We are in 2020. A new decade, the roarin’ 20s, all that good stuff. A lot of people have done recaps of the previous decade, a highlight of 2019, but I’m not here to do any of that. Not really. I’m here to say goodbye.

In December 2013, I started a blog. It was pretty random, consisting of my own writings (I wrote a novella serial) and fangirling (I was obsessed with Khan from Star Trek, OK). It was a place I could share poetry (and consequently, have readers ask if I was emotionally OK) and my novella.

But it grew into so much more. The Peculiar Messenger was born and grew over the course of seven years. I learned things about life, writing, and blogging. I met new friends, lost friends, and grew closer to good friends. I started new social media accounts. I published books (and have yet to delete an entire manuscript since that serial novella was lost. Yay, me). I attended Realm Makers, a writer’s conference I only dreamed about back in 2016.

I have grown so much these past 7 years of blogging on this site, y’all. But now, it is time to say goodbye.

My partner in bookish crimes and sister in Christ, Kelly, surprised me with a whole new blog domain. I’ve been intending to do this for years and never got around to it. But now, it’s happening, thanks to Kell. And I MIGHT still be screaming.

My new blog and official author website is…


Click that big ol’ link and you can subscribe to my NEW website (and my newsletter, if you haven’t)! Isn’t this exciting?

Now, what all does this mean? Don’t worry–I am still blogging! But ALL new blog content will be on my official web page + blog! Be sure to follow the new one and join the newsletter. That being said… I have exciting changes!

I have GREAT blog content coming out in 2020, and I’m pumped to share it all. I’ll be spending more time on quality, original posts. And new services! One new feature is… book reviews! You heard me. I am launching a new service in which you guys can send me YOUR book in exchange for an honest review. Check out this page for more info.

And… that’s it. I’m moving blogs, pumping out killer content, and focusing on my editing services this year. I’m going to miss this blog, but seasons change. *cue FFDP in the background* I’m eager to see what else God has in store for me. I hope y’all join me as I enter this new season and start a new blog. Well, I mean, it is new, technically, even if I moved all this content over. 😛

Thank you, each and every one of you, for being supportive, following, commenting, liking, and being yourselves. May God bless your 2020!

See ya on the new blog, God bless!





Let’s shake things up! I’ve no clue who will actually play this with me BUT I hope y’all do. 😛 We’re gonna play a Christmas “this or that?” edition… and I’m tossing it together all by myself. So. Enjoy.


Cookies or pie?

Chocolate chip cookies and milk, you uncultured swine. (*whispers* sorry Dean)

Hot coco or eggnog?

HOT COCO? DUH? Though I’ve never tried eggnog because… ew?

Old Christmas songs or new Christmas songs?

I’m a mix of both, I guess…? I don’t like that “Santa Baby” song but I adore For King & Country’s Christmas album so fight me.

White Christmas or Australian Christmas?

I need a white Christmas, y’all. So very bad. But I live in the South. So Tennessee is still very brown. And dead. And there’s green grass out in the field? Even though it’s dropped below freezing? (Maybe I should go visit my friends up north. Or something.)

Tree decorating or bedroom decorating?

I looooove decorating the tree with my family. I also love having lights up in my room. But honestly, I’ll probably make lights in my room a year round thing. So. Tree decorating. (And I looove my ornaments.)

Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

This one is tough! I’ll go with morning, though. We don’t do gifts on Christmas Eve, but we do a finger food feast, which is fabulous. Christmas morning is full of unwrapping gifts, coffee, ooh-ing over things, insisting to get photos, and helping the kids play with their loot. Of course, Christmas morning means it’s over, and usually someone in the family declares “now we just have another 364 days till Christmas!”. So.

Home Alone or Elf?

Elf. I… never truly realllyyy liked the Home Alone movies. Oops.

Hallmark or Mitch Rapp novels?

HA! I’ve barely watched any Hallmark this year and I’m dying to keep reading the Rapp series. They just… *happy sigh* put me in the winter spirit, for some reason.

Ugly sweater or pretty outfit?

I’m a total sucker for pretty Christmas outfits even if I don’t have them, but, y’know.

Go caroling or act in a nativity scene?

Carolingggggg. Unless we’re talking about that scene in Daddy’s Home 2. *evil cackling*

Be stuck in an airport during a blizzard (on Christmas) or home alone (on Christmas)?

The airport idea sounds the funnest for a novel idea but I don’t like being in hell, so let’s go with home alone. Like a loner. A loser. Why would I be home alone? Did my family forget me? Who knows. But I’ll be making cookies, watching The Office Christmas episodes, and crying!

Read the story of Jesus on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

We do it Christmas Eve! ♥

Gift bags or wrapping paper?



And here are the funzies for you to copy/paste and answer in the comments!

Cookies or pie?

Hot coco or eggnog?

Old Christmas music or new Christmas music?

White Christmas or Australian Christmas?

Tree decorating or bedroom decorating?

Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Home Alone or Elf?

Hallmark or Mitch Rapp novels?

Ugly sweater or pretty outfit?

