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Go forth.


For Angel, life was very much a lovely gift- but there were parts of it that she preferred to leave in the dark. She knew God had a path for her, and she was willing to follow. Angel didn’t quite see any path that would take her on the run with two complete strangers, with a dark, sly gang on their backs. Of course, we don’t always see things like God does, and His ways are better than ours. Even if it seems crazy.

Angel, Eli, and Asher can’t stop now, because they’re each in too deep. They can’t see the road ahead. They’ll fall if they look behind. All they can do, is get out of the boat and walk on the water. And keep their eyes on the Light.

Genre: Young adult Christian

Status: final edit

Camp NaNo, July 2016, Post!

Camp NaNo, April 2017, Week 1, Week 2,




I told Michelle that we knew the Truth.

Michelle kept laughing. I could not speak to her. There was nothing to speak to. She just laughed. The Things danced behind her dark brown eyes. Haughtily and hating, they danced. I could not fight them with my words.

  The world went black.

I was sitting in a small photo booth. The curtain to my side was yellow. There was no screen in front of me. The seat was hard beneath me. 

Michelle sat to my right. She was still grinning. The same hot hatred burned and shimmered and glared in those eyes. I felt fear rise in my throat. Fear.


 “I know the Truth. You can’t lie.” I said.

Michelle was laughing, and I tried to move, but I could not. I saw a blade flick from her hand. I couldn’t move, still. Michelle’s eyes chewed me up and spat me out, like I was her prey.

I was.

Nothing existed except that silver blade.

Michelle pounced. She did not need to speak, her actions spoke louder. And I was deaf as she lunged at me in the booth, with the knife in her hand, ready to plunge it into me. I grabbed her arm, her wrist, holding her back. Michelle pushed me out of the booth.

I was falling, tumbling, and I felt no pain. Past the curtain, in a blur where the world around me was just darkness and gold. Gold.

I was hanging upside down from the booth, disconnected.

Michelle was no longer a threat. I didn’t know if she was there, or gone.

All I saw was a Man.

A man. My eyes slowly saw his two legs; he was jst standing there above me. The figure reached out a hand.
There was no danger. There was no demons. No fear. No hidden blades. No laughter.

 Just a man that stood there. I did not see his face.

I was safe.

   I awoke with a start. I stared, eyes adjusting to the darkness. Light poured from the cracked bathroom door. I swallowed, completely still. Where was I?

The hotel. Eli. Asher. The bar…