Summer Book Haul!

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Hello y’all! I’ve been wanting to do a fun little book haul post, and when Victoria Lynn invited me to her amazing party– it totally fit the deal! Read her post for the lovely details!

My subject for today’s post, to join the part, is my summer reading book haul! These are the summer reading books I have bought, found (by found, I mean was given by my Mom when we went through storage), or books I got as gifts and just got around to reading. A lot of these are also ‘to be read’, but since I just got them and all, here they are. 🙂




Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. Books 1, 2, 6, 8. My Granny loved Oke, and I’m excited to read this series.


The A.D. Chronicles, by Bodie and Brock Thoene. Books 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. My Mom had a bunch of Thoene books in storage, so I was happy to find them!


The Zion Chronicles, by Bodie Thoene. Books 2, 3, 4, 5.


  The Trellis and the Seed, by Jan Karon. Elsie Dinsmore, by Martha Finley. Superman Unchained comic. OK: I think I’ve read this Elsie Disnmore book before (and have a hardback copy) but this copy isn’t packed up so… 😉 And a DC comic book is a fast way to up my 100 book reading goal this year LOL.


OK, I bought these 4 books at a huge flea market in NC while on vacation. I was soo excited to get them! First off, I love Kipling- but this copy is pretty old. It doesn’t even have a year copyright in it- but someone signed it, and that signed date is 1938. So it is at least that old, y’all! Before WWII! *freaks*

The Stories of Sherlock Holmes is SUPER old, doesn’t have a copyright date, and is very delicate.

Bluebird and The Sparrow, by Janette Oke.

Little Men, by Lousia May Alcott.



Please note that I own every single one of these books except the two ebooks I read in exchange for a review/won. I just don’t have photos of them because they’re packed away, since we’re moving. So. ;(




Letter of Love, by Amanda Tero. Ebook copy.



Spinner of Secrets, by Annie Lousie Twitchell. Ebook copy. Read review here.


Tortured For Christ, by Richard Wurmbran.


Outlaw, by Ted Dekker.


The Unholy Deception, by L.A. Marzulli.


Henry Huggins, by Beverly Cleary.

Image result for winter is not forever book

Winter Is Not Forever, by Janette Oke. (Excuse the weird photo above, the cover on Goodreads would not load for some reason… hm)


 Of the O’Malley series, this summer I read ‘Guardian’ and am currently reading ‘Truthseeker’. Can I just freak out about this series, y’all? because it’s soo sweet. Other than a lot of typos in the print and all, the story is great!


Victory On The Walls, by Frieda Clark Hyman.

The River Between Us, by Richard Peck.

The Warrior, by Francine Rivers.

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I actually read Little Prince twice, so… it’s a favorite. 😉



 The Long Way Home, by Andrew Klavan.

Seek, by (yours truly) Angela R. Watts. I’m also asking for beta readers for Seek (Sept. 9th- January 2018) so if you want to sign up, here’s the link!





 Mayan Calendars, by Geoff Stray

Cannabis For Lyme Disease and related conditions, by Shelley M. White. Read review here.



And that would conclude my summer book haul. 🙂

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Victoria is hosting a HUGE bookerly giveaway (EEK!!!) which you can enter here! Just look at those goodies. 😀

Bookerly Fun Giveaway!


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Isn’t this AWESOME?! 😀 Victoria has a wonderfully fun party going on. ♥

God bless and enjoy!

Isn’t the giveaway epic? Have you read any of my summer books?




seek final post

Ladies and gentlemen…. I PRINTED MY NOVEL, SEEK!! Here’s a video of me opening it, with my family. Ahh!


I used Lulu and Canva- and this tutorial by Sarah saved my life, haha, so if you wanna print your book (YESSS you do, you have to!) I’d recommend following her tutorial haha.

It is so pretty, y’all! It looks even better in real life. 😀 I used pictures of my ’69 Ford truck all around, and the fonts and all didn’t clip and they turned out nice! Whoohoo! Also: it smells good. Oh my gosh, that was important to me haha!





Front cover and thickness


back cover!


