12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Songs



Faith P. at Stories by Firefly is doing a blog link-up for 12 Days of Christmas! There are 6 days till Christmas, so obviously I’ve missed some of the days for the thingie, but better late than never, right! 😀  I’m super excited for Christmas, so the link-up is a fun way to find other Christmas-enthusiasts and ramble about stuff on my own! =) So here goes. ♥

Today, I’ll be listing and talking about my favorite Christmas songs. There a lot of them. So I will go ahead and kinda give the ones that of course my family and I love, because who doesn’t? Jingle Bells, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Silver Bells, O Holy Night, Joy To The World, Do You Hear What I Hear, White Christmas, Walking In A Winter Wonderland… OK, maybe I’m going overboard on the ‘basic’ Christmas songs that are just always there and amazing! 😀

Mary, Did You Know?

This song, done by Pentatonix, is one of the most chilling, beautiful Christmas songs to me. I loved it last year, but this year…. Every time I hear it, I get goosebumps and tear up. It’s a really amazing song, because the lyrics are just downright powerful. This is a song we all love.

 Silent Night

Again, preformed by Pentatonix, but I don’t really know any other versions. This song has always kinda been one in the background, but it is pretty catchy. I like the tone of it- softer, peaceful. As if you’re in the shed with Mary, Joseph, Messiah, and the animals. For me, at least, it’s like being frozen in that moment. It’s a nice song.

 We Three Kings

Another song with cool lyrics that are nice to sing along with.

That’s Christmas To Me

Definitely an awesome Christmas song! 😀

Carol Of The Bells

This song is absolutely epic. The perfect way to end this list. =)


This was fun! My family and I love music, and Christmas music, it’s limitless! 🙂 But the ones I listed are my absolute lovelies. 😉 It’s funny, because Silent Night makes me thoughtful and think of soothing stuff. And Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Carol of The Bells makes me wanna go through and steal from the rich to give the poor a nice Christmas. *cough* See, music is powerful!

 Also, my blog’s 3rd anniversary is this month amidst the awesome Christmas-ness! Send in questions for the Q&A vlog! =D You have until the 25th (CHRISTMAS DAY) to send ’em in! I’ll be doing the vlog on the 30th. 🙂 Send your questions here. Thanks again! *hands out hot coco and fudge*

 It’s about 20 degrees or so here today! Frost, frozen horse waters… And no snow. But I’m still optimistic! =D We may get a white Christmas yet. ♥

Image may contain: horse, outdoor and nature

My Taloowa girl is FILTHY! LOL.

Image may contain: christmas tree, dog, tree and indoor

Waylon and the tree! 🙂

Other stops on the linkup… 

Six days till Christmas!  YHVH bless.

Merry Christmas!


What are a few of your beloved Christmas songs? Like any of these? Is it cold where you are?


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