COVER REVEAL! | The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon

I am so excited today because I can finally share the cover for my summer novella The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon with y’all! I don’t have a publish date for this baby yet, but no worries, it will come this summer! I’m working hard at it and have trust in God to help me.

But enough words! It’s time for the cover reveal! And I won’t be making y’all scroll down, ha. Or am I lying?


Ha! *coughs* Right. Well… I reveal to y’all… the COVER.





*throws confetti* Isn’t it lovely?! I’m pretty pleased with it! =)

It was kind of a ‘dragon’ for me to do…  I couldn’t decide what the cover needed to be. Before I took the drastic measure of going and talking to my next door neighbor (long story, don’t ask, haha) — the next day or so, it started pouring rain… And I tossed a big coat over me like a makeshift umbrella, took my camera, and went out. Basically, most of the photos I got were terrible and I waited till it stopped raining afterwards, finally getting this picture! I was pretty soaked and the coat was worse, but it was worth it. 😛 And, big thanks and hugs to Kell for her help and tips so I was less goldfish brained about making this!

My point is: I enjoyed the storm. Literally and figuratively. I was praising God for giving me this chance for snapping this picture during the hard rain and while wading through squishy puddles under my feet. That’s how life should be, right? Through the messy rain and uneven ground, we can always trust God and praise Him for His Goodness!

The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. – Psalm 121:5-6

A HUGE thanks to the lovely folks who joined me in celebrating the cover reveal! Be sure to check them out below and have fun! =D I enjoyed y’all’s posts SO, SO much, they made me so glad! Thank y’all for being amazing! *hands out all of y’all’s favorite foods*

Erika @ Resting Life

Faith @ Stories By Firefly!

Kellyn @ Reveries Reviews 

Michaela @ Tangled Up In Writing

Allison @ Allison’s Well

Liz @ Home With The Hummingbirds

Sara @ Twitter + Instagram

This novella will be releasing this summer! I’m working hard to finish it up soon… but the Indie publishing process is like being on a big ship, and sailor vocabulary meaning nothing to you (what’s a ‘starboard’ or ‘helm’?), and the rain is pouring down and you can’t tell North from South. Still… God is in control! Everything in life is a time to learn. Publishing has been a crazy but fun journey! I can’t wait to have this baby published for y’all.

God bless,

– Angela R. Watts



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