Kellyn Roth’s The Lady Of The Vineyard Blog Tour: Author Interview


Hello, folks! Kellyn Roth, author of The Dressmaker’s Secret, has published her newest novella, The Lady of The Vineyard! Yay! So, Kellyn is doing a blog tour. 🙂 It started on the 8th, and goes on till the 12th (Monday). 🙂 Today, I’m going to be doing a book review, and an author interview! This is the author interview. 🙂



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1: When did you begin to write?

I don’t know! I’ve been jotting down poetry and songs for as long as I can remember … even before that, my mother or big sisters would write down things I made up! I started writing short stories when I was about seven and switched to full-length novels a few years later. 🙂


2: Do you believe that your writing is a gift from Yeshua? If so, do

you view it as a blessing?

I do believe that it is! And it’s definitely a blessing. How could anything that comes from God not be!?


3: Do you think writing is one of the callings Yehovah has placed for you?

I do. I don’t believe I’d want to do it this badly (and be able to actually accomplish it) if it wasn’t! I guess there’s sin nature, though … so that’s something to think about. *is suddenly nervous* *shakes it off* Yeah, it’s one of my callings! 🙂


4: Is writing something that helps you seek answers, and have stronger faith/strength/etc.?

Would you believe that digging through the Bible trying to find Bible verses to quote for The Dressmaker’s Secret (my first novel) got me reading the Bible consistently? Well, it did, and I read it every night now!

And … there have been other things. It seems that whenever I convert a character I get converted myself. I have also noticed that stating my opinions strengthen them.


5: Do you find writing a journey? How so?

Hmm … well, a story is a journey a character makes. I tend to get super-involved in my characters while writing a book, so I take the journey with them!


6: Where did you find the story for ‘The Lady Of The Vineyard’, and

what does this book mean to you?

TLOTV comes from an earlier draft of TDS (first novel). It wasn’t even a draft back then, I guess. It was just the idea. It’s changed soooo much since then … it’s unrecognizable and the books have very little in common now!


7: What are some things that are necessary for you in order to write?

Hmm … not much, really. I’m one of those persons who will write anywhere, anyplace, anytime. As long as I have a computer with a document up or a piece of paper and a pen or pencil (or a bit of charcoal … I’m not picky!), I’m good to go!


8: When you share your writing with others, is there any message or

lesson you pray that will be a Light to them?

Not so much as with other Christian authors, I believe. I write primarily to give people a glance into human nature, the way the world works, etc.

However, being a strong Christian, I obviously think human nature and the world is influenced in big ways by God. So although I’m not exactly trying to draw sinners to Jesus (which should truly be my primary objective in a big way), I’m trying to portray the truth as well as I can, even if it’s subtle and not directly about God.

I used to just think I was writing for people’s entertainment, but this has been my goal since recently. 🙂


9: As a writer and a Follower of the Lord, do you pray that your

writing will glorify Him?

Definitely! I want to portray a real world (a world where parents divorce, for instance), but I want to portray it in a clean way that honors the Lord. It says in the Bible that, “The truth will set you free” and again, “[Jesus is] the way the truth and the life.” So I’d say truth is my primary objective here? But truth a mom wouldn’t blush to give her 12-year-old. 🙂

  1. Every writer has their quirks (honestly, I think we’re all a bit

crazy, and there is no other way…); what are some of the things you

call on as quirks because you’re a writer?

Ugh … don’t make me say! XD

Seriously, though, I suppose one of them is multi-perspective. I love all my characters and to cut off one of their opinions or thoughts would be evil in my mind. So I tend to write from multiple POVs all at once and none of them strict. This obviously drives some people crazy and lowers ratings on my novels!

And … there are other things. Like crafting a complex, beautiful, fantastic sentence and then realize no one can understand it but me. Or insisting on basically changing the entire plot to make one character happy in a way that is most inconvenient and unbelievable. Just because I’m so attached to that character! *screams of frustration*


11: When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy the most about living life?

I’m a writer … I don’t have a life …


Just kidding! I definitely do. Hmm … I really enjoy animals, especially my cats and dogs and cows and chickens. And I love horses to death! Not having one is going to kill me (not really).

But what do I enjoy most about life? That’s a toughie. I would say writing, but you kind of cut me off on that one. I guess other than writing there’s always reading … but that’s sort of the same thing … more or less. 😛

So what about bungee-jumping? Not that I’ve ever tried it, but it sounds like fun!


12: What dreams (or goals…) for life do you have right now?

Like, at this moment? Well, writing-wise, I want to finish Ivy Introspective (the sequel to The Dressmaker’s Secret) in May. No, not May 2017. May 2016. XD

As far as other stuff, I want to get all the hours I need for driving (100 in all to be gotten before August 12th 2017!). I also want to keep on reading the Bible and praying. And I want to get my new puppy, Riley, trained.

In the more-distant-ness, I want to get a job and work. I don’t really want to go to college … it’d be my dream to get married pretty young. Then I want to live in the country and have lots of cows, a few horses, some border collies, some cats, and maybe … oh, ten kids. And a husband, of course!

I also want to become a graphics/cover-designer and a better historian. If I did go to college, I’d take courses in history and graphics-design (if there is such a thing).


13: Is writing a ‘lock self away in room and speak to no one’ thing

for you, or do you need the encouragement and support (and

brainstorming!) from family and friends?

Both? I can be private sometimes, but I really like to be able to bounce my ideas off other people and have them comment. I particularly like to do so at sleepovers, so … don’t become my friend in real life. Trust me, it’s for your own good … 😉


14: What are your dreams for being a writer?

Well, right now, I just want to finish Ivy Introspective! I seem to be of a frame of mind that finishing that book would end the world! That’s right; when Ivy Introspective is written, Jesus is coming back! Are you ready?! 😛

Okay, I shouldn’t joke about that. But … yeah, that kind of seems to be my frame of mind, writing-wise, at the moment.

However, to finish The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy (the series which The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective are a part of) is my main objective, though I tend to let other things [read “stories”] get in the way. Anyway, after I finish The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, it seems as if unheard of things could take place … I could actually go bungee-jumping, perhaps!


15: What is one book that you have written that really called to you?

What is one book you have not written, but really calls to you to

write it?

Well, I haven’t written all that many books (to completion that is; I’ve written many halfway through or a quarter way through or almost all the way through … I never finish a full-length novel until NaNoWriMo, though). I suppose The Dressmaker’s Secret did, though not until the second draft. 😉

One book that really wants to be written is At Her Fingertips (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 3). I’ve got to finish Ivy Introspectivefirst, though …


Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Kellyn! 😀 Congratulations on your novella, and publishing it. Thanks for bein’ here. 🙂



Kellyn Roth lives with her parents, two little brothers, incredibly needy cat, and faithful border collie Gidget on a ranch in the country. She’s a Christian, country girl, and professional skydiver (yes, we are playing two truths and a lie here). Ever since she could talk, she had a fascination with words, always making up songs and poems. Now a homeschooled highschooler, she spends her spare time (away from the real world) writing novels when she’s not procrastinating or blogging (which is just a higher form of procrastination) at


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