Goodbye January | 2017


I know I basically fell off the blog the whole month… Heh. Sorry about that. But it won’t happen again! I really want to be consistent with blogging. Why? Because it’s my outlet. And instead of focusing too much on other things, I want to really get in the groove of focusing on constructive things. I want this blog to hold writings and posts that mean something. I want it to be a place where I can regularly share my stuff. So, I have some subjects and things to tackle, and I’ll be working on them from here on out! Unless I get kidnapped by some weird creature who takes me off to Narnia. In which case…. Later, pals. Just kidding.

A new year, a new title for my monthly recap posts. 🙂 Usually, I call these monthly things ‘highlights’, but from now on, it’s going to be different. ANYWAY. I KNOW THIS IS LATE but shh, it’s fine. It’s fine. My excuse? I was sick with a bad virus since Monday. I’m just starting to feel like a functioning human today. So, that’s why this is late. 😦 But hey, I’m alive!

So, onto the monthly recap thingie. This month was kind of rough… but Yahweh was with us.

Lovely Life

My sweet chicken, Nai, died on the 24th. She was going on 3 years this year… During the snow earlier this month, Nai’s feet got bad frostbitten (she couldn’t walk and it was hard for her to move around with her wings). Well, we took her inside because of another frost, and when I went to take her back out to her cage… I found she had passed away. I really miss her. She was a very good chicken. Very sweet, motherly, and she amused Ma and I. I miss not seeing her out our kitchen window. But I’m glad she’s warm in birdie heaven now.


It snowed. Which… is also the only post I did this month, but look at it.

GUESS WHO’S NOW OFFICIALLY A GOLD BELT?! I earned my gold belt! This was a really happy note for me this month. And another reason why I disappeared from blogging, haha. I had been working super hard all month for the belt test. I did great! It went well, and I didn’t get nervous at all! Thank the Lord.


Kody and I are working on our gardens. The raised beds are coming along nice! We found some worms, and Reyna held them, so that was fun, too. And slightly unnerving- one worm was so big, it was sliding over this chunk of dirt, and looked oddly like a snake. Eesh. Lol!


Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America. My family and I have been praying for this man and his family, along with Mr. Pence and his family… that Yahweh protects them, gives them wisdom and courage, and that Yahweh is with us, the American people. Yahweh is bigger than anything- and we are a Nation under GOD!
I am so happy and glad that Yahweh gave us this chance. We all made a choice. I pray that we can all make America great again! God bless America.


I put up the shelf in my closet. I did it all by myself! Dad showed me how. It was a bit trickier than I thought to hold the screw steady, lol, but I got it. 😉

I got sick for a week. Ugh. Since Monday. And now… my whole family is sick. Some of us are feeling a little better but… if you could keep us in your prayers, we’d appreciate it!

We went to a Beekeeper’s Workshop in town (which had like, 80 other folks. So..). Somehow, we got no pictures, but it seriously lasted all day. Oh my gosh. And I won a bee hive box! So, yay! I really love honey, but to be honest with you, bees kinda freak me out… so…

Our neighbor’s forest was on fire. Some idiot was lighting firecrackers on the windiest day imaginable… it was pretty bad. And very scary. The fire was coming towards our house. The neighbor’s were very close, so it was basically our backyard…. we were pretty scared, but we were praying. Praying praying praying. We came home and packed clothes and valuables. There was nothing we could do to get the horses out of there- we knew we would have to set them all lose on the property. Which meant we probably would have lost some of them (the baby mustangs, mostly…)… We were just praying. The local fire department came and was just standing there… then the bull dozers got there. The fire dep. set some controlled fires and bulldozed some paths to stop the fire. They got it under control. In the end, our neighbors home and them came out safe, and so did we. Praise God! Yahweh definitely showed us His hand… and He showed me something else, too. But I’ll write another post on that.

Image may contain: sky, grass, outdoor and nature

We have a pair of bald eagles near by! This is so crazy and AMAZING! One swooped over us one day and I was calling for Dad. Kody and I knew it wasn’t our hawk, or any buzzard.. it was too big. And had a white head, haha. And then a few days later, we were all out blowing our shofars, and we saw TWO of them! It was soo sweet. I got a picture (though not many good ones. They fly very fast and I can’t zoom in close…)!




Listened to:

Lord Of Glory, by Twenty One Pilots

Lane Boy, by Twenty One Pilots feat. Mutemath (AHHH. YOO.)

Thief, by Imagine Dragons


And the whole ‘Happiness‘ album by the wonderful Hurts. Haha. Help me. ;D (Seriously. Can someone play ‘Confide In Me’ super loud and dance with me? I just like that song. Lots.)  ALSO SKILLET’S NEW ALBUM, UNLEASHED. If you haven’t heard it, LISTEN TO IT. ALL OF IT. It is amazing.

We also watched The Magnificent Seven again! Well, I didn’t finish it the second time because I couldn’t stand the end again… I seriously love this movie. I have not gotten to watch the original but that will happen. I also need to watch Silverado (because we love Kevin Costner). Personally, The Magnificent Seven was like, the only good movie that came from 2016…

Image result for the magnificent seven

Look at them. *teary eyed* This movie was so good.

Bookish Worm

I read 13 books this month! Which is pretty good. I’m glad I read constantly at the beginning of the month, because then I got sick.


Forgive the scribble. That’s a book I read in February 2017. Haha.

