Spring Suns And Snowy Days

Hello dear readers! Today, I shall be sharing ‘some’ (alright, ‘a lot’) of my recent photography. I hope you enjoy the photos!

DSCN0092 (6)DSCN0038 (6)

DSCN0103 (6)

DSCN0115 (6)

DSCN0108 (6)

A rainbow blur!

DSCN0399 (4)

The sunset when I was ‘dissecting’ dinner…

DSCN0377 (3)

The sky is so, so beautiful. Always changing. And yet- always there. Steadfast. Every season changes, every color shades different- but it is always above.

Spring is here! It also snowed here, last Saturday…. so, yes. Spring time and snow.


Honey bee



DSCN0298 (4)


DSCN0056 (6)

DSCN0392 (4)





DSCN9891 (8)

Snow/sleet. It actually snowed pretty good, but I didn’t get any pics.

DSCN0279DSCN0286DSCN0315 (4)DSCN0288 (4)

DSCN9831 (5)


DSCN9949 (5)

Moon (Super Moon, in Feb.)

DSCN0262 (4)DSCN0224

DSCN0173 (7)



And here are a few ‘people’ pictures, too. 😉

Kody let his chickens out (the first picture above), so he was shepherding them… sadly, we left for a day, and when we came back, we found one chicken had been taken. We figure that the neighbor’s dog came and snatched it… 😦 RIP chicken.

ALSO: be sure to check out my post about the USEWF CHAMPIONSHIPS! I won first place in the kata, and I am still pretty baffled, haha. Well, I’d better be going. I have writing to do! I hope you liked the pictures. God bless!


Which of these photos did you like best? Did it snow where you are (in SPRING)?


8 thoughts on “Spring Suns And Snowy Days

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