Go caroling or act in a nativity scene?

Be stuck in an airport during a blizzard (on Christmas) or home alone (on Christmas)?

Read the story of Jesus on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

Gift bags or wrapping paper?

Feel free to add your own! ♥

God bless,




I’ve never had an artificial tree before this year. We always enjoyed the family tradition of either cutting down a tree ourselves from our land, and when those pines grew too tall, we would go choose the best tree at a tree lot.

Well, in the middle of a move and with mom’s health pretty rough, we decided to do an artificial tree for our official tree.

I’d put my little artificial tree up in our camper so I could have some Christmas cheer + a nice place for my Insta Christmas theme. But just last night, we put up a 7.5 ft artificial tree in the big house–the house still isn’t completely finished building and all. We did the hardwood flooring this week in the bottom two rooms so there’s space to kinda “live in”–aka, we can have the tree up, put gifts under it, etc. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

The tree was pretty ugly. I didn’t come out till it was halfway “unfolded” or whatever y’all call it. Kody laughed, telling me it looked like a stick. I helped finish it. And if you were completely clueless like me… the tree limbs have to be pulled apart, one by one. Big limbs, then little ones, move ’em around, spruce ’em up, you get the idea. Well, as we were fixing it, I go, “You know what I just thought of? That thing where God knows every hair on our heads? What if He’s like that with trees and alllll of their little branches?”

And for some reason, it astounded me. Sure, you think about God painting every sunset, but that’s pretty. Trees? Not so… “wowing”. Every single tree, even the skinny, tiny, ugly ones? Every single branch? Kinda mundane to think God put so much effort into a skinny tree that’s not super strong or even beautiful to us. And, what about all the trees we never even see?

But it was such a random, cool thought, y’all. It was neat fluffing out artificial tree and bringing it to life. And it was insane to remember that God puts just as much care and enjoyment into each of us. Am I comparing humans to trees? Maybe. ;P But think about it. Whether we’re strong, weak, big, little… overlooked or sacred… God loves us. He loved us even before He created us in flesh and blood. He came to this earth as a baby boy and died for our sins.

To God, nothing is mundane. The Bible says God know when even a sparrow falls. No matter what is going on in our lives, let’s try to be a bit more like trees, yeah? Let’s stand strong in the storm without snapping or falling. Let’s reach higher to God and let His Light and Love help us grow.

Because life isn’t easy lately, y’all. I’ve had some plans change, some I’m pretty bummed about. But I must focus on growing and becoming who God wants me to be. It helps to take a step back in life and remember how big this world is, how big God is, and then… certain things don’t seem so bad. Or if they are still bad, at least I remember I belong to a pretty powerful God. ♥

Merry Christmas, friends. I hope this rather strange post was encouraging. God bless!



I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you want a good read, I’ve got good news. I’ve got a BOOK sale going on! Ebook copies of SeekThe Divided Nation, and The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon are 99c each! Now is the perfect time to save a few dollars on these wild reads. And, the sale lasts until Dec. 4th.


Not sold yet?

Seek follows the story of a young woman seeking healing after years and years of abuse from her adopted sister. She gets caught up in disaster when a gang leader targets her–and she doesn’t even know why! Full of humor, heartfelt themes, and action, this thriller is dear to my heart. (This one has major fall vibes, too, and even has fun scenes with the Oktoberfest!)

The Divided Nation takes place during the Second Civil War. Politicians protect the rich and gangs ravage the rest. One town remains, but they’ll be destroyed if they cannot form alliance with one of the largest gangsters in the US. A thrilling, thought-provoking novel with some snark and brotherhood bonds throughout. (Also, this one made my mom cry, and she never cries. She reads hundreds–literally–of books a year.) (This one is also pretty seasonal, too.)

The Thief, The Damsel, and the Dragon is a clean, cute Christian romance with a small twinge of mystery and snark woven throughout. A short read perfect for tea time!

Emmanuel and Homeward, two of my short stories, are both FREE and climbing the top 100 ranks on Amazon again! Homeward is a short story in honor of those lost to suicide. Emmanuel is a short Christmas story prequel to The Infidel Books. They’re fast, moving reads and permafree!

Thanks so much, y’all! Let’s see if we can get one of these novels to the top 100, yeah?

God bless,




Whether you are an American and are mourning the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01, or you live in another country and this event is foreign to you, I encourage us all to take a day and remember our pasts.

History is weighed heavy with tragedies… most of them so “far away” we grow numb to them. Do not grow numb. Do not forget. History is very much alive because we are currently making it. There is wisdom to be found from the past.

And I don’t know about you guys, but this world is quickly falling.

We have justified murder when it was once a thing to be wept over.

And that’s what happens when we forget. When we forget the past and become numb to it, anything can happen. Terrible things can be accepted… as we’re doing now.

The only hope for this world is US. You. Me. Stop forgetting. Stop ignoring. Stop sitting idly. The world needs us. God needs us to act as His servants, as His bold lions of courage, not as scared sheep who beg to be saved from the pain we have caused.

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