I am SO, SO grateful for Yahweh and my family and friends. The Lord has showed me so much writing Seek- He taught me how to forgive, how to keep moving, and how to have faith. Seeking God can be hard, but that is life. ♥ Yahweh is always Good! My family has always been there for me, always encouraging me and cheering me on when I got in the mud. My family is so excited to read my novel- and they are! Whoa! Yes, I got two copies of Seek so I could edit one, while my family reads the other. Am I nervous? Yes. 😉 But I hope they like it, and help me tackle it with my red pen. 😛

And, I want to thank my friends. Sydney, girlie, you have been my bff and have always encouraged me and inspired me to move closer to Yahweh. Through the hard times, you’ve been there. I couldn’t ask for a kinder friend. ♥ Thank you. And for the wonderful ladies in my Camp NaNo cabins- you all have encouraged me and it was a blast to write with y’all! Thank you guys.


Doing a mini book photoshoot, Waylon and Hank having fun. 😉


One of the moments in my book where I cried…


And this is what happens when I don’t know how deep a spot in the TN river would be…. 😛




Oh, you know, just chillin’ ‘n readin’- MY BOOK!

I am ecstatic. 🙂 I will probably be editing Seek while I continue to write Jump, too. Because I love them both so much. *gasps* And Jump just hit over 40,000 words this month- and I did win July Camp NaNo last month! I won at 36,000 and my goal was 20,000. So, currently, Seek and Jump are my precious novels that i am having so much fun with. 😀 Thank the Lord for dreams, because both these stories sprouted from dreams.

Well, I must go get busy. Gotta keep myself busy while my family reads my book because EEP. There’s something about seeing my book in someone’s hands… it’s incredible. I pray God uses my words and stories to touch and help others, because I know that writing has helped me grow closer to Yeshua.

I also have BIG news…. due to my Ma’s brilliance…. this will be Seek’s last edit. *screams* Yes, it is time. I will be asking for beta readers soon! Like, very soon. *gulp* I am nervous, have never done this before, and my plan was to wait- but Ma said it’s time. 😀 I will be getting a post together to share with y’all soon!

God bless!



Have you printed YOUR book? If not, you gotta do it! Do you like Seek’s cover? Would you like to beta read Seek?

Glory Be To God


What do you do when you want something so, so bad, and it seems everyone else has it and is so happy- but you just tumble off the road and don’t reach that dream?

  One thing that was weighing heavy on me was Realm Writers. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s basically a writer’s conference for Christians, and this year, it takes place in Nevada. The best part, besides meeting awesome fellow writers (and teen writers)? Ted Dekker was a key speaker. I love Dekker. I was ecstatic to hear the news that he was speaking. Ecstatic. I was wishing and praying for about a year, just hoping, somehow, we’d get the chance to go. So I could be surrounded with epic fellow teens who love writing and are so hungry to learn.

   But, July rolled around, and taking a trip to Nevada is not happening. We just can’t do it. I was super duper bummed. Really bummed. Why? Because I thought I’d actually have a place where I sort of belonged.

  The truth is, I belong here. Here is right now, in the very place I am. And you belong exactly where you are, too.

As a writer, would I love to go to a writer’s conference? Yes. But if it is not in God’s timing, then it’s not gonna happen, and I don’t want it to. It’s OK to be upset when things don’t work out how we want them. But giving up and staying upset isn’t OK. So, what do we do?

   We realize that we are still writers. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, that’s who God made us to be. He never said; “You gotta go meet all these writer kids, and meet the authors, and go to every conference, in order to be a writer.” Our worth does not come from fame, success, or the spotlight.

  Our worth comes from Yeshua. And God gave us the gift of words, folks! We can create. Destroy. Build. Encourage. Inspire. Make others laugh. Make others cry. Touch people. How can we, as people, do that? With just 26 letters?

  We do that through the LORD. It’s God who guides our hands, our words, our voices, and it is the Lord who touches others through our writings. And we don’t have to go to the writing conventions to make an impact in this world. God will bring people into our lives He wants us to meet, and we don’t always have to go out and find them. God has a Plan. That’s pretty awesome.

    We, as writers, as artists, as musicians, as PEOPLE– have the power to help others, and hurt others. Being a writer is more than wishing to be published, to have writer friends or fans and all- being a writer is giving God the glory at all times. Being a writer is pushing on when you’re tired, and sad, and hurt, and angry; you don’t give up. You take the pain and you use it for good. This is for all people, for everyone. That’s life. It isn’t about fame and success. God doesn’t care about that. God cares about your heart. God cares about if you have total faith and trust in Him, and whether you give it your all.

    God has a plan. For you. For me. For each of us. There will be bumps in the roads, and twists and turns that we didn’t expect, and we’re gonna fall right off our scooter into a ditch. That’s cool. Get up. Get back on that scratched up scooter and keep on going. Ride for that sunset that’s waiting for you. Keep going until you see the morning sun.

