I don’t say that lightly.

This is, as the title says, about a teen’s thoughts on faith through chronic illness–but it is not limited to those who are ill. My Mom has had Chronic Lyme for over 3 years and this book ministered deeply to me. I still find myself recalling things from its pages to keep myself focused. It is very dear to me and I pray you guys read it.




This book is too good, y’all. Sometimes, it reminded me of the movie Maverick. Other times, I was grinning at the monsters, beasts, and hilarity of the characters (yes, it’s normal to grin at werewolf-like beasts).

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more!




A day might come when I don’t mention how much I love this book. But today is not that day. Rereading this book was like a really big hug. I love it so much.




My mom told me how good this book was. But her words did little to prepare me for how good this book was. This novel opened my eyes to just how much God loves us and how prepared we need to be. God tells us to be ready. Are we?




I was soo excited to get this for Christmas and I read it in one sitting and IT IS SO PRECIOUS, Y’ALL. I loved the sequel story to Dandelion Dust, but I also loved the other stories sooo very much.

tumblr_mcbhqth0Gk1r794tp.gif (356×200)




Book review is HERE.

THIS WAS SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND ADORABLE. I LOVED IT. This series is one of my all time favorites. So much hilarity and precious characters.




I read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t believe things could get better than book one? But they did. And the cast blew me away and the emotions were so poignant and the plot was just AHHH. MY HEART. This book deserves a lot of love!




There we have my top ten favorites from 2018! I MANAGED IT, Y’ALL. Because I’m actually a… really picky reader. So picking ten FAVORITES was… interesting.

I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings (actually, I’m already enjoying the books I’ve read so far!). 🙂

God bless,


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At long last, my novel Seek has an official COVER. I am so excited, y’all. I’ve been working on Seek for over two years now. It is truly insane to look back at how far this story has come.

First, thanks to my siblings, for coming with me on the photo shoot and being riots to work with. 😉 And big thanks to Kellyn Roth. She did an AMAZING job and is a truly amazing friend. ♥

And now, the cover. . .




I am in love, folks. =) And, yes, this is book one of a series. I present to you. . . Whispers of Heaven. I had plans for a book two and betas loved the idea. . . Lord willing, book two will be published by the beginning of 2020.

I had amazing friends that joined my cover reveal, so go give them some love! ♥

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K. E. Stanton

And y’all sharing via messages… thank you! ♥




Seek is currently with my amazing editor, Abigayle Claire, and I’m soo excited. 😀 Seek will be releasing early December. I have yet to set a release date because KDP is whacky and I worry I won’t be able to stick with a date. I will update y’all when it is to be expected and when it is published. 😉

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope you’re as excited as I am for Seek’s launch, haha! Blog tour sign ups will be posted soon. EEP!

God bless,

– Ang