graphic jump

I am very excited to say that the second draft of my novel JUMP was successfully printed! I’m pretty happy with how the copies turned out – they have some faults but I was expecting those and just wanted it printed. And IT SMELLS SO GOOD, Y’ALL. SO. SO. GOOD.


I like the cover pretty well – the black and white vibe works for the story. It’s actually a photo I took of the North Carolina mountains and JUMP takes place in NC. So…

I got two copies, one for myself to pet and look at, the second for my family to read. I hope they like it.

JUMP also takes place during summer so I did try to pretend it was at least sprint outside… but nope. Too windy. Tennessee weather, y’all. Good grief.


As you can see, the title on the spine is a smidge off from the center but I knew it wouldn’t align correctly after a few tries. I’m fine with it though. Formatting wise, things turned out fine except for the chapters didn’t always begin on new pages like I’d formatted it to go, but that’s not too bad. If you haven’t printed out your amazing stories/books… go print them! ASAP! And don’t forget coupons – Lulu’s cheap but coupons are always awesome. ;D




Some of you may know how difficult it was for me to print this novel – I tried Createspace but then switched back to Lulu. I had lots of problems which confused me because I printed Seek with no problems… but it took days of issues and I finally began to break down. Mom sat me down, prayed, and BAM! I figured out the issues and solved them. A huge thanks to all of the lovely folks who gave me tips and stuff, also.


It is soo cool to have both of my novels side by side. =D Soon, my newest novella, The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon will be beside them! Yay! And I realized: to date, at sixteen years, I have completed two novellas and two novels. Granted, the first novella – first thing I ever finished, actually – I wrote is deleted (because I was twelve and didn’t grasp the concept of saving things, haha). I praise God for the things He’s taught me through writing and how much I’ve grown already. How exciting to be able to learn more, share my writing, and continue to glorify God!Β 

God bless y’all – and stayed tuned on my Youtube channel because I’ll be doing a bookshelf tour soon! Be sure to subscribe. πŸ™‚



What do you think of JUMP’s cover?

Have you printed one of your books? The answer needs to be yes – lol –Β  and if so I wanna see! =D


17 thoughts on “I PRINTED JUMP!

  1. Congrats!!! I LOVE the cover design. Amazing photo + gorgeous fonts + great author=probably epic book. Just makes sense πŸ˜‰

    (And hey, if you ever want to try CreateSpace again, let me know if you have issues. I’ve published all of my books through them! They’re a bit finicky…)

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