Watts Family

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December 2017

     Yahweh has blessed me with an amazing family! We stand together, and even though we drive each other crazy, Yahweh has made us a family: we love each other, crazily and fully. Yeshua is our Father, and we have each other and the Light. Who shall we fear?

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     My Mama and Dad are the two amazing parents who’ve been married for 30 years and are huge blessings. It is because of their love for God, their strength and love, that we are a family. Mom is a stay at home mom, and battles Chronic Lyme disease. Lyme disease has turned our lives upside down, but Mom’s journey to healing is in God’s Hands and we trust Him fully. Dad is a carpenter, car genius, mustang tamer – name it, he can do it. He’s better than Superman, y’all, and cooler than Iron Man.

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My older sister Tory is married to Roger, and their daughters are Reyna, Laney, and Gabby.


Me, Mom, Dad, Reyna, and Laney- with my copy of Seek!

Angela (age 16), yes, that’s me, is the introvert of the family. She also likes being an aunt and the embarrassingly funny sibling. Haha.

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   Kody (age 14) is my younger brother. Kody and I are partners in crime- and slightly probably dangerous when left alone, just sayin’… Kody loves knives/forging knives, gardening, and karate.

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 ….but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15

Elohim has blessed us as a family.  We give all the glory and praise to Yahweh Adonai, because His love never fails, even when ours does. Through every season of life, God is there, and because of Yeshua’s Love, family is there, too.

 Creator is our Lord, our Lord, our Guide, our Light. He leads us step by step.