Though I didn’t sign up for Eliza Noel’s undergoing blog tour for her middle grade release, Dawn Chandler, I did receive an ARC copy. I’ll be sharing my review and some info because there is a GIVEAWAY you don’t wanna miss. 🙂




Dawn Chandler likes the way her life is— or was. She liked going to the mall with her best friend, excelling at middle school, and attending church with her family. Typical life for a twelve-year-old in the city of Fresno.

When Dawn’s parents announced they were going to homeschool her, on her birthday no less, she felt like her world was falling apart. Normal kids are supposed to go to school, not read books at home. To make matters worse, they may be leaving the only home she’s ever known. 

What are her parents thinking?

Before making the final moving decision, the Chandler family visits Lone Pine, a small town between Mt. Whitney and Death Valley. While there, Dawn and her siblings become acquainted with their eccentric great uncle, explore the new area, and meet a large homeschooling family. All of this makes the ‘vacation’ more bearable. Still, Dawn isn’t sure if she can make the move and leave everything she’s familiar with behind.

Can Dawn learn the values of faith, family, and contentment?


PRE-ORDER: You can pre-order the Kindle version of Dawn Chandler. Send Eliza Noel a screenshot of your receipt and if you’re one of the first ten to pre-order, she will send you a Lone Pine postcard.



image1 (1) (2).jpeg

Eliza Noel is a home school graduate with passion for Jesus, people, and literature. Growing up, her favorite books were always Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, and Pride and Prejudice. Around age twelve she wanted to read something with positive values in a modern setting, but couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she wrote it.

When not doing something book-related (reading, writing, blogging, bookstagramming), Eliza works at her day jobs, spends time with her many younger siblings, longboards, has coffee with friends, eats chocolate, and listens to music. California is home, but she would like to travel more and feels she could learn to be content anywhere.

You can follow her writing journey and see snippets of her everyday life on elizanoelauthor.blogspot.com or by following @elizanoelauthor on social media.



One winner will get all of the following book-themed prizes. (U.S. only).
  • Signed paperback of Dawn Chandler
  • Medium Urban Crow Fresno Sweatshirt
  • Kids of Glory CD
  • Snowball Express DVD
  • Dawn Chandler Book Keychain

  • Lone Pine Postcard


And check out the actual blog tour when you’re visiting her post!



FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a free ARC ecopy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.



The story is well-paced and sweet, and since I knew which directions the story would take, that made it a fluffy read. The plot is great for middle grade girls looking for a inspiring stories about friendships and faith, though it’s a uplifting read for anyone!


This story isn’t preachy at all with great doses of faith and kindness. The main character, Dawn, learns to have grace and faith in the Lord during trials. The Biblical messages were nothing short of encouraging!


The cast of this novella is a large one and a refreshing dose of reality–homeschool families not being Amish-like? Count me in, dude. The characters are well-rounded, humorous, and understandable.


Absolutely clean.


I enjoyed reading this novella. It was cute and I definitely hope there is a second book! If you enjoy middle grade, cute stories, or a big of a refreshing read for your summer TBR, check this one out.



That’s all for now, but expect a killer blog post this Saturday! I’m going through a rather emotional time but regardless, more posts are heading your way and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

God bless!



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