  God is with us. God has given us gifts. We have the choice to use them, for the Lord’s glory and praise. Nothing can stand in our way, because Jesus is King.

  God bless.



July Camp NaNo, Week 3 |Morning Sun


I took this week offline, a hiatus from my laptop. I wrote 47 pages of Jump in my composition notebook. Which, I have yet to add up how much word count it is. Ha. But I am currently copying those pages onto my document.

Writing with a notebook and pencil is pretty cool. My head got on overdrive because I couldn’t write quite as fast as I think (I’m a fast keyboard typer), which got annoying. But it also was a nice break! I didn’t get distracted with Internet. Only… I may have gotten distracted with some other book ideas. Like, the WWII story, I wrote some in that. And the future world war story…. ANYWAY. I wrote about 30 pages in other projects, total. So, 73 pages in a week, not counting some poems I wrote.



Morning writing with a yummy protein smoothie!


My amazing Dad and me. 🙂


I am very, very happy to announce that on the 21st of this month, Matoska, our curly mare, had her baby!


She is the CUTEST, smallest thing! She has faint stripes on her legs, a curly tail and a curly coat, gray legs, and small white dots on her butt. She has Matoska’s appy eyes, too. 🙂 We named her Pa Mni (pronounced pah mini, basically), which means Bitter water. In the Bible, bitter water was used for healing. We’re going to call her Mini, she’s so small. ;D

So, Jump is going well. I am past 20,000, and am working on copying what I wrote by hand, onto the word doc. I am thinking this book will be novel length. I doubt I will have it finished by the end of this month, but I’m not worried. Excited, more like. Considering how absolutely crazy life has been, reaching my goal of 20,000 is good.

Snippets for Jump:


***Derek’s POV***

“Sam, let’s go through the papers.” Rene’ said, and Sam stacked the pile of newspapers on the table. Which made our booth look like a newspaper shop, but we had to work with it. We gobbled pizza down as we worked.

  That was how the next hour went. We scanned, searched, ate, and sighed.

We found nothing.

Article after article.

Nothing. No UFOs. No freak monsters. Nada.

  “I’ve never been on a news site this long in my entire life.” I moaned, eyes aching from all the screen scrolling.

“You’ve never been on a news site.” Sam muttered, flipping through the pages of his paper.

“Thus, you prove my point.”
“Maybe someone’s seen somethin’, but won’t publish it.” Rene’ suggested, leaning back.

“We can’t go door to door and ask ‘Good morning, have you seen any demons lately? Also, we’re not in the occult.’.” I said dryly. Rene’ rolled her eyes.

“Shut up.” Sam told me.


***Isaac’s POV***

The river wasn’t too busy, for such a hot day. A few people were lazily floating down the placid river in inner tubes, and some kids dived and yelled, playing. We parked on the dirt spot, where no one else was, and got our stuff. Ma sat on the bank in a fold-up chair, with Dad, both of them smiling as us kids took off into the cool water. Rene’ stayed with Rose near the bank, splashing at the water, while Rose laughed and splashed right back with glee. Vee and Tim sat onshore with Teddy, who watched the whole river with big, blue eyes.

I took Lynn exploring in the water. Big and little fish, sucker fish, tiger fish, and minnows, all swam and darted near our barefeet. We stood still, letting the fish nip our toes. Lynn shrieked with delight.

It wasn’t long till Rebecca and her family parked. Rebecca and her sister, Anna, got out and hurried down. “Isaac!” Rebecca grinned as she got in the water, her hair pulled in a pony tail. She wore a bright yellow swimsuit.

My ears must’ve turned red, by the knowing smirk Rene’ shot at me.



***Rene’s POV***

The pizza place wasn’t busy. Sam and Derek were at the corner booth, waiting for Isaac and I, with a beef pizza steaming before them. Isaac and I sat down beside them.

“No offense, but what the heck are we doing?” I asked, sipping a soda.

“Sitting.” Derek said blankly.
“Eating.” Isaac added, hiding a smirk.

“Guys. Really. What’s goin’ on?” I eyed Sam expectantly.

“We need to talk.” Sam bit into his pizza.

“About Mr. Fryer?”

“He told us we should leave this alone.” Sam replied, eyes narrow.


 Anyway, hopefully we don’t melt. It’s 105 degrees today. God bless!


Isn’t Mini ADORABLE?! How is your project? What do you think of Jump?