The Watts Family

My Family


Christmas 2016. From left to right: Roger holding Laney, Tory, me, Papaw Jim, Mamaw, Reyna, Mama, Dad, and Kody. Not featured: Ryan and his bunch. And Tory+Roger’s new lil’ bun in the oven!

     Yahweh has blessed me with an amazing family! We stand together, and even though we drive each other crazy, Yahweh has made us a family: we love each other, crazily and fully. Yeshua is our Father, and we have each other and the Light. Who shall we fear?

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     My Mama and Dad are the two amazing parents who made this family possible… (And they’re saints to not knock our heads off, which we sometimes deserve… ) It is because of their love for God, their strength and love, that we are a family. Mom and Dad have been together for almost 30 years, and their love has only grown for each other. They are my role models. Mom is a stay at home mom (and rockin’ it!), and has Chronic Lyme disease. Lyme disease has turned our lives upside down- it can be scary. Mom’s journey to healing has beena  rough one… but we all know and trust Yahweh absolutely. Yahweh has a path for my Mom, and all of us, and my mother is a strong warrior. Dad is a carpenter, car genius, mustang tamer- my Dad is better than Superman.

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   M grandparents (on Dad’s side) are Papaw and Mamaw, and they are the coolest grandparents ever.

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Roger, Tory, Reyna, and Laney

My older sister Tory is a doula, mom, and wife to her husband Roger. They are the proud parents of Reyna (age 4) and Laney (age 1). Tory and Roger are also expecting their third baby! I’m callin’ it is gonna be a boy.


Me, Mom, Dad, Reyna, and Laney- with my copy of Seek!

Angela (age 15), yes, that’s me, is the introvert of the family. She also likes being an aunt and the embarrassingly funny sibling. Haha.

   Kody (age 13) is my younger brother. Kody and I are partners in crime- and slightly probably dangerous when left alone, just sayin’… Kody loves knives/forging knives, gardening, and karate.

    My Ma has homeschooled all of us since Ryan first went to kindergarten. She took him out of public school, and we’ve all been homeschooled since! I love being homeschooled, it really is a gift.

       My family and I are Southerners, born and raised, and it’s deep in my roots, a piece of who I am. We are country through and through. My home is Step By Step Sanctuary, in the country of beautiful TN, where these rolling hills have my heart, but home is wherever God calls us to be. We are currently relocating. Step By Step Sanctuary (Triple S Ranch) is our home and God has blessed us with 15 (I keep losing track, honestly!) horses: see Double S Ranch’s page for more pictures and information.

We are American, Bible believing, conservatives. My family and I are pro-life, we love our guns (the 2nd Amendment is ours!), our American and Confederate flags, our vets/police/everyone who serves our country, and keeping God in America.

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 ….but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15

Elohim has blessed us as a family.  We give all the glory and praise to Yahweh Adonai, because His love never fails, even when ours does. Through every season of life, God is there, and because of Yeshua’s Love, family is there, too.

 Creator is our Lord, our Lord, our Guide, our Light. He leads us step by step.