Favorite Fiction: Well, Maccabee counts, it is historical/Biblical fiction… Maccabee was amazing. Everyone needs to read it. And The Little Prince about brought me to tears. I really love that little book.

Favorite Nonfiction: Both books of the Bible, of course. 😉 I read Ezekiel and John. Also, the Native American warrior and Black Elk Speaks were both pretty cool.


The World Of Writing

The month of January wasn’t a huge writing month. I did start revising Seek again. In Seek, I wrote a little over 3,000 words. Which means I revised and rewrote…  And I stopped printing pages. *sigh* Why? Well, because as the chapters went on, I sort of kept getting pages that looked like this…


So. Haha. That’s not amazing. So, I’ve stopped printing pages, and am taking what I have so far and rewriting on the computer (also, it’s cheaper, of course). It is going pretty well! I’m trying to take it slow. My plan is to take it chapter by chapter, rearrange chapters and make them shorter as I go back, revise, and rewrite. I’ll be revising the whole book, and I think I have a plan for it…. but that’s for another post! 😀 For now, I’m praying and I am ready to work hard. God is with me!

This month, I also started writing a story for my brother Kody. He and I plotted it together! He’s letting me write it, and chapter by chapter, he’ll read it and we’ll work on it. 🙂 It is a wild wist, cowboy story. It’s really fun! I haven’t gotten too far in it, but here’s a snippet!


The Illusive Six



“Ah. Well.” Caleb frowned, glancing at me.The bugger didn’t ask me my name, in fact, he hadn’t spoken to me once since Levy had saved his sorry hide. So, I promptly decided I wasn’t going to acknowledge his existence until he found his manners. If he had any. I watched the bartender pour some whiskey for a customer instead.

 “You cheated!”

A loud, angry voice from a table to my left made me turn in my seat, eyebrows raised. Levy craned his neck to see.

  The voice belonged to a tall young man with short brown hair, who wore a white button up, brown leather vest, and chaps over brown cotton pants. The man slapped his hand of cards down on the old, weathered round table at which he was seated. The table was covered in cards and money, showing me the game was a serious one. Other men sat at the table with the brown haired man. A dark haired man with the start of a beard glanced at him, a small smirk tugging on his lips.

“You cheated!” The brown haired man shouted again, face twisted in anger as he gestured at a Mexican man across from him. The Mexican man was shorter, smaller, but he sat straight with defiance, his dark brown eyes wide.
“I did not cheat!” The Mexican man exclaimed, holding his hands up slightly, his hand of cards facing himself. As soon as he spoke, a card slid out from under his brown leather coat. He stared down at his chest, watching the card waft down to his boots. A brief look of disbelief came to his face.

“Son of a-” The brown haired man shot up from out of his seat, and as he did, he drew a long barreled revolver from his side. The man aimed the wooden butted gun toward the Mexican man, face furious and body tense. Finger on the trigger. The Mexican man jerked up in the same instant, pulling out two identical pistols from his belt.The Mexican man aimed at the brown haired man’s chest, his eyes wide and fingers ready.  

The click of the hammers being pulled back made the whole saloon freeze. The men stood there, unmoving, guns aimed. The saloon was silent. Watching. Waiting.


Well, that’s a snippet of The Illusive Six. I’m enjoying it, haha. I hope y’all like the snippet- tell me what you think! =D


My Nook

I didn’t actually blog all month. Wowzers. But here’s my only little post of January, 2017. Handle it with care. Lol!

Snow Day, 2017!

Also, I will be trying to clean up the blog design. I don’t like the choppy look of the header right now. And the pages all need to be updated and for some reasons, pictures don’t want to load? Is this just me? Can y’all see the pictures on the pages and posts? But I’ll be trying to get what I can squared away, haha.

Be sure to stay tuned to the blog! I’ve got some nice posts coming up. 😀

Fantastic Folks

Well, this section is new, too. xD New is good, though!

Faith wrote this little poem that I thought was neat and pretty cool!

Collin wrote this inspiring post about Yeshua returning and us being ready, which was inspiring and awesome.

Kellyn Roth tells us what we need to do to survive as an author…. and she did a great job. xD

Jesseca wrote an amazing post that I agree very strongly with… and it’s just amazing and what I pray to do. =D



January is over, but 2017 is just begun. January was a rough month, but Yahweh is with us. The darkness can blind us so easily, but Elohim won’t abandon us. We have to look UP… and have faith. It can be hard. But there is so much more than what we see. Yahweh is with us! When our flesh is weak, our hearts are strong. Step by step, we keep going.

 Scripture of the month

… in my ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. -John 16:33

YHVH bless!




3 thoughts on “Goodbye January | 2017

  1. Amazing post! I love how you covered all the bases and told us about everything you did … so amazing!
    Sorry about your chicken! I always feel so awful when any animal I own dies. 😦
    Ah, I was on the list! I WAS ON THE LIST!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (sorry, these things require serious celebration!) Anyway, I love that post, too. I was inspired, you know, by God. As in that post by Jesseca. *nods*
    Seriously, though, it was just a lot of goofing off. XD What I won’t do for a laugh …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! =D I had a lot of catching up to do, lol. 😉
      Thank you. She was a good girl. And gave the BIGGEST eggs. She gave frequent double yolks haha. 😉
      YESS OF COURSE YOU WERE!! LOL, that’s awesome. You’re awesome. =) And hey, goofball or not, you give good stuff. ;D

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, we’ve had chickens like that. One of mine used to follow me everywhere, but she got old and died.
        I don’t know about that, but it was fun to write. 🙂


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